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Stolen by the Mafia

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Tyler Smith is a dangerous Mafia boss Johnny borrowed some funds from him but he failed to return the money , Tyler has no other choice but to take his only daughter as ransom! Who? Hayley Audrey A timid lady that has been in hiding all her life, working under the dangerous Mafia. Tyler didn't only threatens her but also force her to start behaving like a mafia... To Hailey, she's a novice to the job... What if Tyler's heart begin to melt by her presence? What if Johnny was keeping some secrets about Hailey birth? Love? Is that possible?

Tyler Smith

Stolen By the Mafia Lord{ Into his Dangero** TGS Building Clan **Tyler's Smith P.O.V" Please Tyler, I badly need this money now. I promise to pay back in two weeks’ time, you know this is not the first time am taking out loan from your clan. “Jonny pleaded while I puff out my pipe and smirked at him."What if you fail to pay back my money? " I asked and I could see him smile," I will give you whatever you want even if it’s something precious to me. "He snapped almost immediately.I smiled and look at him for the first time he's been sitting."You know me too well, Jonny. You know I don't f*ck*ng joke with my money, I will ruin your clan and things important to you just to get my money if you refuse to pay back on time. "I told him more strictly.I could see lines of fear on his face, I rolled my eyes. I don't care all I want is money."I..I..will return your money in time. Just give me this once, please. " Jonny cried and seems like he desperately wants the money.After a while, I rise up from my seat and walked towards him.." I will give you. "I told him and his face lightened up."Thank you! Thank you so much! "He mumbled with mixed feelings, both happy and surprised at my response.Yeah, most of them know, I , Tyler Smith hardly give out loan. I’m strict with my money and business and I can kill for it."Jonny, don't take this word cheaply. I’m sure gon’ take my money back. "I added and I could see him nod his head repeatedly."You can count on me." He mumbled."You can take your leave." I said to him and with that he hurried out.I reached out to my telephone, I dialed Nora's landline.She picked up after few seconds "Yes, master?" She answered."Find out everything about Jonny Audrey the leader of sunlight clan, every valuable thing including their current status." I told her and I hear her click on something on her desk.She's probably working on it, Nora is a personal spy whom I bought with my own money. She's fast and accurate, I trained her specially and she seems to be more like a family to me.I waited for some minutes to make her finish whatever she's working on.Then, her voice came in. "Boss, I found out he's out of money and he has a hidden house at the outskirt of Mexico. He...also has a daughter! "She said and I smiled.Interesting."How old is his daughter?" I found myself asking."I haven't found out about that even her identity is not revealed. Seems he's hiding his daughter. "She said and I nodded slowly"I need the identity of his daughter and why he's hiding her." I said"Okay sir! I will work on it." She responded and with that I ended the call.I can't wait for some drama,,, I really want to find out why he's hiding his daughter.I’m Tyler and I can do anything. I smirked dangerously and puff out my pipe.[ Outskirt of Mexico ]Hailey Audrey's P.O.V" Hailey! Oh my God! Hailey! Can you get your butt out of the bed now?! " I could hear nanny Sandra's voice pierced deeply into my sweet dream.Phew! She always finds a way to destroy my precious sleep!" oh...nanny,,, please can you just let me sleep? " I said from my sleep but she spanks my butt really hard that I had to spring up on my feet." Ouch Nanny! That really hurts. " I groan rubbing my butt."You didn't listen to me huh? You know your daddy too well, he's gonna get angry at me if I don't wake you up to receive your morning lectures. "She mumbled and went over to the curtains, raised it up and allowed the sun penetrate in." But...wait, Morning Lectures you say?? "I snapped and my eyes went wide open."You heard me right, pretty. Morning lectures. "She said and I sprang up on my feet." No...I told dad I wanna attend normal school like other girls! I don't want a private teacher! "I snapped but nanny shook her head."I don't think your wish will come true, just listen to what your daddy says." She told meI shook my head and fumed a little bit, well Nanny Sandra knows me too well. She knows I and Dad fights about this issue almost every single day.Like, why doesn't he want me to mingle with other kids? Locking me up in my room every day! I have no friends! Not even a single one!Ahh! I hate it so much!"Nanny, I don't want to receive those private lectures today. No! I refuse! "I told her and folded my arms."You will receive those lectures Hailey." I heard dad's voice behind me."Dad...""No buts." He cut me off.There's no way am gonna argue with him on the matter, he will never agree to it.**Three weeks later **[ *** At Hugefly Airport***]" Dad! Can you just let me know what's going on! Why are you suddenly flying me abroad? Dad...""Will you shut the hell up! Just follow me, now!" He snapped angrily cutting me off."Okay daddy." I mumbled softy with my face down and followed gently."Do you really think you can run away? " We barely took the third step when I heard a very deep masculine voice at our front."Tyler..." Dad called and a hint of fear showed on his face lines.I could see dad being shaky by the appearance of the strange man.Who's he to make dad fear and all sweaty?"Grab that girl." He suddenly growl and within the blink of an eyes, I was bundled by some group of men.Huh?! What's happening to me?


Chapter 2Hailey's POVThe men held me tightly, three of them. I looked at their faces and they were looking so scary. Why are they holding me so tightly? It hurts.“You’re hurting me” I whispered and sobbed“Where do you think you are going, Jonny?” I heard the man ask my fatherThis man instills so much fear into my dad. For the first time since I was born, I saw my dad tremble. He was practically shivering.“I … I … I …We were just going on a vacation” Dad stammeredVACATION?What type of a lie is that?Who goes on a vacation without planning??“We weren’t going on a vacation!” I shouted and squeezed my faceI hate lies.Everyone turned to look at me. Dad was looking angry but, the man who made my father tremble was smiling at me.I definitely cannot look at my father right now, I turned my face and my eyes met with that man. He kept smiling at me.“You’re not going on vacation?” He asked me“Nope” I shook


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