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The Elite's Taboo Love

The Elite's Taboo Love

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Through serendipity and fate! "Dario Down With Me! Now!" I glared at him angrily while screaming at the top of my lungs. Shit!! Shit!! Shit!! What have I done? Is it true that I just yelled at the emperor and addressed him by his first name in front of the entire Royal Staff? Oh, God, I'm in big trouble. He placed me on my feet while dangerously observing me. I was frozen as I observed his Demon Blue Eyes. Will He Murder Me? If you weren't my wife and Empress, this would be very different! I still have a penalty for you, though. He moved toward me while glaring. I was shoved upon something before I had time to consider fleeing! I was lying on his shoulder inverted. I'm in trouble today! Robert Dario Armani The world's most feared mafia, a billionaire businessman, and the Emperor. The owner of Armani's multibillion dollar empire and heritage wealth, which is fit for Kings. The Armani name itself was associated with power, wealth, and luxury. He is the richest person on Earth. Avoid going against him unless you wish to die. Serena Roma The dancer. She is a Goddess of Innocence with a Smart and Subdued Personality, as her name suggests. She is the daughter of Brian Serena, Luka James Armani's personal assistant.

Chapter 1

Roman city

Life is not just a one-place story, though!


The sound of the gunshot echoed across the atmosphere. Proletariats' feathers fluttered through the air, and gloom engulfed everyone in its path. The silence is broken by an intense, hard, husky, and seductive voice.

"Dan Clean It!"

Rob, his terrified butler, is in his path as he changes directions while maintaining the rifle in his men's hands. While holding the water dish in his palms, his hands shook as a sickeningly cold perspiration continued to cover his cheeks.

He promptly reinforces his posture and glances down after casting a menacing upward glance.

Nobody crosses Kings Eyes!

"Get something for Enzo and I to eat!" He placed his order, dried his hands with the white towel, and then walked away with Dan, his escort.

"Sure, Emperor!" Rob bows respectfully before leaving.

The palace is very quiet, and everything is dark. The floor and wall were decorated in a traditional rustic and modern style, with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and beautiful German paintings and architecture. They covered the floor in a magnificent, old-fashioned, hand-made carpet of royal blue Persian design. The air was filled with the reviving scent.

With their royal swords and weapons nearby, the royal bodyguards and security stood watch around the mansion like mannequins.

"Emperor! Your mother had called you to Turin for a few hours. She claims that it is crucial. The old marble floor was echoed by their footsteps.

And, Mr. Dario, you have the Eve's Party in Milan to attend. We must be present. It serves as a fundraiser. Dan finished his speech while addressing Dario Robert Armani. His attractive thick, raven-smooth hair was dressed in a disheveled look.

He looks at Dan as he pauses and gently moves. He was being observed by his attractive, fascinating, deep green eyes that had a tint of blue in them. Dan trembles and glances down.

In addition to the power of his perfect neck, throat, and larynxes, which showed the twining cords of the muscles that moulded his complete body, the man had a strong and defined face with a prominent sharp jaw, strong arms, a solid chest, and packs of abs in his abdomen. He was lean and athletic. He resembled Adonis. The words were on his tongue because his chubby, angular lips were open.

"Go grab Enzo, we're going, and I'll call Tyler, my executive assistant. Let him know that the holiday is over. "Plan your departure," Dan nodded, stopped, and turned around to face the door as the speaker finished his third phrase while turning to face him.

Rome, Italy

"What are you doing, Mrs. Armani?" As he took a seat next to his wife, Betty Robert, the former Empress, Luka James scoffed and kept a close eye on her as she was all engrossed in paperwork.

Making your son fixated on ladies! Then what? He won't exhibit any interest until he finds his one desired woman, which leads me to believe that he is gay. She makes a firm statement as she turns to face her spouse.

"Well, my son isn't gay, I'm sure of that. But you must make a point, and I can assist. He responds by taking the remaining documents, perusing them for a time, before groaning and tossing them all on the table.

"This is tough," Betty looks up at her husband as she says, and he nods in agreement.

"None are appropriate for your picky son's choices." Luka stares and gives a concerned glare at the maid holding a tray in front of her.

She advised the servants to calm down, "Keep it down!" with a neutral, smiling smile before setting the dish down and leaving. "People fear me because of Laszlo," you say.

The question "Have you seen Reed?" While scooping up his juice and sitting back to gaze at Betty, Luka enquired while giving her another glass.

Yes, your'mistress' as you term her. It seems like you married him and not me at times. She scowled, and Luka chuckled gently as he brought the glass to his lips, took a few swallows, and then opened his mouth once more.

That Mistress genuinely has a lovely daughter, I see. Betty was surprised by what Luka revealed.

"Wait, he has a daughter!" When she asks it once again, Luka nods while looking at her.

"How come I was aware of it? In response to her shocked question, "I mean I was beside you all the time," Luka grinned and patted her back.

He's my assistant, so that explains it. He kept his wife and daughter private. He didn't want them to suffer any damage. He responds, and she gives him a short glance before turning her lips slightly upward. Luka beams. Was he sharing his wife's thoughts?

