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The story is set around Emily who is driven by circumstance into the Reed's family, to work as a maid. In the mansion she's faced with challenges that she must overcome, not for her life's sake, but for her mother's as well. She does well to fight to her capacity, until she's faced with the greatest battle of all. The battle of the heart. Falling in love with the second son of the billionaire family, The Reeds. Emily faces more trouble which threatens her existence. Will she be able to weather it all, and come out victorious to end up with the one her heart beat or let herself be kicked back into misery?

Chapter 1

"This is the fifth time you're making me rewrite this pitch, sir," Emily complained as she dropped the file on her boss's desk. "It's late, everyone's gone home and I need to visit my mom in the hospital," Emily stated.

"I understand, let me drop you off," Jack offered, about to get off his seat.

"It's fine sir, I'll be okay, I can handle myself," Emily said, rejecting the offer.

She was quite aware of his hidden motive for offering his assistance. It would not be the first time, he would offer help, and end up asking for something in return. If it wasn't a hug, he'd ask for a peck. The thought of it happening a few times, made Emily disgusted.

"Come on Emily, it's not nice to reject help from your boss," he said, getting up. "I simply wanted to be of assistance."

"You've done more than enough by letting me work on our big ads. Seeing that I'm new to business."

"It's nothing, I mean what else can a boss do for his diligent employee?" A wide grin became evident on Jack's face. He took a few steps forward, and stood in front of Emily.

Emily took a step back, to create some distance between her and Jack, while forcing a smile. "Can I go now?" She asked.

"Of course, but before you do," Jack took a hold of Emily's hand, "why don't you give me something to remember for the night. Something really nice." His grin grew wider.

Emily stared at him with disgust. It was hard for her to believe the man making advances at her was a married man who wore his wedding ring proudly to the eyes of everyone. To add to that, he was the father of three beautiful children of whom Emily was familiar with all of them. After considering how close she was with his family, Emily decided not to entertain his advances any longer.

"Sir, I can not do this anymore. You're a married man with kids, and it'd be unfair if I continue to entertain your advances towards me. I'd appreciate it if you were professional during and after work," Emily said.

"But Emily..."

"No buts, sir. This stops now or I'll be forced to charge you for sexual harassment," Emily threatened. She then turned to walk away but Jack was quicker.

Jack swiftly gripped Emily's hand to stop her from moving.

"You dare not walk away from me!" Jack snapped.

Emily forcefully pulled her hand away from Jack's grip.

"Control yourself sir!, I don't want to lose the respect I have for you."

Emily tried to walk away again but Jack pulled her back. This time, he forced her to his table, and pinned her to it. She was unable to get her hands off the table. Jack leaned in, attempting to kiss her but Emily was quicker so she used her knees to hit him in the groin, which made him quiver in pain and drop to the floor.

Emily grabbed her bag and hurriedly fled the office. She ran really fast, even after she left the building. She didn't stop until she was far away from the office building, and then she came to a halt. Her breathing was heavy, as she dropped to the street, panting aloud whilst she tried to catch her breath. She was still in shock by what happened in Jack's office. She couldn't believe it. For the first time, her self defense classes proved useful.

Emily was still trying to get her breathing and heartbeat back to normal when her phone rang. Her heart skipped two beats when she saw who the caller was. It was the hospital.

"Hello," Emily said, answering the call.

"Miss Emily we need you to come in, your mother just had another attack," the doctor in charge of Emily's mother announced through the phone.

"What!" Emily yelled. "I'm on my way." She quickly got off the street and stopped a taxi, and headed for the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Emily quickly dashed to her mother's room. She met her mother laying in bed. The doctor and two nurses were speaking to her. Emily rushed to the bed. She inquired from her mom about her welfare, holding onto her mother's hands.

"She's okay," the doctor said. "It was a mild attack and we managed to arrest it. She just needs to rest now."

"Thank you doctor," Emily said.

The doctor dismissed the nurses band asked Emily's mother to continue taking her medications, stating it was crucial if she wanted to get better. He turned to leave but before doing so, he requested Emily to follow him out, which she obliged.

Outside the room, Emily inquired if her mother was going to be fine. The doctor reassured that she would be, as long as she kept taking her medication. Emily heaved a sigh of relief, fully reassured. He then mentioned a different matter to be discussed.

His expression said it all. The bills were piling up, and Emily was aware of this. The doctor informed her that the hospital might have to stop treatment, if she didn't clear the bills. Emily nodded affirmatively, showing she understood. She thanked the doctor and he left.

Emily returned into the room. She looked to her mom, who was already fast asleep. She sat beside her, and held onto her mother's hand. She wished she could take all the pain away. While watching her mother, she thought of ways to raise enough money to pay the bill.

