The Billionaire's secret love

The Billionaire's secret love

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Bleeva
  • Chapters: 16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 5.0
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Jay King was a business man whose character and personality defines rude, arrogant and a play boy. Jay never really wanted to keep one woman at a time and he never got along with in his mother but everything began to change when he accidentally bumped into a woman; Ursula and spilled his coffee and she hated him and everything about him little did she know that he will be her new boss Moving into a new country she needed a job and the one thing that suits her the most was a personal assistant which she applied for at Jay's company They began to work together and after a while they grew to like each other and Ace; Jay's brother did everything he could to get them closer as soon as he noticed his brother was in love They both eventually fell in love with one another and began going on dates but everything crashes down when Ursula walked in on Jay cheating with a woman she hates Ursula quit working with Jay and began to work in a restaurant but little did she know that the man who she ran away from in her home land had found her and is out to get her Jay became miserable after she left and he tried his very best to get to her but he couldn't. Months after Ace found Ursula in the restaurant she was working and begged her to come back but she refused to, Ace told his brother where to find her and he went their begging for her to return to him After a while she returned and not quite long after she was abducted by Vlad; her ex-boyfriend she has been running away from and their she met Oona. Vlad had them trapped in the middle of no where but Ursula managed to find a way out and Oona was pregnant With the help of someone they got home and Jay surprised Ursula with an engagement ring and Oona found the love of her life They traced down Vlad and got rid of him in other for him not to cause more trouble . Soon enough they got married with the blessings of their parents

Chapter 1


"Aarrghh great! it's my first day in England and this happens!" I tried wiping the mud on my skirt but it kept spreading

I carried my bags and payed the taxi driver

"Beautiful" I muttered looking at the hotel father booked for me

Everyone was giving me the 'what the hell?' look, I probably look like shit. I walked to the receptionist and she looked at me from head to toe

"Good day ma'am, I'm Ursula Darrin and please a car just splashed mud on me so can I get my room number and keys?" I held my hand out for her

"Room 101 Miss"

"Thank you" I responded with a small smile

I dragged my things up stared and found my room

"First thing first, it really need to get a bath" I declared

I didn't wait to take a good look around the room and ran straight to the bathroom, to my surprise it's almost the size of my room back in Canada

I pulled off my clothes and hopped into the bathtub. My hair is a total mess from all the road bumps and the stupid wind of England

In no time I was out, nice,clean and warm, feels like home but not home. I picked out a pair of black trousers, matching top and flats.

Girly things weren't really my thing. I don't blame myself I grew up with my dad, mum dead in a car accident when I was six but to be frank it didn't really affect me cause dad represented her in terms of everything

I put my headphones on and walked out. I stood in the lobby when someone suddenly bumped into me and what felt like hot coffee on me

"Aarrggh, come on what in the world is wrong with England people?!" I looked at the man standing in front of me and pressed his phone. He was han...... I mean he was litrary a Greek God, what? Ursula stop it

"You have to watch where you are going" he didn't look up from his phone, so arrogant of him!

I grabbed his phone and put it in my back pocket, he finally looked at me and oh my gosh his eyes were so...... Ursula stop

"Give me my phone" he demanded with a dry tune

"Hey idiot, you just spilled hot coffee of me and then told me to watch where I'm going whereby you're the one walking not me" I threw my hands in the air but it was like I was talking to a statue of something

"I really don't have time for you rubbish if you want a new t-shirt just ask and I'll get you one, now give me my phone" he demanded again

"I don't know who the hell you think you are but let me tell you something I can buy my own t-shirt with my money I don't need your filthy Goddamn money to buy a t-shirt for myself, got that?" He seemed shocked by my outburst, I dropped his phone back in hand and walked to my room

"Seems like I'm gonna be staying in doors to avoid some jerks like him" I tied a towel round my body and crashed on the bed.


I stood there in shock as the unknown girl dropped my phone in my hands and left.

"What was that?!" I was brought back to reality when I heard my brother's voice from the phone

"Ace I'll call you back after the meeting" I hanged up without waiting for his reply

I walked past the lobby and out of the hotel, my car was already waiting for me so I hopped in

I'm already late and it's all because of that characterless girl. I dropped from the car and walked as fast as I can

"I apologize for being late I had to deal with some personal issues" I sat on my chair and the meeting continue

Business is one thing and being a billionaire is another thing but when you're involved in both you have to deal with company owners, your company shares, profits and losses, popularity and most of all girls. To be frank I've always been a one night stand guy, is not like I'm complaining but every girl wants me and I can't do anything about it but this unknown girl is different not to mention a bit boyish

"Mr. King, what do you think about the presentation?" I looked over to my partner

"Well it's amazing it can increase the rate of supply from the company and we will earn a lot of profit" I concluded

"Well said Mr. King"

I walked out of the meeting room and asked the driver to take me straight home

I only care about two things in my life; my family and business. Ace was the best thing I could ever ask for he might be troublesome, stubborn, annoying and a pain in the ass but trust me he makes a wonderful brother

I dropped from the car and was immediately crushed with a hug

"Ace!!" I yelled and he jumped off

"Come on brother Jay why are you always yelling at me" he whined

"Ace what have you done this time?"

"Me? Nothing I never knew it was a crime to hug my favorite brother"

"You idiot I'm your only brother, let's go and grow up please" we both entered the house

Ace might be twenty years old but he acts like a five years. I opened my room door and turned on the light

"Ace!!!" I yelled and I heard him laughing downstairs

I was already covered in mud and my room, jeez I'm gonna end that boy's life


"Yes sir"

"Clean this place up"

I walked into the bathroom and that beau...... Oh no Jay you can't be in a relationship, I know she's attractive, courageous and.... Oh Jay shut up

I washed myself up and wore a rob

Kevin already cleaned my room and sat on the bed. I opened my phone and saw more than fifty massages

"I really need to get a personal assistant to be doing this" i dialed my secretary's phone number

"Hello Mr. King, where are you calling so late?"

"Parsley I need you to post on social media and print fliers, posters and so on for a personal assistant search, got it?"

"Right away sir" I hanged up and turned the light off

I closed my eyes and the imagine of the red hair girl floods in my mind

"You have to be kidding me, get the hell out of my head woman"

Chapter 2


I groaned out as my stupid ringing tune starts to disturb my beauty sleep.

"Who could be calling this early morning?" I picked up the call and yawned

"Good morning honey" I heard my father's voice and almost laughed

"Morning Dad, why did you call me up so early?"

"Honey you're in England alone and you have to search for a job remember?" I mentally scolded myself for forgetting that

"Thanks for reminding me, I'll call you back later"

"Good luck sunshine and make me proud"

"I've always made you dad"

"I know" he hanged up and I dropped the phone

I brushed my teeth and took my bath. I looked at my clothes and put my hand over my head

My closet was full of numerous trousers, shirts, canvas and flats. I only had one skirt and I wore it yesterday. I sat on the bed and searched for a job via the internet.


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