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The Kissing Game--The Money Universe

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What was it with the Kiszinger men? First it was the forbidden Sky Kiszinger now his marked and mysterious older cousin West. Grey didn't belong among the billionaire of Prime Academy so a relationship with West Kiszinger shouldn't be possible, but neither of them can deny the heat and emotions between them. West isn't only marked, he's tainted with his own secrets much darker than Grey's. Faster all hell breaks loose, Grey learns who her true allies her, but will she make it out alive? Can she keep West after her secrets and her heart have been exposed?



Review after the novel completion

The story of West and Greyson was absolutely stunning. It was intriguing and when I started, I couldn’t just stop. Well done to the author. It was simply romantic. Even I got so turned on while reading it. I absolutely love it. Hitch ivy.ucuv Igbo Bubu Choohcc hi wry yin yard of if. I’m sorry for the extra words, sometimes people don’t have 80 words for a review. Sometimes the review just needs one word BREATHTAKING.

May 13, 2024

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