The Billionaire's Surrogate

The Billionaire's Surrogate

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Preshpinky
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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Sold off by her family, Valerie Watson was forced to carry the child of a stranger for a hundred million dollars by her stepmother. Valerie was not only robbed of her innocence, her boyfriend also abandoned her. After the birth of her child, the child was taken away from her. She was kicked out of the house she called home. Her conniving step-sister even took away her boyfriend. Devastated and heartbroken, Valerie fled to Northridge to start her life. Six years later, she got a job at the billionaire Davison's residence as a nanny. She was going to babysit the billionaire's saucy little daughter. But why does she feel so attached to her? Will she make the little girl love her, and will the father… the CEO also fell for her charm?

Chapter 1

“Are you insane? How dare you refuse such a big offer?”

Claudia's yelling voice filled the house. Valerie couldn't help, but sob helplessly. Claudia was one step away from smacking her face. Valerie was heartbroken, what her stepmother was asking of her is definitely going to ruin her. Especially her dreams of going to Oxford University.

Being a surrogate to an unknown man. Valerie wanted to say something, but tears couldn't let her say a word. Why is life being cruel?

“I would rather not do this, Mom. How can I give birth to a child for a stranger? That is only going to ruin my life, I won't be able to take it. I want to fulfill my dreams of going to Oxford University, and having a baby is going to put an end to that” Valerie cried out, and her stepmother scoffed.

“The family finances are so poor, and your father has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. What kind of daughter does that make you? This is the only way for us to save your father, and you are willing to give up such an opportunity? Are you going to stand there and watch your father die when you can do something to save him?” Claudia was trying to emotionally blackmail her. Mr. Edmond Watson, Valerie's father, happened to be the only family she had. Her mother died when she was three years old in a ghastly motor accident, and her father got married to her stepmother, Claudia.

Life has been miserable for Valerie ever since her father got married to Claudia. Even her stepsister, Patricia, has been nothing but a pin in the ass for her. Her father too doesn't care about her… she was more like the rejected one of the family. She might be a 'Watson' but that's just a name. She was treated like an outsider.

“You are so heartless, Valerie. I thought you loved me, are you going to watch me die?” Her Father walked into the room, looking weak. Valerie bowed her head, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Mom, I have a boyfriend, and he's going to marry me. He's definitely going to ditch me if he finds out that I'll have a child for a stranger. I don't want to lose, Justin” Valerie burst into a heart-wreaking sob again.

“What? Is this about that stupid boy who you're dating? He's nothing but a prodigal son. His mother disowned him because he's been trouble to her. Are you going to choose him over your father's life?” Claudia scoffed in disgust.

Valerie scratched her head. There was no way she's getting out of this. “And my studies. I can't complete my studies when I'm with a child”.

“Don't be dumb, sister. Actually, it's only a nine-month thing. Besides, no one is going to tell Justin that you're pregnant. Come to think of it, the money is so huge, and you can actually further your education with it. It will be more than enough to foot your bills and to foot Father's hospital bills” Patricia, her pretentious stepsister, acted like she was on her side.

“Bear it in mind, Valerie. You'll be going to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, and you're not allowed to object. The money involved is so huge that we can't let it slip through our fingers” Claudia spoke with finality in the tone of her voice before storming out of the room. Her father followed her after giving her a deadly glare.

Valerie fell on the couch, sobbing her eyes out. Patricia smiled mischievously at her. “Get ready for tomorrow, sister” Patricia walked away laughing sarcastically.

Of course, Valerie knew that sobbing won't help her. But how was she going to explain this to her boyfriend, Justin? Like her stepsister suggested, she won't let him know about this. It was then that Valerie realized that she was trapped, the Chasity she's been protecting all her life, will be given out to bear a child for a stranger.

The next day, Valerie was already at the hospital. She had already undergone some tests to make sure she had no health issues. She laid on the hospital bed with her laps parted. Likewise, she was getting inseminated with the stranger's semen. Weird enough, she hadn't set her eyes on him.

