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The diary of Lizz

The diary of Lizz

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Eliza Campos, a once promising writer, lost herself in the world of drugs and ended up losing control over her life. Now, she has a chance to start over by getting a job at Editora Monteiro, one of the most prestigious in Brazil. However, her path becomes even more complicated when she falls in love with her mysterious boss, Pedro. As she struggles to overcome her own demons and rebuild her life, she must face the challenges of a forbidden romance. As her relationship with Pedro intensifies, Eliza is faced with hard choices and moral dilemmas as she tries to find her true path. Between the pressure of work at the publishing house, the temptations of her dark past and the challenge of a clandestine love, Eliza will need to face her insecurities and discover strengths that she didn’t even know she had. In “Beyond Words”, a gripping story about redemption, love and self-discovery, Eliza will embark on an emotional and transformative journey in search of her true identity.

Chapter 1

Eliza Campos

At the age of seventeen, I began my dependency on drugs. Unfortunately, this addiction persisted until I was twenty-five. A few months ago, I decided to put an end to this self-destructive cycle.

Discovering my father’s secret affair shook my confidence. The idealized image of him crumbled, leaving a void. A vacuum settled within me, as if an essential part of who someone had ripped away from me, but today I felt that my life was about to change.

So I left my room and headed to the bathroom. As the shower water warmed up, I undressed. I stepped into the shower, feeling the hot water envelop me, as if it were washing away not only my body but also the hard memories.

With gentle shampoo, I massaged my scalp, focusing on the invigorating sensations it provided. Foam formed, allowing the water to carry away the worries that had been haunting me. Every movement of my hands was a step towards renewal.

I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, feeling the water run through the strands, carrying with it traces of the choices that had led me to addiction. A sense of freedom emerged as I left behind what no longer served me.

After the revitalizing shower, I wrapped myself in a soft towel and made my way to my room. In front of the mirror, I saw myself reflected, an image of determination and strength that I was beginning to rediscover. I opened the wardrobe and chose a simple yet elegant dress. It was medium black with long sleeves that enveloped me like a hug of confidence.

As I slid the dress over my body, I felt a renewed sense of identity. Every movement, every clothing choice, was an affirmation of my capacity for change and growth. I looked in the mirror again and saw someone who was ready to face the world, no longer as a victim of circumstances, but as a determined fighter.

I grabbed my bag and left the house, ready for the meeting with Mathews. The black dress was not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol of my commitment to leave the past behind and embrace a future full of possibilities. And so, with renewed courage, I faced the world with the determination of a person in search of her own transformation.

As I stepped out of the house, I felt the wind whisper gently in my ears, bringing with it the melody of dancing leaves and the distant rustling of trees, soft colors permeated the surrounding landscape: the pale gray of the cloudy sky, the deep green of leaves soaked by recent rain, and small bursts of vivid colors in the flowerbeds.

Arriving at the restaurant, a wave of aromas welcomed me, awakening my curiosity and anticipation. A delightful mix of spices filled the air, inviting me to explore the menu that awaited me.

The restaurant had an elegantly decorated ambiance, with delicately lit walls and elegant tables with impeccable white tablecloths. Fresh flower arrangements spread a fragrance throughout the space, harmonizing with the beauty of the place.

At the reception, I met Susana, a radiant young woman with bright brown curly hair perfectly arranged. Dressed in the restaurant’s uniform, every detail exuded professionalism and kindness. Her eyes conveyed a welcoming calmness, enveloping me in an invisible hug of comfort.

“Good afternoon!” I greeted, trying to hide my anxiety as Susana smiled warmly.

“How can I assist you?” she asked, her name displayed on her badge. Her voice exuded calm and warmth, establishing an instant connection.

I returned her smile, feeling at ease, and replied, “Hi, Susana. I have a reservation under the name Mathews.”

She promptly checked the reservation, typing on the computer. As she worked, my emotions stirred, creating a flutter of butterflies in my chest.

After confirming the reservation, Susana stood up, and I followed her through the restaurant, enchanted by the welcoming atmosphere. We reached the reserved table in the corner, with a view of the outdoor garden. Susana pulled out the chair gently, revealing the softness of the upholstered fabric.

“Here’s your table. The waiter will be with you shortly,” Susana said with a warm smile, conveying a sense of care.

I thanked her and nestled into the inviting environment. The gentle breeze wafted through the open windows, carrying the scent of fresh food and the lively chatter of people. A few minutes later, the waiter approached with kindness.

“Good afternoon, what can I do for you?” he asked with a friendly smile.

“Please, could you bring me a glass of water?” I asked eagerly, sensing the kindness in his eyes.

