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Taming A Billionaire

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"When am I getting a new mom? " Maya choked and sputtered on her drink getting herself into a coughing fit while I was quite startled but showed no other reaction other than that. I was expecting it anyway Maya got herself after some moments "You! " She bellowed "That's no way to tal-" I dismissed Maya with a wave of my hand fixing my attention on my dear daughter . "Why? " I asked exuding an authoritative aura with an arrogant smile tugging at a corner of my lips Isabelle smiled back at me, a fierce determination to win this battle evident on her face "I need a motherly figure " "And? " "Girls just want their mom sometimes " "And? " "Need someone to talk boys stuff with" "You can always discuss it with me" I blurted out without even realizing it and the reply I got was an awkward cough from Maya and a death stare from my daughter. "Well, we can always compromise on that " I tried minimizing the damage done. Why does it all go south when it comes to boy's stuff? Isabelle stood up abruptly and banged her hand hard against the table almost knocking some dishes over in the process "Just admit it!What makes you think you can be able to handle me in my rebellious teenage years? " I wanted to reply when I heard Maya murmur beneath her breath "As if you aren't rebellious enough now? " I smirked,she was definitely the perfect match for Isabella and I had the perfect plan in mind. "So let's say I agree, who do you want for a mother? "I said throwing the ball in her court and hoping she'll make the right choice "Tina? or.....? " Isabelle stared at me skeptically, obviously wondering if I was sincere or playing around. So I focused my intense and get down to business gaze on her and in a few moment, her lips twitch upward in a smirk , as if we were communicating telepathically, she said "I want her" Isabelle announced pointing at an absent minded female entertaining herself with a grilled chicken and quite oblivious to what was going on. I smiled, Isabe

Chapter 1: The Man's Dangerous

Nik Spencer stared out the window trying to imagine how the night would look like. The old man wouldn't give him a break, surely it wasn't a crime to be a bachelor at age twentysix.

Nik knew most men even at age thirty weren't married and not bothered by that, after all, marriage wasn't for everyone. Some choose to remain single while others marry but he chooses to tag along with the single men.

No! No marriage, not after the horrors he went through the hands of Kay, he wasn't ready to test such waters again.

But he's a man with raging hormones and desires, So he only considered short time relationship with the opposite sex which doesn't go beyond a month.

Surprisingly, only Tina's being able to surpass such a short time arrangement or maybe he just let her. He knew she was different from other girls who've shared his bed, maybe because he's challenged by her level of intelligence and willpower to succeed.

Tina was the heiress to a fastgrowing beverage company. There was this vibe about her that attracted him to her, she doesn't take nonsense from anyone and sticks by her principle and whatever else she thinks is right.

He knew she's the exact polar opposite of Kay who depended on him so much, not willing to stand on her own and almost sucked him dry if he had not seen to her deceit

Nik felt the tie tighten at his neck and he gulped swiftly as if there was a huge lump in his throat but inwardly, he knew it was the effect of the memory. It still haunted him, the terrible mistake he made.

Frustrated and stressed out, he loosened the tie roughly and murmured a few profanities. After a long day at work, the least he needed was introducing Tina to his father and she added to his frustration.

Tina refused to come, said she had some deals to make with some foreign investors who were hard to come by. So he had to go to the dinner with no female companion, well his father would have to take it that way. After all, he was and never interested in the whole dinner of a thing.

"Could you go faster?!" Nik yelled, transferring his aggression on the innocent chauffeur

"I'm already a bit over the speed limit" the chauffeur replied as Nik gritted his teeth in frustration

"Well, make it go a little bit more faster" he retorted needing nothing further than reaching the Old Man's place and getting everything done

"I'm try" Michael his chauffeur let out a loud gasp and barely jerked the car to a stop when a loud thud was heard

Startled, Michael stepped out of the car and shrieked at the sight. Nik closed his eyes and murmured a silent prayer "God, let it not be what I'm thinking" But Nik needed not a prophet to tell him he just hit someone

Adding one final touch to her lips, Maya popped her lips to make the lipstick sharply defined. she smiled and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She definitely looked good even though she hated makeup, she loved her natural self better.

She stared down at the black leather stiletto with a zipper at the back she had chosen to wear, she had a habit of not wearing heels cause they make her feel unbalanced but Andrew loves it so she had to, after all, it's his special day so she could break some habits.

Clutching her purse, she set out to make Andrew's birthday a special one, grinning at the thought of Andrew complimenting her dress.

She didn't dress a lot, thanks to lack of money but she took out time and resources to afford this Lacy little black dress which hugged her curve so well that she realized she wasn't shapeless as her sister called her.

Raised in a family of two, her sister was the gorgeous one. Kim was tall, beautiful with lovely long dark hair and wonderful curves plus she's the perfect child.

Her Mom and dad loved her so much that Maya wondered if she was invisible in her parent's eyes. Her sister Kim, now a successful lawyer resides with her doctor husband in Newyork having the perfect life

"While I'm still struggling in my acting career" Maya snorted bitterly at her pathetic life.

She had almost given up on herself before she met Andrew. He encouraged her not to give up yet, made her feel lovable and special. So that's why she was going to return the favor tonight, make him feel special and loved.

Already on cloud nine, she attempted crossing the clear road when out of nowhere a car almost hit her but the shock sent her sprawling to the ground.

With her heart going into doubletime, Maya gasped and realized she just escaped an accident though she felt some pain at her ankle and arm, probably bruised them from the impact on the hard concrete floor, she thought

"Hey, you okay?" a man stepped out of the driver's seat and headed towards her.

"Do I look okay? " she retorted, groaning from the effort of lifting herself off the ground. The man helped lift her to her feet and she swayed sideways as a result of her heels.

She bent her arms and stared at the red bruise forming there already. What a good body to impress Andrew with.

"Were you blind or what!?" Maya yelled at him, annoyed that Andrew would be more concerned over her minor injury than the effort she put into dressing up for tonight.

"I'm sorry" was what the man could say bowing his head repeatedly

"That's enough!" a voice boomed from behind her and she whirled around only to stare at a god.

His tailored suit was obviously expensive and he had a don'tmesswithme vibe surrounding him. Maya knew at once, the Man's dangerous

Chapter 2: I'll Drag Them Straight To Hell.

With my chin raised in a show of defiance, I glared at him " No apology after hitting me?" I asked boldly, trying hard to show how pissed off I was but this man didn't budge at all

"Correction," he said sternly " I didn't hit you, my driver almost did. So now, get in the car " He commanded gesturing towards the car but I stood my ground.

God damn him, so much nerve.

"I've told you I'm fine, no need taking me to the hospital !" I snapped distressed by his nagging.

There was no injury on me, why wouldn't he just accept that, though I suspected he didn't take no for an answer. Well, his bad.

"No sweetheart " he drawled " I need a confirmation you won't come bothering and blackmailing me with fake injuries sooner or later"

"Why would I do that? I don't even know you" I questioned before something clicked in my head.

I stared up at him, not minding his icy eyes boring into mine and asked softly "Were you deceived your whole life?"

I swore


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