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The Billionaire Surrogate

The Billionaire Surrogate

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“You’re here.” Startled, she turned to see a man standing before her wearing a scary mask. She sucked in a sharp breath. This was it, the decision that would change her life forever. *** Delfina Giovanni decides to be a surrogate to save her uncle from going bankrupt but things don't go exactly as planned when she goes from being a surrogate to being a mother with lots of bills to pay. Her life takes a sharp turnaround when a huge secret is revealed about her birth parents. And suddenly her life begins to unravel in ways she had never thought possible.

Chapter 1

“Could you spread your legs further apart?”

Delfina Giovanni glared at the short chubby man waddling around the operating room standing in-between her legs and she felt an intense desire to kick him square on his fat cheeks.

“If she's not ready then I’ll have to move on to my next patient. I'm not ready to entertain any nonsense!”

Wow, the dwarf had claws, Delfina mused, her green eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Could you give us a moment, Doctor?”

The man was out of the room quicker than lightning and she was left with her irritating aunt.

“What are you doing?” her aunt, Lucia Fontana asked in a hushed whisper.

Delfina shrugged. “I’m not comfortable with this arrangement, aunty.”

The woman glared at her with intense hatred, and she shivered. She grabbed her hands and squeezed them tightly.

“Need I remind you why you're doing this,” her aunt said through gritted teeth.

Delfina cried in pain as she tugged at her hands. “Aunt, you're hurting me!”

She glared at the evil witch who gave her a small smile before releasing her hands. Her aunt smoothed her red dress and fixed her fake blonde hair before examining her long red nails.

Delfina would have described her aunt as beautiful except she was just so fake with her long lashes and hair that she considered her a basic bitch now.

“Darling, do exactly what I need you to do and you’ll be fine,” her aunt was saying.

Delfina sighed. “What do I tell uncle when he asks?”

“Leave me to worry about my husband,” her aunt replied.

Delfina nodded. She wasn’t ready and she didn't know if she ever would be but she had to try at least for the sake of her poor uncle.

After everything he's done for her this was the least she could do.


“I can't believe you would rather see your uncle die than do this little favor for him!” her aunt scoffed in anger.

Her thoughts came to a screeching halt at the mention of death. She didn't want any more deaths on her conscience besides her aunt was right, her uncle deserved this even though he wouldn't know about it.

“Okay, call him in. I'm ready.”

The doctor waddled into the room again bumping into the table with his protruded stomach. He didn't seem to feel it or notice it because he didn't make any sound of pain.

Probably because his stomach is filled, her inner voice snickered and she hid a smile.

“Open wide, lady!” the doctor hollered pulling her out of her thoughts.

Delfina gave him an apologetic smile and then spread her legs wide open. She had never felt so embarrassed as the doctor checked her.

She knew he was just doing his job but somehow she felt he was being a pervert.

She felt a slight pain when he parted her core and inserted something.

After long hours of testing and more exposure, Delfina finally got out of the operating room and dressed up while they waited anxiously for the results.

“You did good.”

Delfina stared at her aunt. She was receiving a compliment from her only because she had agreed to help her uncle thereby her aunt would also benefit.

“Don’t act like you care,” Delfina snapped.

Her aunt shrugged. “I don't. I was just being realistic.”

The doctor’s office opened and he came waddling out just like other times except for this time he had a wide smile on his face.

“She’s perfect!” he exclaimed.

Delfina died at the mention of those words. It was true that she had wanted to help out her uncle but deep down she had wished and prayed that she wouldn't be fit for it so she could blame it on nature.

But even nature seemed to be working against her at this point.

“That’s great news, doctor!”

Delfina rolled her eyes. Her aunt didn't have to pretend to be excited; she knew the woman was as greedy as anything.

She could already picture her counting thousands of dollars in her mind.

“I know. Because I've searched for the perfect person ever since the request came in and she just happens to be the exact match,” the doctor explained.

“So, what's the next step?” Delfina asked timidly.

“The next step is signing the contract,” the doctor replied as he handed her the envelope.

Her aunt snatched it from her immediately.

“I’ll go through these documents and sign them. Why don't you take her away?”

The doctor eyed her curiously. “Aren’t you going to check if you'll be fine with the terms and conditions?”

Her aunt shook her head. “Don’t worry, doctor. My niece can survive any conditions.”

Delfina’s mouth was still open in shock when she was ushered out of the hospital by the doctor. He stopped before the three SUVs parked in front of the hospital.

“Good luck,” he whispered before going back into the hospital.

At that moment she wanted to run after the doctor and scream that she didn't want to be a surrogate again but it was too late for at that moment armed men stepped out of the SUVs.

They were all dressed in tight-fitting pants and shirts, each person carrying a gun.

They blindfolded her and led her into one of the cars. Delfina felt her heart racing and knew since she didn't die out of fear at this moment then she wouldn't die when she met the man.

After long hours of being in the car, they finally arrived at their destination where they removed her blindfold and left her.

She took a deep breath as she looked at her surroundings and gasped. She was in a beautiful villa. There was a waterfall and an ice sculpture of a giant tuna in the middle of the waterfall.

There were beautiful and expensive cars in the huge compound and the garden was neatly trimmed.

The house had a lot of security, she noticed as she saw similar men dressed in similar attire parading the huge compound with high fences.

She entered the sitting room and gasped at how beautiful and expensive everywhere was.

Whoever owned this villa must be very wealthy, she thought. She could only hope he was nice.

Still trembling and reeling from the fact that she's actually here and about to become a surrogate to someone unknown, she didn't see when another person joined her in the sitting room.

She only heard his cold voice.

“You’re here.”

Startled, she turned to see a man standing before her wearing a scary mask.

She sucked in a sharp breath.

This was it, the decision that would change her life forever.

Chapter 2

Delfina saw her future standing before her in a scary mask yet she couldn't move or speak.

She was dumbfounded and too startled!

Do something! Her brain screamed at her but nothing seemed to be working.

Her voice stopped working and her legs wouldn't move so she settled for something else.

She focused on the intense feeling creeping into her heart. That cold dread that opened a deep pit in her stomach causing bile to rise up in her throat.

And then… Something happened.

But it was something she wished didn't happen.

She threw up at the feet of the masked man!

Do something good, not something stupid! Her brain screamed at her.

She couldn't see his facial expression since it was covered with a mask but she could feel the plunge in the atmosphere.

It went from a cold atmosphere to a freezing atmosphere and Delfina knew who was responsible.


She shivered even though he ha


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