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The CEO’s hidden wife

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Emiliana, who is an abroad based designer, returned to accept an arranged marriage which ended a few months into it, leaving her with no properties, family and pregnant for the country’s richest man. She was prepared to leave the country when the man came knocking on her door saying that he would compensate her if she was willing to accept. Will Emiliana accept the compensation and pay her family back for what they did? Or return abroad to continue her life as a designer?

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Emilia opened her eyes weakly, she was extremely tired and weak. Her bones were aching like she had been run over by a huge truck. The sun rays went directly into her eyes, she shut them quickly. She opened them gradually to allow them to adjust to the bright light in her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the floor to ceiling window opposite the bed. 

She sat up immediately without enjoying the view opposite her.

“Where am I?” She asked in a loud voice, raising herself to a sitting position. This was not her bedroom and this was not her husband’s bedroom also. Without thinking, she lifted the quilt and stood up quickly but fell to the ground due to the weakness of her limbs.

The fall jugged her memory, she remembered exactly what had happened the past night, though not all of it. Like how she got into this room and what happened after she entered the room. She only remembers having a drink with her sister, her step mother, husband and husband’s mother to celebrate her fourth month in marriage. They were practically the only family members she had, so celebrating with them was not a bad thing. She also remembered that her sister, Elise had helped her out of the bar. Did she bring her here?

Then her husband must have come here with her. But, where is he? She wondered. He didn’t wait for her to wake up before leaving, she was going to give him an earful when she gets back home.

She stood up slowly to go to the bathroom, then she saw the blood stain on the bed. 

Ah! She had been taken. Her husband had consummated their marriage. Fu*k! She was already drunk and out of her mind when both of them did it. Why was she not in a clear state of mind when it happened? Anyways this is a clear improvement in their relationship. Who knows she might get pregnant and give birth to a fat boy for her husband?

Emily could not be more proud, though she had no idea what happened but she was sure of one thing, her husband had taken her for the first time. 

“Finally!” She said with a smile and walked into the bathroom with difficulty.

“Did he have to be so rough?” She questioned with a little anger in her voice. There was no part of her that wasn’t sore. Her husband was a gentle man, who would believe he was a beast when the lights were out.

Hiss. She sighed. Emily could not be more annoyed. Her body was filled with hickeys and was also sore. Her husband really needed an earful from her.

She was still checking out her body in the mirror when she heard the door of the room open. Great. Her husband was back. He probably went to get them breakfast. How thoughtful of him. She smiled. She would just go out to eat then. As she was about to turn the door knob she heard the voice of her step sister, Elise.

“She had really been taken mother.” Elise said cheerfully.

“Take pictures of it quickly and let’s leave.” Mrs Conrad said. 

“That’s right. Take pictures of it quickly. She would not be able to deny that she lost her first time to someone else now. I can finally divorce her and be married to you, the love of my life.” Emiliana heard her husband say.

She became confused. Wasn’t her husband the man that deflowered her last night? She stayed by the door and listened to everything they were saying.

“I should have made the hooker take a video for us to see so she can never deny. What if she denies?” Elise asked herself worriedly.

“Don’t say that my love. With me here, she would not be able to refuse signing the papers. Let’s go.” Mrs Conrad retorted. They left right after she said that.

Emiliana slowly realized what had happened the night before, she cried silently in the bathroom. She had it in mind to thank her sister, Elise for helping her in her marriage last night. Not that this sister was ever good to her but she had thought too simply. So, this was the plan all along. To get her divorced and her husband was also in on it. Plus, her sister and her husband were lovers? What was this about? She thought.

After crying for a while, she took her bath, got dressed and left the hotel.

Ebert entered the room soon after Emiliana left the room. He looked around but couldn’t find the lady his boss asked him to find. He took out his phone and called him to tell him what he had found out.

“Boss, she is gone. But I confirmed she was innocent before you took her.” Ebert said quietly. He took pictures of blood stains on the bed and left.

