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. “I’m offering you a contract Miana, to sleep with me for one year. It would make sense if we got married. Of course, I would still have s*x with whatever woman I want, but you – no man is allowed to touch you, or I would kill him. You belong to me.” This should be easy, I should just sign the contract, stay with him for one year, then leave, but what I didn’t bargain for is the ruthless billionaire, Vernon Gage finding out my secret – and making me fall in love with him. When Miana has a one night stand with a ruthless billionaire, and then gets pregnant for him, she does not expect her one year old baby to develop a medical condition that needs a million dollars to treat. She does not also expect to be offered a contract marriage to the same billionaire. With the contract signed, Miana must try at all costs to hide her son from her sons father, the ruthless billionaire, Vernon Gage... and she must also make sure she does not fall in love.

Chapter 1


I drew in a deep breath and tried to push it out through my mouth, but my lungs just weren't cooperating. I felt like a fog was closing in on me, numbing my senses – drugged! Somewhere at the back of my mind, my brain warned me that I had been drugged. The shot Angel offered me! I pushed my way through the throng of dancing bodies, whining and grinding to the music, and tried to find the bathroom, only instead, I got lost. With the last of my strength, I pushed open a door I thought led to the bathroom, only it led instead to an expensive-looking, dimly lit room – a dimly lit room that was occupied. My mouth formed an 'O' as I blinked in shock at what I saw in front of me. There was a man sitting on the bed. I couldn't see much of him apart from his muscled arms and the tattoos that lined them. A naked woman was sitting on his lap. I felt my heart slam hard against my breast at what both of them were doing. My clothes suddenly felt too hot, and I tugged at it, trying to take it off – what was wrong with me! The man on the bed raised his head, slamming me with his penetrating grey eyes, and taking the remainder of my breath away. "Well, close the f*ck*ng door and walk off, b*tch," he said calmly, but I could see the anger in his eyes. I wanted to close the door and run, keep running until I got home, far away from this awful party, but my legs could not seem to move; instead, I stood gaping there like a complete moron. His eyes scanned me from head to toe, making my already hot pulse burn. "On second thoughts, I think I'd have you instead." I took a deep breath, wetting my bottom lip with the tip of my tongue. "Have me – you mean naked like – like that wo – woman –" "Yes," he answered impatiently. "Get over here." I stood transfixed at the spot I was, while my heart hammered hard against my breast. What had I gotten myself into! I remained standing there as he sent the other girl away. From the corner of my eye, I watched her snatch her clothes and leave, squeezing herself past me; then it was just he and I left. He stood up then, and walked up to meet me, a smirk playing at the corner of his mouth. "Come here, pretty thing." I trembled as he hooked a hand behind my waist and effortlessly drew me to himself, like I was a ragdoll. I wanted to fight him, to push him away, but my limbs refused to obey me. My body had turned traitor, obeying his will instead. I received a wave of shock hit me, as my body collided with his rock-hard form, then another shock hit me when he slowly turned my face up, and pressed his lips to mine. I drew in a ragged breath, trying desperately to breathe, but I was failing at it. My heart skipped several beats, and then hammered against my chest. I gasped, then whimpered. This was my first kiss. The first time I was going to get kissed was by an unknown Greek god of a man, at a party after I had been drugged. My eyes filled with tears, even as his lips teased mine. His lips felt warm, and firm – and possessive. I whimpered as he bit down on my bottom lip, then s*ck*d it into his mouth. An unexplainable heat started from the pit of my belly and spread all over, and I finally stopped fighting my body's response to him and let myself melt against the male hardness of his big body. As abruptly as he had started kissing me, he suddenly let go of me. His green eyes searched mine. "Why do you kiss so f*ck*ng awfully – are you a f*ck*ng virgin?" He did a double take, and when I dared to look into his eyes, there was a look of utter surprise in them. "F*ck!" He muttered in surprise. My cheeks heated in embarrassment, as tears once again filled my eyes. Unable to keep staring into his eyes, I shifted my gaze, staring at the floor instead. He hooked a thumb under my chin, forcing me to look into his powerful eyes. His eyes mocked my innocence. "You've come a long way from your comfort zone, little virgin. We're about to change your status." His lips took mine then fiercely, with a savagery that hurt. I whimpered and tried feebly to push him away. I wanted to tell him how scared I was, that I had been drugged, that I was not willing to change my status just yet. I wanted to wait for a man that would love and cherish me. My virginity was a gift I wanted to give to my true love, but – when I opened my mouth, only whimpers and moans escaped my lips. In any case, I did not think he would have listened to me if I tried to stop him. This did not seem like a man that would let anything stop him from getting what he wanted. As though in a trance, I surrendered to his experience, allowing him to bring my body over the edge. Then, just as he was about to make me his, I pleaded. "At least tell me your name." "Vernon," he said, finally taking me. "Vernon Gage." And I was a virgin no more. Sometime later, I woke up to find my body tangled up in his. I was still naked, but he had on his clothes – clothes that he hadn't taken off the whole time we 'made love.' My body still felt sore from our actions earlier on, and my heart hurt – like someone had taken something hard and smashed it into a million pieces. My cheeks were stiff with tears. I must have been crying in my sleep. "No … d*mn no!" I turned to find Vernon's hand trashing at the bed beside me. That must have been what woke me up. His handsome, once-powerful-looking face looked bleak now, tortured, his eyes squeezed shut as if he was trying to push off a horrible memory – a horrible memory that didn't want to leave him. He was having a nightmare! Without thinking, I gathered his powerful body in my arms, murmuring words of comfort, and plastering inexperienced kisses on his face. I held him close, trying to draw out some more of the terror he was obviously facing, to offer comfort as best as I could. His breathing calmed, and his hand stilled on the bedsheet. My breath hitched as his eyes opened, pinning me with his unreadable grey eyes. "You," he said simply, then he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. When I woke the next morning, Vernon was nowhere to be found. There was a note by the bed telling me I had until eight o'clock to pick up my stuff and leave, or I was going to be thrown out of his house. Two weeks later, my period was late. I took a test and found out I was pregnant.

Chapter 2


I shut my laptop and stared at the time. It was already five o'clock. Time to call it a day. I was the CEO of Gage Group of companies, a company I had inherited as a mere block of shops from my father after he died. Now, it was among the top three highest-grossing companies in the country. I was rich, powerful, and a lot of ladies would claim, good looking, and also a ruthless player. "Hi Vernon. Your calendar is free for the day," Kate, my secretary, poked her blond head in to announce. She always did that at the end of the day, when she sensed I was about to leave. "Thanks, Katie," I offered a smile. She was good at her job – and she was also hot. If I were the kind that mixed work with pleasure, I would have had a few encounters with her – then I would have probably gotten tired of her and kicked her out. It was almost impossible for a woman to keep my attention after a few encoun


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