Apparently, he's a man who had lost his wife who he loved dearly but had no child with. So because he would rather not remarry, he decided to get a surrogate, so he could get a child to call his own. 

“It's done, Miss” The doctor's voice smacked her out of her thoughts. She nodded slightly, and sat up from the bed.

“Uhm… I'll prescribe some drugs for you. Most importantly, you shouldn't get involved with hard labor, that's if you don't want this to be unsuccessful” The doctor smiled at her, and she shook her head. She felt terrible… okay! Let's say miserable.

Handing the drugs to her, the doctor walked away. She got up from the bed, and made her way out of the hospital premises. What awaits her? Will Justin find out that she's… dammit! It's so hard to even think of.

Her stepmother had already gotten half of the payment… fifty million dollars. She just hoped her father would get better, and that her boyfriend would understand her.

A month later, Valerie had already gotten pregnant, but she couldn't tell Justin about it. She tried her best to avoid him… it was going to hurt him big time.

“You have a visitor, Valerie.” Claudia's loud voice echoed. Valerie, who was half asleep, tossed from one side of the bed to the other.

“Oh, I'm coming” She yanked the duvet off her body, and walked out of the room, still half awake.

“Good morning, babe” The familiar voice slapped the sleep out of her eyes, and she widened her eyes in shock.

“J… Justin?” She stuttered, swallowing hard.

“Hey! You look like you've seen a ghost. I have good news, babe. I just got admission into Stanford University” He broke the news, and she forced a smile, instead tears rolled down her cheeks.

“That's… that's huge, Justin” Valerie said those words with a teary voice. She wanted to hold them back, but she just couldn't.

“What's wrong, babe? You look sad! Did something…” Justin raised a brow. He could obviously sense the bitterness she was feeling.

“I think you should go, Justin. It isn't nice to keep bothering a pregnant woman” That was Patricia. Valerie gasped on seeing her, what is she up to? Was she going to spill it all to Justin?

“What are you doing, Pat?” Valerie swallowed hard, and Patricia laughed hysterically. “Don't you want him to know that you're pregnant? You should leave him in the dark, sister” In Patricia's voice was sarcasm. She had always wanted Valerie's boyfriend. Justin was the only thing Valerie had that Patricia never had, but wanted it so badly. This must be her chance.

“Val? What's she talking about? What does she mean when she said you were pregnant? Is… is that true?” Tears could be found in the trace of Justin's voice.

“I'm… I'm sorry, Justin. I really didn't want to do it. I… I… it's just…” Valerie stuttered.

“You are unbelievable, Valerie Watson. You just made a fool out of me. How could you do that? And you still call what we have a relationship? I can't believe you. We're done, Valerie” Justin yelled as he rushed out of the house.

“Patricia? I thought you said we could keep this a secret. How could you do that to me?” Valerie cried as she staggered to the wall in pain.

“And you believed that? You're dumb, Valerie. You shouldn't stress the baby, we already got some money from it. We can't refund, and you're not seeing a penny from it, loser” She mocked her before walking away.

“I'm doomed!” Valerie sobbed.

Chapter 2

Valerie dialed his number again, and again, but it wasn't going through. She wasn't going to blame Justin because it's not his fault. If Patricia didn't tell him, maybe she would have summoned courage to tell him any other time.

“I have to find a way to explain everything to Justin”

She got up from the bed, and headed downstairs. She was on her way out when she stormed into her stepmother, Claudia, and her father.

It has been barely a week since they got the money, and they are already squandering it. She even wondered how her father recovered so fast.

“Where are you going, Valerie?” Claudia gave her a deadly glare. She gulped hard, and turned her face away. “I don't want to go on with this anymore. My life is already ruined, all because of this baby. I want to further my education”.

Tears circulated in her eyes, and her father gasped. “Valerie, how could you say something like that? If you don't give birth to this child, t


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