Emiliana stood in front of the hotel for a while before boarding a taxi. She couldn’t believe that her husband and sister would do such a thing.

She and her husband had been married for four months and in those four months she had done nothing but be a good wife to him. She was a perfect wife to him. Though they were not in love and had not gone intimate, they had tried their best to live together and appeared like a perfect couple in front of everyone.They even made a little promise not to go intimate till they started having feelings for each other. The idea was also brought up by her husband, Arnold. 

Immediately, the taxi arrived, she got down and walked into the villa briskly. She knew what was waiting for her. She would sign the divorce papers and leave with her things. She can stay with her step mother till she gets back on her feet.

Emiliana walked to the door, she took a deep breath before opening the door. She entered into the sitting room, her husband, Arnold and her mother in law, Mrs Holly Conrad were seated in the living room, and they were discussing something happily. Immediately she entered, they stopped and focused on her.

Emiliana paid no attention to them. She walked to the stairs to go to her room. She had not taken up to two steps when Mrs Conrad yelled at her.

“Where do you think you are going to go? You have no shame! After all you did, you still dare to step into this house. Don’t you know how much you have disgraced yourself and this family?Get out of here right now!” Mrs Conrad cursed at her.

Emiliana stood there dumbfounded. Weren’t they the one that conspired against her?

“Emiliana, you dared to come back after all you have done. How dare you step those filthy feet of yours into my house? You are married and you still went ahead to hook up with a hooker, you no longer value your status as my wife.” Arnold spat out mercilessly. 

“Arnold, you could have asked for a divorce quietly and I would have given it to you easily. Was there a need to conspire with my sister to do what you did?” She asked angrily.

Arnold and his mother were speechless for a minute. How did she find out? No, they didn’t leave a clue behind. She must be spewing nonsense.

“Don’t talk nonsense”. Arnold yelled at her.

“Do you dare to say it with your mouth that you knew nothing about what happened last night at the hotel”. Emiliana questioned calmly. 

“You cannot accuse me falsely without evidence. How dare you say such nonsense about me?” Arnold retorted angrily.

His mother got back her senses after hearing what her son had said. She yelled at Emiliana. “You have no evidence. How dare you accuse my son falsely? You were so cheap and casual outside yesterday and now you are saying that my son set you up? You are so shameless.”

Emiliana ignored them and continued walking upstairs. She had no strength to bicker with them.

Mrs Conrad rushed to her and grabbed her by her hair. She dragged her down the stairs by her hair and gave her the beating of her life. Emiliana soon passed out.

Five days later, Emiliana woke up in the hospital. She was weak and sore all over. She closed her eyes and allowed tears to run down her cheeks.

Her step mother was the one that persuaded her into the marriage. She had no feelings for Arnold when she first saw him, though he was handsome but her step mother insisted. Her step mother told her that she would grow to love him as he was a good man and would make a good husband. Why didn’t she refuse her? Why? 

Her husband loved her step sister, Elise, why didn’t he say anything when the marriage was arranged? Why did he do all of this to her?

Emiliana was still lost in her thoughts when a man in a gray suit walked into the room majestically.

Chapter 2: Divorce

​Emiliana turned to the door, she stared at the man that just walked in like he owned the place blankly. She knew who he was. He is her husband’s lawyer, Eric Orion. Why was he here? She wondered.

“Mrs Conrad, I see you are recovering quite well.” He smiled at her as he spoke, causing Emiliana to frown.

“Why are you here?” She asked calmly.

Eric took his seat and brought out some documents from the portfolio he was carrying. Seeing the documents, she already guessed why he came.

“My client has filed for a divorce and I am here to deliver the paper to you so you can sign it.” He spoke really calmly like he was just talking about the weather. Emiliana was not all that surprised because she knew it would come sooner or later. Arnold was in a hurry to divorce her. Was she that disgusting? She was not even out of the hospital yet but he is already divorcing her so he can get married to her step sister, Elise. She was not going to let them get married.

“Go ba


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