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Sold to the Revenging Billionaire

Sold to the Revenging Billionaire

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"Loving you is the worst sin I've ever committed in my life, Adonis," Luna's bitter words seemed to burn her heart. The butterflies in her stomach died, the rain joined her lifeless heart, and above all, her self-loathing could not be erased as if it was a mark engraved on her entire being. What can we bestow for love? What can we waive? And what can we give up? People who were met at the wrong time and chance. How long can they forgive each other to forget the past? (This book was a slow burn from Chapter 1-10 so bear with it.)

Chapter 1

Luna's Point of View

They say freedom is the most important thing to value. It is said that this will serve as your wing whenever you think you are locked up or held captive by the deceitful world. Nevertheless, what if those wings that help you fly and you cherished got cut from your back?

I suddenly felt a pang on my chest as the large black curtain parted.

I first noticed the men's lustful and burning stares that seemed to penetrate my soul. My wrists and feet were tied, and I wore nothing but lingerie panties.

I bowed my head as the muttering became louder.

"The bidding I will offer is Luna Everdeen. The former successor of Everdeen Group. However, because of the mishap that happened to her—she has been left with nothing." The auctioneer hit the gavel before he continued, "The bidding starts now!"

"What calamity befell her?"

After the man's question, the noise died away.

"Sorry, Mr. Raymond, but I can't tell you anything about the "item" because only the person who can buy "it" will know. The contract specifies it. You can ask her if you're the lucky one who gets her."

"All right! $100,000 for her," he replied and shrugged.

"Oh no, Raymond. That kind of smoothness is suitable for my bed. I want to hear her moan and groan every night. $400,000 for those round breasts."

Because of what the second man said, everyone laughed.

I'm unsure where I'll place the humiliation or how I'll cope since all I want to do is run and hide. The bidding continued to rise until it hit $1,500,000, and the last bidder was an obese old guy.

'Do you mean I'm going to him? Destiny has been too harsh to me.' The realization strikes me.

"I'M NOW CLOSING THE BIDDING. GOING ONCE! GOING TWICE! SOL—" The auctioneer did not finish his line when a man stood up.

I was drawn to him by the perfection of his face and body. He is dressed dashingly and cleanly in a tuxedo suit and a regular brown haircut. The emerald eyes that seemed to be enticing you, the lovely pink lips that didn't seem to be wearing anything. Add his razor-sharp nose and sexy body, which many ladies may fantasize about.

"$2,000,000." That's all he said, turned around, and left. He left everyone's mouths, and jaws dropped.



When they took me behind the curtain, my eyes searched for the man who had bought me. I've moved my hand and foot faster to speed up the release to the chain that binds me. However, the bald man with the key grabbed my hand and legs. He licked his lip and softly massaged it. My hair stood on end because of what he did.

"Oh, honey! You're beautiful and seductive! If I had the money, I'd buy you and put my cock in your mouth, and..." He halted and stared at the sensitive area of my body covered with lingerie. The two men in the rear who were in charge of the curtain-opening laughed.

“Hey there! You’ve been doing it for a lifetime now! Can’t you still unlock that?!” A man shouted and flung a white T-shirt and denim shorts on the ground. He tilted his head to peek at me because the bald man blocked his way.

“Tsk! I intended to steal you and take you home. I’ll make you tired every day. Your whimper and moans will upset my neighbors,” he whispered and stuck out his tongue like a mad dog. While I hate what he blabbers, he seems to enjoy what comes out of his mouth.

“It’s almost over!” He gathered the clothes on the floor and dragged me back to where I had changed clothes with the other women earlier. “I’ll take her to the girls’ room first so that she can change!”

He grinned as he glanced at me. I already know what this bald man planned to do.

“Hurry, since the person who bought her is already waiting. Perhaps, he’ll buy your life when he’s tired of waiting!”

The three men laughed loudly and fled, while the person who harassed me now appeared terrified by his companion’s joke.

He pushed me hard when I lost sight of the men with him. The women here before have either left or were already in line. I’m not sure I’ll be grateful that I was the first to be shown at the auction since the man who purchased me appears respectable.

If I am not sold tonight, they will leave me here and have to wait until the next auction. It’s heartbreaking for the ladies who will remain since those who work here harass them. That was told to me by a woman who has been here for a long time. That’s how it is, and she’s gotten used to it. Because I could not pay my debts, the debt collector brought me here.

The man leaned his face towards mine, and I could smell his foul breath immediately. His teeth were rotten. He unlocked his belt and unzipped the zipper.

I didn’t move and stared at his dick as if it were the size of my pinky finger.

I want to puke and laugh.


When he unlocked the chain, with speed movement, I kicked him on a sensitive area of his body. He yelled at what I did, so I took the clothes he was holding from his grasp and rushed away.

I was putting on the T-shirt I stole while running since it embarrassed me that I looked like this. In my haste to escape, I bumped into something.

The man who "bought" me!

Even if the word “buy” isn’t pleasant to hear, I can’t do anything since it’s the reality.

“Why are you here? I already paid for you." He coldly said.

I chased my breath first before I answered. "Y-Yes. That's why I'm here?"

I didn't say to him that I had just escaped from that bald man and I just accidentally saw him.

"I didn't ask you to come to me, didn't I?"


I couldn’t understand what he tried to convey. Isn’t he here looking for a woman to be his sex slave?

“I'm not interested in you." He walked by me, and a personal guard approached.

“Where would you like me to take you, Miss?”


The driver dropped me off on a busy road and left. It’s about to get dark again, and I’m not sure where I will sleep, whether on the road or the street yard.

When I wandered through the enormous buildings, I slipped my hand into the pocket of the black jacket the guard had given me as I kicked the rock and moved along the side of the road.

There, I found something that was hard and rectangular.

It was a business card.

I scanned it to search for the owner or the company's name but could not see anything.

I looked at the back and noticed that there was something to it. I initially thought the guard had missed it, but when I read what was inscribed on the back, I realized it was for me.

"If you desire anything for me, find me in this place."

Chapter 2

Luna's Point of View

After I read the card, I threw it away. He was kind enough to help me out and give me a chance to get out of that auction hell. However, I'm scared that perhaps he was like that insane debt collector.

They will make you think they're nice and want to help you, but later on, they will get more— including your whole life and body.

I kicked the rock once more, and it rolled. My stomach growled as I took a deep breath.

'It would have been nice if I had some money left from what I owed to the debt collector.'


I quickly rummaged through the jacket, hoping to find money, but I found nothing. Something shone on the coat just as I was about to give up.

As I looked, the light had gone out. I took off my jacket to get a better look at it. I waited three minutes for it to light up again, but nothing happened. I would have worn the coat again if I had just not heard a ring. I paused to listen more. Sl


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