“Of course! Ice-cold water is on its way,” he replied in a calm voice.

As he walked away to fetch the order, I noticed how his posture reflected dignity and experience. The soft sound of background music filled the surrounding space, blending with the murmur of people’s conversations.

Minutes later, the waiter returned with a tray holding the ice-cold water glass. His approach was calm and silent, as if he mastered the art of discretion. With a gentle gesture, he slid the tray onto the table, revealing his skill in serving with elegance and attention to detail.

Mathews approached with confident steps, a broad smile forming when he spotted me. His woody scent mixed with the gentle afternoon breeze. Tall and slim, every movement exuded elegance and presence. His medium wavy hair was a marvel, with some highlights dancing among the dark waves. His green eyes radiated joy and anticipation, shining under the setting sun, revealing the intensity of his emotions. His tan skin glowed, contrasting with the soft tones of the surrounding landscape.

Slowly, I stood up, feeling the fabric of the dress slide against my skin as the breeze caressed my face. As we met, our lips touched softly in a cheek kiss. My senses sharpened, capturing every sensory detail of the encounter.

“Sorry if I’m late,” he said, a hint of concern noticeable in his deep and soothing voice.

I smiled, relieved and happy, indicating that he had arrived at the perfect time. The background music filled the space with a romantic tune, while the laughter and conversations around us contributed to a lively melody.

“Oh, don’t worry! You didn’t take long at all. In fact, I just ordered some water to drink. Are you hungry? Would you like to eat something?” I asked, hoping he would feel comfortable.

He ordered a coffee. The intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, bringing a sense of comfort. The initial tension gradually dissipated, giving way to a feeling of contentment and connection during our interaction.

“Mathews, why are we here? Every second with you brings me joy and anxiety.”

Mathews looked at me with a shy smile, his eyes gleaming with excitement and concern.

“Wow, I would have forgotten if you hadn’t reminded me. I’m sorry about that,” he said, holding my hands gently, conveying reassurance and comfort. “So, you still have the dream of becoming a writer, right?” he asked, hope shimmering in his eyes.

“Of course…”

Mathews sensed my restlessness and gently held my hands, offering his support. “You know, I have a friend who works at Monteiro Publishers, and the company owner is looking for a personal secretary,” he revealed.

I brought my hands to my face, trying to contain my emotions.

“Mathews, I can hardly believe this. Your help means so much to me. But now, I need to focus on the future. What will this job interview be like? When is it scheduled? I have to prepare.”

Mathews let go of my hands gently, understanding my determination.

“Alright, the interview is scheduled for a week from now at Monteiro Publishers. Pedro himself will be conducting the interview, according to what Carla told me.”

“Math, I don’t even know how to thank you for this opportunity. Honestly, I’m not sure if I deserve all of this.”

Mathews held my hands again, radiating comforting warmth after I expressed my feelings. “Eliza, I will always be here for you. You are strong and brave, and I’m by your side on this journey.”

“I’m afraid of my mother’s or my brother’s reaction when they find out about this interview. They’ve always had trouble accepting my choices and achievements.” Mathews understood my fears and offered his silent support.

“I understand your concern, Lizz. But I believe your mother and brother might pleasantly surprise you. With dialogue and mutual understanding, you can find common ground.”

“Yes, I know. I’m trying to change. My mother hasn’t been treating me well lately. I don’t understand why she despises this company so much…”

Mathews placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder, conveying confidence.

“I’ll be here to support you, no matter her reaction. I believe in you, Eliza.”

After a few minutes of conversation that reaffirmed our bond, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

The future is uncertain, but one thing is certain: the sweet and hopeful girl I used to be is awakening within me. With this flame of hope, I move forward eagerly, ready to discover what destiny has in store for me.

Chapter 2

Eliza Campos

After my meeting with Matheus, I bid farewell with a radiant smile and headed to the bus stop, enjoying the starry night and the gentle breeze. While waiting for the bus, I marveled at the city lights and people moving like characters in a movie.

The irresistible aroma of street food from a nearby cart piqued my curiosity. I chose to sit by the window when the bus arrived, savoring the frenetic dance of city lights.

Upon arriving home, Lucas greeted me with curiosity and concern in his eyes.

“Lucas, dude, why are you guys here? I told you, there’s no need for this anymore,” I said, feigning annoyance and crossing my arms, but a smile kept trying to escape.

Lucas turned to me. His eyes lit up like shooting stars in a clear night sky. He approached quickly and enveloped my body in a protective hug, as if it were a shield against the storms of life.

“Lizzie, my little sister, how I’ve missed you,” he said, using the nickname only he coul


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