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She mend my heart

She mend my heart

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I walked to my boss's house, gripping my abdomen. In pain!  I could barely walk. My whole body was aching in pain. Immediately I entered the sitting room, I saw him walking around the house with an anxious expression. "Sir!"  I called to him with a sobbing voice. He immediately turned in my direction, widening his eyes in surprise as he quickly dashed towards me like a flash. "What!.. what the hell happened to you!?" He couldn't help but shout the question at me. My eye began to water again with tears! "It's my ex-boyfriend; he raped me!" I blurted it out in tears. "What!  Your ex-boyfriend raped you! How dare he do that to you! And besides, why are you still seeing him if he is your ex?" He questioned me in confusion and I bow my head down, not knowing how to explain to him. "Holy sh*t, your arm is bleeding," he said and quickly picked me up from the floor in princess style. I was surprised at his action. I never thought my cold boss would be this caring. On our way to the room, he quickly called his butler to get a doctor! I was about to protest against it because it was already past 1, but before I could even say a word, He stared coldly at me, stating I should stop murmuring. ___&&&____ "She mend my heart" is a story about a young lady who fell hard for her heartbroken CEO/Boss

Chapter 1 Love at first sight!

essy POV

I woke up very early, which was unusual for a sleeping log like me. Well, I had to wake up early.

After many years of searching for a job, I finally got one.

I quickly freshened up, did my morning routine, and got set for my new job. 

I went downstairs and greeted my mom and grandparents. My father is dead, so I just have these three wonderful people in my life.

After seeking their blessings, I ate breakfast and quickly took a cab to my new working place.

A few minutes later...

I arrived at Golden Empire, which happens to be the company where I will be working from now on.

I opened my mouth in awe, seeing the beautiful structure of the company.

"Huh! This company indeed has some good taste," I muttered to myself as I walked into the building.

An hour later...

I walked into the company's receptionist's cubicle and explained to her my reasons for coming.

She gestured to a seat nearby for me and gave me a form to fill out.

After some time, my personal information procedures were completed, and I was allowed to go into my office.

Well, they granted me a job to be the personal assistant to the CEO of the company instead; at first, I was very disappointed at the post I was given because I applied for the post of a manager, not a personal assistant. But because I don't have a choice for now, I had to accept it.

I followed the agent whom was assigned to give me details about my job. She showed me an open office at the corner of the CEO's office, and she instructed me to clean the boss's office before he arrives.

I was so annoyed, but I decided to accept my fate; besides, being the whatever Boss assistant will mean I'm like his personal puppet, so I swallowed my pride and began my new task.

After cleaning the office, I moved on to arranging the files that were scattered all over the desk.

A few minutes later...

All of a sudden, I heard the sound of the office door opening. I immediately turned, and my eyes met those of a young, handsome man.

I was drowning in a world of admiration when suddenly the man beside him spoke, and then reality hit me about who the young man is.

"Boss, she is your new assistant," a young man said while pointing his finger at me.

"What!"   I widen my eyes in surprise.

How could this young man be the CEO of this company? I was still in my world of wonders when suddenly his cold look jolted me back to reality.

"Huh!  Goo!   "Good morning, sir," I said, stammering in nervousness.

"Hmm!  "So what is your name?" he asked and then started walking around me like a detective probing a suspect.

I quickly put on a professional smile and responded to him with respect.

"My name is Jessy Smith, and I am 24 years old, sir." 

"Hmm, I see," he said, as he decreased the space between us, he stared directly into my eyes as if he were trying to burn them with his look.

"So are you not ashamed of yourself?" I am 25 years old and a proud CEO! But what are you!? "You are just a mere assistant, right?" He said it in a teasing tone.

"Gosh!  "This guy is fucking arrogant; must he remind me of not achieving something worthwhile in my life?" I muttered to myself in regret.

"I saw you looking at me, amazed! "Well I will not blame you; I just want to warn you—I don't tolerate any form of disrespectful act in my company," his voice rang coldly.

"If you want to work for me, then you better be ready to be your best in terms of behavior and your job," he stated coldly to me.

"Yes! Yes, sir!" I stammered due to nervousness and the fear of losing my job.

"I will do my best, sir, and I promise not to misbehave or be lazy about my duties," I quickly commented.

He nodded his head and went to sit in his chair.

"You can go now. I guess they have already given you the files you are to work on, and beside, I need it for the meeting I'm going to be attending in an hour from now."

"Yes, sir! I will quickly round it up and bring it, sir," I quickly said in a respectful tone.

He gestured for me to leave. I walk out of the office immediately. "ooops!!  That was hell! I muttered to myself.

"Gosh, this company is a beauty with a hellish atmosphere. But it cool though That young CEO is just too handsome.""

I said and smiled while thinking about him, and then his handsome face flashed in my mind, and I started to blush hard.

"Huh!  Jessy  What's wrong with you?" I scolded myself and went back to my office and started working on the files.

"Ooh goddess!" I smiled seeing the equations on the files; I indeed miss school days. I thought about my high school life, and I smiled and went back to work.


After more than 30 minutes of working on the files, they were finally ready. I packaged it back into the file case and went back to the CEO's office.

I knocked on the door several times, but no response came. I decided to go in, thinking he might have fallen asleep.

I walked into the room, but to my surprise, he was sitting on his seat quietly and was staring at a certain photo with his eyes visibly red.

If my guess is correct, he might have been crying! I felt emotional and walked closer to him.

I don't even know what came over me, but all I know is that he needs someone to help him let go of whatever he was depressed about.

I hugged him immediately and started patting his back.

"Don't worry, sir; it will be fine. Please don't allow these silly things to break you down." I said to him, while caressing his back, for him to calm down.

To my surprise, he hugged me back and buried his head on my chest. I could feel tears dripping on my shirt.

I felt broken, and I wanted to help him let go of whatever might be eating him up. I felt like sharing his pain, but why?

Chapter 2 Strange feeling

I know it sounds stupid because I merely know this man, but I can't stop myself from drowning closer to him. I felt he was like a lost child that needed the warmth of someone.


We were like that, cuddling and crying with each other for some minutes, when suddenly I heard a knock at the door.

I quickly jolted away from him and stood up straight like a professional employee.

The manager came in and was informing him about some new business plans. I could tell from his reaction that he was not really paying attention, so I decided to intervene in their conversation.

"Hmm, Mr. Parker, don't you see the boss is not really in the mood for this?" "I think you should come back later instead. Besides, it is my duty to also take care of his health," I added, trying not to make my statement look personal.

"Ooh!"   He muttered and observed the boss for a while.

"Okay then, I will come back tomorrow


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