A loan wouldn't cut it as she was already in heavy debt. Her best chance was to ask for a salary advance but she was unsure of the plan working, in regard as to what transpired between her and Jack. Still, she decided to go ahead with it as it was the only option.

The next morning Emily arrived at work. She headed straight to Jack's office. She knocked, waiting patiently until he asked whoever it was to come in. He was with two of Emily's colleagues.

Jack's joyful expression was full of shock when he set his eyes on Emily. He dismissed the two other colleagues of Emily. After Emily's colleague left, Emily moved closer to Jack's table. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut short when Jack flung an envelope on the table. He gestured with his hands for her to pick it up. She did, and when she opened it her eyes widened with shock. It was a sack letter without any compensation.

"Sir..." Emily called out, trying to speak.

"Clear your table and leave immediately," Jack ordered.

Emily was in shock. She knew he'd do something to punish her, but she didn't expect this.

"If you think of yourself as high and mighty, then take your pride somewhere else," Jack said.

Emily stood dumbfounded. She gazed at the letter for a moment before turning to leave. She was reaching for the door knob when Jack spoke.

"If you reconsider my offer, you can call me and we might work something out." He let out a heavy, mocking laughter.

Emily tightened her grip on the door handle. She wanted to scream at him or do something that would hurt him right there, but she thought of a better plan. She ignored her boiling rage and exited the office.

After clearing her desk, Emily returned to the hospital. She had engulfed herself in thoughts on her way there. She thought of how to break the news to her mother, and how to raise the money to foot the hospital bills. She paused next to the hospital room and took in a deep breath. She formed a big grin before walking into the room. In the room she met her mother in discussion with Sarah.

Sarah was Emily's longest friend. She was barely around due to the nature of her job, but gets off days at intervals. When Sarah noticed Emily in the room, she excitedly ran over and hugged her. Emily was not her happy self, but she felt relieved to see a friend. After sitting and talking for a bit with Emily's mom, Sarah excused herself and Emily.

They got some coffee in the hospital's cafeteria and headed to the garden to chat. As they drank, Sarah went on about the drama going on at her work place. Emily paid less attention to Sarah's words, as her thoughts were occupied. After some time passed, Sarah noticed the absent mindedness of Emily. She frowned at it, and suggested Emily wasn't interested in what she had to say.

Emily apologized instantly, and promised to listen. Sarah told her to forget about it, and share what's on her mind. She began offloading her heart's pain to Sarah. Tears formed in her eyes as she shared her worries and fear with Sarah. She let the tears flow, and after she was done narrating everything, Sarah pulled her into a hug, encouraging her to stay strong, and promising everything would turn out okay. Minutes after crying it out on Sarah, Emily pulled away. She wiped her tears, and apologized to Sarah. She then continued drinking her coffee. While drinking, she inquired how Sarah was able to leave work, considering the nature of her job. Sarah answered saying it was her off day. They only get three off days in a year and this was Sarah's second.

Sarah's gaze was fixed on Emily as she drank her coffee. Emily noticed and asked why she was staring. Sarah at first denied that she was, then accepted it almost immediately. A wide grin burst suddenly on Sarah's face.

"No…," Emily said, gulping down her last drops of coffee. She knew Sarah was up to a crazy idea whenever she had that smirk on her face and it was wise to stay away from whatever idea it was. "I'm not going to do it," Emily said.

"You haven't even heard what I was going to say."

Emily got off her seat, and headed inside the hospital. She knew what Sarah was about to suggest. Sarah works as a maid in the mansion of the wealthiest family in the city, The Reeds. Sarah had been trying to get Emily to take on the job for months, but each time she brought it up, Emily would give the same reaction as now.

"It's a good job, and it pays well. It also has a lot of benefits, you really need the job now," Sarah voiced, following Emily like a news reporter questioning a celebrity. Still trying to convince her.

Emily paused in her stride and turned to Sarah behind her.

"You might be okay working for a class of individuals, who sees the middle class as people far beneath them, but I can't do that. I hate being bossed and regarded as nothing."

"It is nothing like that I assure you," Sarah said.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't me," Emily said, turning to walk away. Emily had taken a few steps forward, when Sarah voiced loudly saying,

"They can clear your mother's hospital bills."

Emily paused in her stride. She turned around to face Sarah. She told Sarah to repeat what she had just said, to make sure her ears were not deceiving her.

Sarah knew she had gotten Emily's attention, and needed to make the pitch good.

"They offer health services to their employees and their families. If you get accepted, they'd clear your mother's bills and get her admitted into their partner hospital," Sarah said.

Emily stood frozen, staring at Sarah. She had lost words.

Sarah walked closer. She asked Emily to give it a thought. "It could just be for a few months. You could save up enough, while your mother is treated."

