• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: RoseNdungu
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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Taylor falls in love with his secretary at first sight. His father wants him to marry Irene because they are friends with Irene's father and these marriage could expand their territory and the expansion of his business ashore's. Before the coming existence of the new secretary, Irene and Taylor were in a relationship but Taylor came to destroy the relationship when he cheated with her secretary and later he came to find out that the secretary had a lover and they were together. It happened so fast that he lost Irene and Lizzie the same time but the two ambitious father's brother him luck of having,Irene as a wife.Taylor knew Irene would not accept it after what he did to her but the destiny wanted them together after Irene's father was admitted to the hospital. Join me as we find out what will happen if the two stay under one roof. What will bloom between the two love or hatred?

Chapter 1 The stranger in my bed

An alarm beeping is heard in the quite room. A soft hand switches off the alarm placed on the left side of the Flora queen bed drawer.The sun rays that had penetrated through the enormous window covered with a long green poly cotton curtain making it to reflect the beauty of the day spring. She murmurs to herself after she lazily opens her eyes only to see the time on the clock that made her to widen her eyes in shock.

"How did I end up oversleeping today been the most important day in my career life. F*** the promotion, I need to get ready as fast as possible so that I can get to the office in time or else...Ooh my God! That head pains like hell, Ugh..uhh..."

Chloe hollered as she tried to get out of the bed with her legs out of the bed covers first. All of a sudden a strong hand crossed through her petite waist which made her heart to skip Abit before Chloe fell on a muscline chest only the two to lock their eyes with each other.Their eyes were filled with desires that their bare bodies had started to burn up with desire to have each other inside. The temperature in the room had started rising up. It was going to be suffocating to both of them. If they don't cool off their temperatures on time the house would be burning into flames.

As Chloe looked down to Marcelo massive eyes that were burning like flames. In her mind, Flash backs from the previous night trolled through her brains that she could not take it anymore that her stomach was filled up with butterflies that She hurriedly wrapped her naked body with the bed cover before stepping off from the bed to get to the bathroom but she was destructed on the process by the sudden movement that took place so fast followed by a murmuring deep voice. "Babygirl, how can I let my sweet Pie go away when i haven't roasted it and got a taste of it and you lit up the fire......mmmm."

He pulled her back and pinned her hands on top of her head, Exposing her two blossoms that were full. He sucked the nipples that had become harder due to the morning breeze. Marcelo played with the two nipples on her chest with his mouth as his left hand, middle fingers played with her wet P***, thrusting slowly before increasing his pace as Chloe was craving more of him to her climax as soft squirmy mourns left he mouth. Marcelo placed soft kisses on her skin after she reached her climax. They were both panting that they layed on the bed with their eyes looking on the ceiling.

After Chloe's mind was brought back to reality by an alarm, Chloe realized that she might get late to the office and that she could get fired. Chloe got up without facing him and hurried to the bathroom after slowly wrapping her body with the bed covers leaving him naked on the bed

"I love it when you get naughty when drank and......"

he smirked before teasing her after she entered the bathroom leaving him looking at the closed door before Marcelo rose up and picked-up his clothes and wore them which were in different positions in the room. He spoke while he looked at the bathroom door grinning cheerfully. Marcelo said his goodbye before leaving the room.

"Hoping to have a good time when we meet again,my sweet Pie."

Chloe was about to speak when she heard the door hinges swing open and then closed. She was so messed up and now the clock was ticking and she did not get to know his name. Chloe had to treat that as her past like her Ex Iris who was her first love. These was after Chloe caught him led handed cheating on her with her cousin, Ariana that she took her as a sister. Well Chloe had a future ahead of her in the next 30 minutes time that held her passion that she would never want anyone snatch it from her. Chloe takes a quick shower and gets dressed before 10 minutes are over. Chloe picks her handbag and some files in her study area. What is heard in the room is as the key's giggle and few steps are heard along the corridor before an elevator opens up and Chloe steps in the elevator and presses the button facing downwards.

In the elevator she arranges the files on her hand before the elevator opens up to the basement of the building before walking across two blocks that were occupied with different types of classy sizes of vehicles before Chloe got to her white, Mercedes-Benz C300 car. She opened the co-driver seat to place her luggage before walking to the driver seat and she starts the car engine.

Before Chloe could figure out everything that happened through last night as flash backs came through her mind in pieces. She had already arrived to her destination, It was a large tall building which was created with translucent windows with broad letters on top of the building, indicating BROOKLYN'S COMPANY.She realized that she had over speeded today compared to her usual speed. She murmured as closed the driver seat after stepping out of the car and headed to opened the co-driver seat to pick her bag and the document's.

"What's up with me today and....."

"Good Morning Ma'am?"

She was cut short by a guard who greeted her from behind on her way in the building and these caught her off guard making her to get shocked by the sudden approach that she stummered when replying. She turned to looked behind to see the person who almost gave her a heart attack, in such a morning.

"morning.. morning, Matteo so it's you,you almost frightened me!"

" I am sorry ma'am if I offended you these morning"

" Well you didn't offend me it's just I have too much going on through my head right now."

"Okay ma'am I let you off the hooks today since I know it's a big day for the company.Well you might be busy.Have a lovely day"

"Have a lovely day too, Matteo "

She replied as she grinned. She walked to the elevator and found that the elevator was having alot of employees waiting and if she waited longer she would definitely get late to get in the office.So she took some few steps on her left side there was a door which she opened and there was the stairway.

She was lucky to have wore her flat shoes that she was flexible to walk with. She took big steps along the stairs until she reached the third floor of the building.The corridor was quite and unbusy only the ticking of the wall clock was heard and she looked and she saw that she was almost late to get to the office. After taking few steps she had already made it to her office where her secretary greeted her.

" Good Morning ma'am, the board meeting will be starting in the next 10 minutes, That's will be 8:10 am. Before I forget the New CEO is on his way and he requests he will be the one to take the resubmission letters and finally, even after getting late today I can say you took your time after all.You look lively today ma'am." Chloe chuckles before replying.

"Mmmmh ,Morning too Claudia,thank you and you look lovely today. Excuse me, Let me go get ready for the meeting."

Chapter 2 The New Company CEO

It's 8 a.m. the board members are all gathered in the board conference room. Lizzie was among the board members because she was an assistant secretary to the CEO who will be retiring today.

Her seat was in the second line in the large round table from the CEO'S seat on the right. A Sharp projecting voice is heard at the doorway to the boardroom. Audrey spoke, she is the secretary to the retiring CEO and on today a new board officers will be appointed.

"Welcome to Brooklyn company sir." The board room that was filled with indistinct murmurs suddenly became silent as the grave. All board members stood up in respect of honouring the New CEO to be, in the company. A handsome charming face with an intimidating look makes a majestic entry through the doorway with two armed bodyguards behind him. His steps were slow but firm. It was the New CEO who wore a black suit and stood in front of the CEO seat, which will now belong to him. His posture and loo


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