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He took off all my clothes. I was denying it, I was pushing him away but in vain. He was strong enough to resist me from doing anything. He removed my panty and started kissing my private part. I was crying, I was shrieking. ************ Amber was raped by her uncle. She was an orphan. Her parents died in a road accident. Her uncle used to raped her everyday when her doesn't used to be at home. But one day luckily some neighbors caught uncle and called police. The entire family was sentenced to prison. Uncle for rape and aunt for torturing her. Later after court sentenced the entire family for jail, amber was sent to her granny's place . Her custody was given to her granny. After living there for some weeks amber came out from her trauma and gave her life a second chance but that too in vain. One day amber was invited for a party and there she met a rich pervert. When amber went to the washroom the guy to too went after her. He was drunk and in that tried to force amber to intimate with him, amber denied and that everything was caught up by media into there cameras. In order to get rid of controversy the guy has to marry amber... ********* James cooper a business tycoon. The most eligible bachelor of the city. He have billions of property. The billionaire with pair of green eyes , ego on top and fine muscular body, ready to make any girl pool her panties. ******** After the media caught the situation, people started gossiping about James and his family. In order to save his image and his business, James has to marry amber. **** They both used to hate each other. The marital tortures that James used to do with amber were intolerant. The marriage was done forceful for one and compulsion for the other. Will the husband and wife ever fall in love or this story will be a rape story....


I was 15 when my parents died in a car accident. My custody was given to my father's brother(uncle).

They had a total of three members in the family.

He, his wife, and his daughter.

At first, I was welcomed so nicely that everyone could have gotten confused about my new family.

They were pretty nice in the beginning but later they became harsh and mean as my family lawyer thought they will be nice guardians for me and left me with them.

They threw me from the room where I and Stella used to live to a dirty storeroom.

All house chores were my duty and I was cut off from going to school.

That was not enough when something ridiculous happened to me one day.

Aunt had been invited to a party so she and Stella went to it.

Only me and uncle were in the house.

I was in my room folding clothes as my aunt instructed me, to do all the chores.

I was busy folding clothes when my room's door slightly opened and uncle suddenly entered inside.

I didn't know it and was busy doing my work when he suddenly held my waist and pushed me to my bed.

In no minute he started undressing me. He was coaching me everywhere.

He took off all my clothes. I was denying it, I was pushing him away but in the waist. He was strong enough to resist me from doing anything.

He clutched my both hands and now I was unable to do anything.

He removed my panty and started kissing my private part.

I was crying, I was shrieking.

I was in pain. I tried resist him but in vain.

In no minute he inserted his penis inside my private part.

I was crying in pain with his act.

I was a virgin and was just 15 years old.

It was very painful. For about 5 hours he was thrusting his penis inside my vagina.

Later he left.

Left me bleeding and undressed.

Left me shivering and shocked...

After some time I somehow managed to lock myself inside my room and to manage my state of mind.

I was terrorized. I was shocked.

I was traumatised.

After hours of crying, I went to the shower to clean myself.

Tears made my cheeks wet and my eyes were flooding with it.

Later I dressed and went inside my blanket and went to sleep.

After some time my aunt and Stella came back.

I decided not to tell them anything as I knew they will kill me if I will tell them.

They already are always angry from me and I knew they will not bear me.

So I decided not to tell them.

When I went to my aunt she yelled at me for not completing my work. She slapped me tightly.

My eyes were puffed due to lots of crying but she noticed only work that I didn't complete the work.

Furthermore she told me to stay inside my room and I will not get dinner today.

I went Inside my room sobbing and memorizing my days with my parents.

I was raped by my uncle.

And this was not the end.

There were more rape torturers when my aunt doesn't use to be at home.

One day like usual uncle came and was forcing me when I shrieked aloud and nearby neighbors came in astonishment.

They break the door and came inside and saw me. They saw uncle forcing me.

They slapped him and called the police.

Later uncle was sent to jail and my aunt was left no more than my legal guardian.

Aunt and her daughter too were taken to jail but later were left on the behalf that they knew nothing about the disgusting case.

