In Love With My Billionaire Boss

In Love With My Billionaire Boss

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Nayapeters
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Falling in love with a stranger who nearly made her drown at the beach was enough for one weekend, but finding out that the stranger was the owner of the company she worked with was a lot to take in. Madison Williams, a young lady full of life and simplicity falls in love with a guy who seems to shut the world out with a very cold and bitter attitude, Nick Russell. Nick, who is so full of hurt and secrets couldn't place his entire feelings for his secretary who also has a very embarrassing and anti-social family secret of hers. He is determined to keep the world at arms-length and never falls in love with anyone, not even a pretty golden-haired woman with a very lovely personality. What could probably be his deepest secrets and will he get to experience the side of life he'd always thought would never exist for him, a life far away from betrayals, grudges, and revenge? Would he finally come to acknowledge love or go to extreme lengths to take out his spite and vengeance?



He walked into his dimly lit penthouse living room in time to see a long-time enemy making a speech on his huge television screen. His already bad migraine seemed to grow even worse at the sight of the man. Groaning as he raked his hands through his hair, he pulled his tired body along to get an orange juice from the bar. Most men would prefer a whiskey or martini, but he didn't drink and he saw men who drank as weak people who weren't bold enough to make their own decisions.

A flash of lightning brightened the almost dark room, followed by the clash of thunder right outside the window and heavy rain began to fall without even the slightest warning. The sudden rain brought back memories that still haunted him for the past ten years, memories that he'd always tried but failed to forget.

He could remember how he'd stood teary-eyed in the rain, not able to take his eye off that one person that always made him feel alive, the person who would always force him into the kitchen to ensure he knew how to make savory meals and would always smile at his every joke and comfort him when he was down. Only this time, that person couldn't comfort him when he needed it the most, that person won't laugh at his jokes any more or force him into the kitchen.

He shook again with sobs as he continued staring down at the pale face of his mother through the glass of the golden casket as they shoveled more dirt into the freshly dug six feet hole that was going to hold his mother for a very long time. 

She'd been the best thing that ever happened to him and he didn't know if he was ever going to survive living without her in his life. Even as he stood there by her grave, he could remember the words that had he and his twin brother flown back into New York from their college in Chicago the day before.

His mother had been very sick for a long time and she'd done a very good job of hiding it from him and his brothers. When they'd found out that their beloved mother was dying from cervical cancer, they'd been heartbroken and their father had made sure they stayed all the period in college. 

He'd been oblivious to the sober people standing around his mother's grave and didn't even know when his father stood over him with an umbrella to shield him from the rain.

"You should let her go son and get out of this rain. You're going to be sick".

His hands clenched into a fist at his father's voice. The man was the only reason why they were all gathered under the rain and sending his mother off. If he'd only cared a bit and not put all his attention on work, probably cancer wouldn't have eaten so deep into his mother and she'd still be alive. For God's sake, he hadn't seen the man shed a single tear since they heard of their mother's death and he still stood all aloof and arrogant in a stiff black suit that Nick was sure was darker than his heart.

"Son?". Corner Russell laid a hand on his son's shoulder and was quite shocked when he flinched away. "Are you okay?".

He smirked and brushed his tears away with his fingertips. "Am I okay? Do I look okay right now?".

"Come on, let's go home". His father held out the umbrella for him to take, but he'd just stood staring daggers at his new enemy. After staring at each other for a while, Corner shrugged and turned with the hope that he was following behind, but he stood his ground.

"This is all your fault". He spat bitterly and his father stopped in his stride.

Turning to face his first son, Andrew tried to keep his face straight. "Can we talk about this at home?".

"I'm not going anywhere with you. You killed my mother". He screamed, oblivious to the fact that other mourners had stopped to stare at father and son. "Do you even feel sorry right now?"

Andrew clenched and unclenched his hand, trying as much as possible to not pour out the pent-up emotions he's successfully been keeping bottled up. "Nick, stop this foolishness and come with me at once".