"I'll do it," Emily said.

Sarah was unsure of what she heard, and asked Emily to repeat, which she did. Sarah was excited she could convince Emily to do it.

"Only for a few months,just to save enough," Emily cautioned.

Sarah nodded affirmatively, acknowledging the plan.

"There's just one issue,"Sarah said, as her facial expression dulled.

"What is it?"

Sarah explained that due to a big event coming up, the criteria for being employed had become fierce. Sarah informed her of a test that needed to be passed, if not she would not get hired. Emily stated she was prepared for anything if it meant her mom getting better.

"Very good," Sarah said.

Sarah dipped her hand in her bag and brought out a form. Emily was surprised, but not so much, knowing Sarah was one to prepare for every outcome. She handed the form to Emily and asked her to be at the mansion by noon the next day. Emily promised to do as she was told, and thanked Sarah for always thinking of ways to help her.

Sarah stated it wasn't a problem as Emily would do the same. They hugged each other and then went to Emily's mother's room.

The next day, Emily did as Sarah had told her. She got to the mansion at exactly noon. She was in a corporate black skirt, and white shirt. She had her hair packed in a ponytail, and had light make up on. She was about to knock on the gate when it suddenly opened. Sarah stretched her hand out and pulled Emily in.

Emily stared in awe at the mansion. The mansion was probably made of gold, as everything seemed to glitter. Emily is not one to be easily moved by what she sees, but this was a different scenario.

"I know it's beautiful and amazing to take in, but you'll have enough time to appreciate it if you get selected," Sarah informed Emily. "And that won't be possible if we don't leave now."

Sarah grabbed hold of Emily again. They hurried to where the selection was taking place. Other candidates had arrived. They were six all together, including Emily.

As they stood, with their heads bowed, a lady descended down the stairs to meet them. She seemed to be in charge. At the top of the stairs was another lady, who looked on with curiosity.

The lady who descended down the stairs revealed herself as "Miss Grace." She announced that she was in charge of overseeing the selection process, but the final decision would be taken by the second lady, at the top of the stairs. She then introduced the lady as Mrs Jane Reeds, wife of Mr Richard Reeds.

Other candidates gasped in shock, but Emily remained indifferent. Miss Grace waited until the noise died down before continuing with her speech. She mentioned the three criteria to get selected. First was service orientation. Second was stamina, as it was important to maintain stamina while serving. The last but not the least was oral comprehension. This was a very essential aspect of the test. Miss Grace had to check the contestants communication skills do that if the need arised for one to speak with a guest, she would be confident the maids could speak not only fluently but correctly and confidently.

The first round kicked off. Miss Grace passed an order for tea to be served, and how it was to be served. Emily paid close attention and did everything as instructed. She also did well to handle all the materials with care.

Her posture and organization caught the attention of Mrs Reeds.

At the end of the first round, one candidate was eliminated, leaving five. The stamina test took place. They were asked to walk on a line. Emily was first to accomplish this task. She walked on the line with ease. Two candidates were eliminated, leaving just three. The last test was to be a personal conversation with Mrs Reeds. When it got to Emily's turn, she spoke with confidence and without error. It caused applause from Mrs Reeds.

At the end, Emily with one other candidate was selected.

Mrs Reeds congratulated both of them, and asked them to resume work the next day. Emily squealed for joy with Sarah. Miss Grace approached them in the middle of their celebration and congratulated them. They thanked her and with their celebration, hopping and squeaking.

Mrs Reeds later approached them amidst their celebration but this time, Emily and Sarah immediately halted their celebration and bowed to her.

"You did well today," Mrs Reeds complimented Emily.

"Thank you ma'am," Emily responded.

Mrs turned to Sarah and asked if they were good friends.

Sarah nodded affirmatively. Mrs Reeds encouraged them to continue in that light. She smiled early at them and left.

Chapter 2

Mrs Reeds walked around with Ms. Grace, inspecting the final. preparations for the party. She looked at the band set up and felt it was too hidden. She wanted them visible to the eyes as they were one of the hardest band to hire.

"Fix that," she said to Ms. Grace.

She then inquired about the food, asking if it was ready.

"Sarah and Emily are on it," Ms. Grace answered.

Mrs Reeds nodded while taking a look around.

"Move Emily and Sarah to serving. They both have good posture, and are eye-catching."

"Okay ma'am," Ms. Grace bowed.

Mrs Reeds asked Ms. Grace to take charge and then left to get prepared.

Emily, Sarah, and two other maids chatted amongst themselves as they prepared the last dish for the welcome-home party that was being organized for the return of the second son of the Reeds family. The maids and Sarah had nothing but praises for him as they couldn't help but express t


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