Later for some days I was sent to child care home. I used to reside there only. They used to treat me there very nicely. The food was good, the clothes were good plus whatever teacher used to teach that's what I used to learn. I used to understand them. The trauma was being raped was traumatizing. It took months for me to come out from it.

The rape scene used to come in my dreams like nightmare.

It never left me. In my dreams the imaginary ghost of my uncle used to haunt me.

I used to get terrorized. I used to get shocked. It took many months for me to get out from the trauma. But one day my guardianship was given to my grandmother.

She used to living far away from my place so it took months to find her.

I was taken there.Grandmother was chosen as my new legal guardian.

I was sent to her.

She used to live in a decent house.

We started living happily.

Grandmother was so nice.

She used to teach me cooking cookies, pasta, and so on.

I used to enjoy it. She used to love me a lot. She used to care for me a lot.

There I completed my school for about 5 years. From there only I completed my graduation. She paid for my graduation.

Because of her I completed my graduation with flying colors and was planning for masters. She used to love me a lot.

We were living happily there.

One day grandma got an invitation from her friend to a party of the town's mayor and the owner of the Greenland Corporation.

It was an important party.

So grandma had to go but she couldn't cause she had an important appointment with a very popular doctor.

So instead of her, I had to attend the party.

She bought me a dress and some makeup things.

She bought me shoes and clutches and other essentials.

In the evening a cab came and I sat in it and it took me to the place where the party was organized.

It was a really beautiful place and was very well decorated.

It was a big mansion where everything was happening.

There were lights everywhere. The walks pinned with lights, the walls linked with flowers....

The tables decorated with white cloth and red flowers...

I was astonished to see such a beautiful mansion.

I went inside.

There were many well-decorated people with rich backgrounds and fame.

The rich people with rich attire.

The rich diamond necklaces and costly clutches...

Everything made the party unaffordable...

I knew no one.

There in the corner, I found a suitable place to sit.

I headed there and sat at the last corner table.

I ordered a glass of juice.

The waiter brought it but somehow a glass of juice fell on my dress.

I quickly asked him about the washroom and he took me up there.

I went inside and was cleaning myself when a guy came inside. I didn't see him as I was busy cleaning my dress.

Suddenly he held my waist and to my astonishment, he pushed me right in the corner to the wall.

I was shocked.

He then started kissing me forcefully. He was forcing me and touching me here and he clinched both of my hands and started choking me with his kisses..

I pushed him aside and shrieked aloud. Many people from the hall came inside the washroom. They encirced us. The whole croud was talking and gossiping. They were taking about what was happening....

I slapped that guy in front of everyone for his behavior.

I was crying..i was weeping...the scene when uncle was raping me flashed in front of my eyes..

The scenario of that pain and disgust flashed in front of my eyes. I ran straight away to the parking area to my cab.

I was crying .my cheekswere all teary.

I was crying still.

The car driver asked me what happened but I ignored him.

The car driver drove me back to my house.

I straight away went inside my room without answering my grandmother's questions...

I locked myself inside and started weeping.

Grandmother knocked at my door several times but I didn't open it.

I was weeping in pain.

Tears were all over my cheeks.

The memories of the rape that my uncle did to me were in front of my eyes.

I was crying aloud.

The sudden forceful act done by the stranger at that party made me again feel the pain that I went through when my uncle was raping me.

It was very painful

The regressions and grief overwhelmed my chest.

Suddenly while crying I fell asleep on the bare floor.


Authors pov{}

The guy amber slapped last night at the party was a really big personality.

He was the only son of the owner of the Greenland Corporation.

Last night whatever happened was not good and Zayn cooper (the one who forced amber to kiss) took it as an insult.

He was very furious about what happened inside the party.

The news of his sudden behaviour reached in the ears of people and they were gossiping about him. There business image was going down.

Throughout the media there was only news of zayns discourtesy.

Everyone was talking about him only. There were many controversy regarding zayn but this was on the top of them.

His parents were very furious on him and the shareholders gave him orders to do something as soon as possible regarding the image of the company and business.

It became a big issue...

Zayn pov {}

How can she slap me? I was just kissing her. And on the top I was drunk.

Girls die f


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