The Billionaire She Hates

The Billionaire She Hates

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Somto
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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"Now that that's over dear wife. Apologize for hitting me in front of my maid." "Apologize for hitting on my maid in front of me." Gabby retorted. "Who do you think you are?" Leone asked. "Who do you think you are?" Gabby asked back. "I'll show you." Leone said wickedly as he grabbed her right butt cheek and squeezed it so tightly that she gasped in pain. Then, he kissed her. He kissed her so roughly, biting her tongue and lips and squeezing and pinching every part of her body his other free hand managed to touch. He bit her so hard that Gabby felt blood on his tongue but he didn't stop. His kiss was demanding, almost like he was sucking air out of her lungs without replacing it. He sucked and bit her lips and dug into every part of her flesh with his long fingernails until he had his fill. By the time he stopped kissing her, Gabby was struggling to breathe. "That'll teach you not to mess with me ever again." *** Leone is a stone hearted Billionaire who believes in using women as toys to fill his need. What happens when he is forced to marry Gabriella who refuses to be used by him as well? Will they really fall in love? What happens when it's not a happily ever after story?

Chapter 1

Gabby swirled and swirled in front of the mirror as she admired herself in her wedding dress.

She remembered how it all came to this. To her, it constantly felt like a beautiful fairytale. Her childhood friend whom she shared all her sorrows and joys with was finally going to be her husband soon.

Someone who knew what she liked and what she hated and someone who could understand her was whom Gabby always wanted to marry. She couldn't be more grateful that he also admired celibacy.

"Seems like someone is happy" Her soon-to-be mother-in-law came into the room.

"Anyone who has a man like Richie would be happy" Gabby replied swirling again.

" I'm so glad you picked this dress for me. Nothing else could have been more beautiful"

" You're welcome love. But you know,with the way you're glowing, anything would be absolutely pretty on you"

Just then,the door swung open

" Hey bitches! What's up?"

A dark skinned looking girl with curves that could make a man drool walked into the room. She had her face drowned in messy makeup and wore a short blue gown and a pair of black sneakers.

Girly squeals could be heard immediately.

"Josey,what're you doing here?" Gabby asked pulling her best friend in for a tight hug.

"What? Wasn't I supposed to attend my best friend's wedding? A best friend who couldn't even tell her friend she was getting married to a hot sexy fellow!"

" Well good afternoon to you too Josephine" Gabby's soon-to-be mother-in-law, Steph greeted sarcastically.

"Yeah good afternoon to you Stephanie. Trust you're doing well" Josey replied with the same attitude.

"I'm not wearing short stuff with black dirty skin and I'm definitely not using curse words"

" Same here Stephanie. I don't look like a fat bag of potatoes and I definitely don't dress like an old hag. Plus I'm not all white like flour" Josey sneered which made Stephanie gasp.

"I'm not having this. Gabriella Presley, warn your friend!"

" And if she doesn't,what will happen? Will you control your little puppet son and tell him not to marry her?"

At this point, Gabby who had been silent all this while, spoke up,

"Stop this both of you! Can't you both just see eye to eye for once?"

" No!"

It was a chorused answer.

" Alright,do whatever you want. Keep fighting like children. I'm outta here!" Gabby announced as she walked out with Josey trailing behind her.

"Gabby wait up! Why're you so mad? You know we've always been like this!"

" Yes I know but I was expecting that you guys would change. It is my wedding soon after all"

" Okay fine. I'd compromise this one time but I can't promise anything if that old lady gets in my nerves and you know that. You know I've never really liked her"

" Yes Josephine"

" Stop it. You know I don't like any one calling my Josephine. That name sounds old and stupid. Josey sounds more classy"

" Fine Josey. Do you think I got fat? This dress makes me feel stuffed"

" Yes. You've eaten way too many chocolates this past few days Gabriella Presley. How many dates did Richard take you on recently?" Josey asked stroking invisible beards.

It was so obvious she was in the mood for teasing.

Gabby was also in the same mood,

"Well, let me count. 1,2,3,4... I think I lost count Singleton"

" Did you just call me a Singleton? Me??" Josey yelled as she chased Gabby through the hallways down to the guestroom.

A voice could be heard from there. A male voice.

"You didn't tell me you've got another hottie over. Can I see him?" Josey asked, walking to the door.

Gabby jumped in front of the door which startled Josey

" No no! Well, Richard has some work around this area and he's staying here for a couple of days but don't worry he'll be gone tomorrow"

She just couldn't stop biting her lips and smiling.

Josey smiled and smacked her ass playfully,

"You guys couldn't just stay away from each other for a couple of days,could ya? Girl,you're getting married in two weeks. Keep your ass to yourself"

" I ain't shoving my ass in nobody's face. I promise you he's only here for work. You know we both practice celibacy"

Suddenly, lewd groans and sounds could be heard from the room.

"Girl,I think you're the only one practicing celibacy. Looks like your man is cheating on you. Can't you hear the satisfaction in his voice?"

" It can't be. No one else has been in here" Gabby objected.

" Well it won't hurt for us to go in and see"

Breath Gabby, breathe.

"Let's go in"

Josey pushed the door open to see a stunned Richard hurriedly shoving his phone under his pillow and trying to put his clothes back on.

"Jesus! Richard put some clothes on!" Gabby yelled shielding her eyes from his naked body with her hands.

"Yeah Richie get naked"

"Eww Josey" Gabby said still closing her eyes.

" No Gabby,open your eyes. You really should see this. It's as massive as a rock. I tell you my friend,this is gonna ruin your tight little friend"Josh ogled.

" Don't be such a tart,Josey! Let's get outta here" Gabby tugged at Josey's arm without success.

"Hold on! Let's ignore his sexy naked body. I can't believe you're practicing celibacy Gabby. I mean look at..."

" Moving on Josephine" Gabby cut in,clearly impatient.

" Yeah yeah right. I was sidetracked for a moment back there"

Josey turned to look at Richard who now had on a white shirt and a pair of blue sweatpants.

"What was all that noise about?"

"What noise?" Richard replied.

" Oh don't act all innocent with me. I won't go soft on you simply because you're hot and all! You were naked in here and we heard moans just outside your room". Josey quickly looked around as her eyes widened. "Who else is in here with you? Where's the bitch?"

" There's no one, I promise" Richard assured.

Skeptical Josey searched every nook and cranny of the room to be sure no one was hiding anywhere.

Her sixth sense had urged her to check the phone Richard had hurriedly hid under his pillow but she dismissed it as a mere suspicion.

"If no one is here,what were you doing all naked?" Gabby spoke this time.

There came such an eerie silence that they could hear each other's heartbeats.

Chapter 2


How am I supposed to tell them the truth? What will happen if they find out what I was actually doing?

"I was wanking"

Oops! I didn't just say that out loud, did I?

I think I saw a smirk disappear on Josey's face as quickly as it appeared.

"Well,well,well. I can clearly see that the poor thing is starved. Gabby, do you see the cause of your decision?"

A blush crept up Gabby's face and stayed there as she hung her head.

"No no,it isn't her fault. I should have controlled myself. I respect her decision"

" Sorry, my bad! I shouldn't have involved myself with lovers. I'm a Singleton after all" Josey said shutting the sorry behind her.

I moved closer to Gabby and held her chin up forcing her to look into my eyes.

"You look beautiful. I'm using all my self restraint to not take you on right here, right now"

I pause


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