Nick shook his wet head as his lips trembled from the cold air and the hurt he was feeling. "No dad. If you'd cared about us, this wouldn't be happening right now".

Being too weak to continue the argument, he turned and walked away from the grave, from the mourners and his family. He could still hear his brothers calling him, but he was so hurt to even listen to anyone. He just kept walking away, not stopping, even as the rain bit down hard on him and he went almost breathless.

Looking back out the window as the rain poured down hard on the streets below, the sound of the rain against the window pane only fueled his anger the more. Turning to his huge television screen again, his mouth thinned into a firm one as his father bowed slightly and smiled into the camera. The man truly hadn't changed and he wondered if he even felt sorry for what had happened ten years ago. They'd only seen rarely and on such occasions, he'd done everything possible to avoid his father.

When his father collected a bouquet from a little girl and kissed her on the cheek, his eyes sparked and he threw the glass cup he was holding against the wall. Orange juice splashed everywhere and the glass shattered into a million pieces on the ground.

The pretense was written all over what his dad did, the man never cared for anyone, he only cared about himself and his public image too. 

Nick knew that very soon, he would have to meet with the smiling man on his television screen and have a word with him. His father sure has a lot of questions to answer him.


As she walked into the kitchen, Madison Williams couldn't get her mind off her upcoming weekend. She had hoped to spend her weekend at a beach house with her best friend Anna; they had both hoped to ride the waves, maybe hook up with a few overly-sexy beach boys, and have nothing else but fun.

With a sigh of bliss, she placed the boiler under running water from the faucet; after getting the required quantity she wanted, she plugged it in and added a tea bag before making some toast while she waited for the tea to boil.

Her phone rang and she smiled when she saw the caller, flipping her hair backward, she picked it up. "Anna, I've been expecting your call all day. What's up?"

She could hear her best friend sigh over the phone. "Seriously Maddie, this is just 6:00a.m and if I remember clearly, we talked late into the night yesterday"

"I know. I'm just so excited about this weekend"

"Um... hello! You make it sound as though we are going to the end of the earth". Anna knew her friend to be an overly excited person, but this seems to be over the top. "Come on Maddie, this isn't your first vacation".

The tea was boiling already, so she switched off the boiler and poured some tea into a mug "But it sounds like a very promising one". She paused to add some milk and sugar into her mug "Are we still going shopping today?"

They had agreed to go shopping for things they'd need during their stay at the beach.

"Yeah, sure. Let's meet up at Manny's after work".

"Alright. Gotta go. I haven't got dressed for work yet".

"Me neither. See you at Manny's?"

"You bet".

After getting off the call, she went about her daily business. Dressing up was more annoying than she'd thought, she had to choose an outfit that goes with everything.

She picked a light green suit hat her mother had bought for her two years before and she'd only worn it once for a business seminar.

"I wonder if it still fits me". She thought aloud as she stared thoughtfully at the outfit.

Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled on the pants with quite an effort and groaned in frustration when the zip wouldn't budge….her hips had increased over the years. Resorting to wearing another outfit, she tried pulling it off but it was stuck; adding quite some force, she tugged at it and it came apart with a ripping sound.

With a frustrated cry, she glanced at her bedside clock....she was gonna be late for work. It's a good thing she'd never seen her boss because he never came around her company's branch since she'd been working there five years ago.

Chapter One

Nick Russell pulled up at the curb at the lobby of one of the branches of his company; most billionaires would have loved being driven around by their various drivers, but that wasn't the case for him. He loved driving and felt more at ease when he was at the wheel.

A valet hurried towards his car, but he waved him off. He wasn't planning on going in, he'd only wanted to see his managing director.

As if on cue, his managing director, a man in his early thirties, walked out of the company and towards his car. Nick had to admit, the man looked breathtaking in a sky-blue suit and red tie.

When Mr. Austin got to his car, he greeted his boss and Nick acknowledged it with a nod before motioning him to get into the seat beside him, which he did.

"How about the files I asked for?" Nick asked as soon as Austin got into the car.

"Here they are. I had them sorted and arranged". Austin replied as he handed him the files.



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