Attendees wearing dresses and tuxedos filled the theater. He moves around carelessly, forcing everyone to stoop over and stand in their designated spot. He can now approach the majestic throne of the theater auditorium thanks to the kind assistance of security, who graciously move the crowd away.

Dario slowly reclines on his chair and nods in agreement. Everybody in the hallway keeps their position. As soon as he moved, the owner set the wine and champagne glasses in front of him.

"Iniziò!" He said, and Tyler nodded as he moved in the direction of the moderator. Eve begins once the curtain opens.

Ladies, please...

The backstage area was in a great hurry. The announcement of the emperor's coming caused everyone to rush to their positions.

Did you witness the emperor?" He is very impressionable, gracious, and young. The girls' accents caused them to talk and giggle.

"Miss Serena Roma. You are in the first act,"

She groaned, turned, and stared at herself in the mirror before leaning down to pick up her pointe shoe or ballet shoes and leaving.

"Tyler, call Mother and let her know we're on the way!" Tyler responds by standing up and walking away. The spotlight was turned off on the stage, and the surrounding lights purposefully went out.

The performance began as the musicians gradually started up their instruments. Dario was enjoying a glass of wine when he felt his heart start to pound against his ribs. She smiled as she moved across the stage in the blue dress, twirling and swirling. Every second brought on more of his heart's never-ending thudding. It has never felt this way. It was wonderful, enigmatic, and unorthodox.

For a brief while, it appeared as though they were alone in the world and the rest of the world was distant from them. Her lovely smile could be seen all across the LED display, and her cerulean eyes shone brightly. She was truly pleased with everything she was doing.

He sighed and closed his eyes before turning to face Dan.

"Dan, we have to go. Tyler, please come home with me after benefaction. He announced standing up, and his bodyguards surrounded and shielded him from behind and in front.

With his men following behind, his huge steps crossed the floor that was superimposed. The driver quickly opens the door for him, and he slides inside the moving vehicle.

Royal Armani Estate

The emperor has arrived. Betty, who was seated next to Luka, was told by the maids. They look at her while nodding their heads in unison. When footsteps broke the silence of the mansion, she bowed and walked away, and Betty spontaneously smiled.

You two elderly couples can't help but bother me, they say. Dario let go of his deep Italian intonation.

"Young Blood, we are your parents." Betty smiled as she tightly embraced her kid as Luka scowled.

No supper tonight. This conversation is crucial. She says, prompting Dario to express confusion. Mentally accommodating his son and dominating all the other males in the room is Luka's smirk. They are left alone in the living hall as they shuffle off.

In silence, he studied at his parents' feet as they kept a watchful eye on him.

The question "All Good?" When he tested their independence, they responded well. Dario stared at them carefully for a bit before bending to get the water from the table as Betty turned to look at him.

"In one month, you'll be married!" Luka declared as he sat calmly and observed them. Betty and Luka exchange tense glances while encountering no opposition.

"Lady!" As he fetched a glass of water and gulped down some water, Dario asked to look at them.

"Roma Serena is Reed Serena's daughter. You will meet her tomorrow morning at breakfast; she is in Milan. Everything is organized and standardized. Betty spoke while observing her son's eyes, who was sitting there as if their information didn't concern him.

I was unaware that Mr. Reed had a daughter.

Please text me her address. I'll get to know her in person. There's no need to stress that tiny girl. He starts to talk, but Luka interrupts.

"Nope! You won't get to meet her in person. I'm not sure what you'll discuss with her. She is also not a young girl. You and she are the same age. Declared Luka. While Dario placed the glass on the table and nodded in agreement with him, Elisabeth concurred.

"Fine! However, please give that lady my entire description. "Don't LURK!" Dario smirked as he stood up, leaving two surprised people where they were.

Did that youngster simply abuse his mother and father? Luka exclaimed in disbelief, while Betty rolled her eyes and sat agitatedly.

"This is continuing where we left off. Now, nobody will support my son. Luka melted as he saw her crying. As he pulls her into an embrace while gazing at the deserted mansion, he releases his fury.

"I'll arrange for that brat to wed. Do not be concerned. He responds by kissing her again.

The trip was silent. He looked nonchalantly at the crosswalks and the light piercing the darkness. It was peaceful and silent. It was kind and gracious, but it never again felt like this. He slowly turns to look at his guys with a penetrating glance.

"Get me all the information, Reed Serena, ambiguous daughter." He charged, and Tyler quietly exhaled as he recognized his head.

Chapter 2

Milan, Italy

Life is not always about making decisions.

"Mum!!!" While her manager saw her calmly keeling all the travel bags at the other end of the room, she sighed and set her bags on tables before taking off her heels and discarding them in the corner.

"Fine! You're welcome to be back in Milan. Or perhaps your father would be indignant if he discovered you weren't there. While speaking with her mother on the phone, she glances and sees her manager motioning for him to take a break. She nods before standing up and giving him a hug.

"Why would my dad be upset? Did I overlook something? She locked the flat door and went back into the living room while asking the management to exit.

Yes, there is something you should be aware of, girl. She worried a little and asked again while sitting on the couch with the box of Margherita pizza resting on her lap because she could hear her mot


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