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The Billionaire's Unwanted Wife

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The Billionaire's Unwanted Wife Blurb "I want your twin sister and not you! And you know that! But you chose to cling unto me!" He yelled frustratedly at me. "I love you Bruce, I can't help it" I mumbled pathetically. "Great, I hope you can enjoy watching me fvck your twin sister in your presence!" He spat hatefully before storming off. ** I'm Lyra Hansley, and I'm married to the man of my dreams, well, this dream of mine soon became a nightmare, but not anymore, I have someone I think I love. Is this called cheating? Maybe not, at least he cheats on me with my twin sister. But who's my new man?That.. I don't know, but I love him.



Review after half of the novel

My impression on FL dropped instantaneously after reading her begging for love from her husband after she saw him cheating in the first few chapters .. on top of that she started emotional cheating being in love with someone else instead of divorcing the scum !! I didn’t know what I was hoping when I continued ready the story instead of dropping it ! The redemption from ML is not enough ! I read other novels when ML was indifferent to FL and had to go through lot of redemption but this story is waste of my time

June 15, 2024

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