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Shared:A Collection of Eroticas

Shared:A Collection of Eroticas

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A collection of Eroticas. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead or places, events or locations is purely coincidental. The characters are all productions of the authors imagination. Please not that this work is intended for adults over the age of 18 and all characters represented are 18 or over. Everything was going smoothly until I heard him say… “Strip” I was confused. What was he talking about? “That is why you should read contracts. You thought I was going to pay you so much for just pretending?” He paused and laughed. I had only been with one man all my life and I was scared.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Max had just finished college. She lived with her mother’s family because she lost her father during college and her mother was not willing to take care of her. Apparently, she had her own life.

Max wanted to fill that void in her life, she needed someone who would take care of her and listen to her.

“The bakery is opening today,” Her friend José spoke.

Max was excited, this was her first major project since she finished college.

“We still need customers. No one is ever willing to come to a new place. We will do a free promo tomorrow, so they can taste our pastries,” Max spoke and place the chairs where she saw fit.

She looked at her friend.

“Thank you for supporting me, José. I could not have done all this without you,” She smiled.

“Of course, I already know,” She smiled.

They sat down and picked a cake from the show glass.

“Since no one is coming anyway,” Max laughed.

“What about Dan? Have you guys broken up? You have not been talking about him, I figured out something was up,” She replied.

Max put a large piece of cake in her mouth.

“Dan was a dick, he could not do what I wanted him to. I needed to take care of my mental health but he made it worse. I cannot be taking care of myself and another irrelevant person too,” Max grunted.

The door bell rang.

Max and José looked at each other.

“Did you just hear that,” Max smiled widely.

A man walked through the door, he was dressed in a suit, he looked like a body guard.

“My boss wants to eat here. He likes quiet places and this place is perfect,” The man spoke.

Max got up and cleared the table she was sitting.

“Of course. What does he want?” She asked.

“When he comes he will place his order by himself,” He spoke and went out.

Max and José jumped up and down. They were over excited, they could take photos and post on social media to create more awareness.

“Welcome,” The girls greeted when the man came in.

José had a shocked look on her face.

“José please do not start it with your ridiculous look. Please act normal before you freak him out,” Max smiled awkwardly and pushed José forward to take his order.

Max looked at the customer. He was handsome, very handsome and he wore a tapered suit.

“I will take an iced coffee and do you have any pastry special?” He asked with a strong accent.

It clicked Max, he had a strong British accent.

José came in with the order.

“Do you not know him?” She could not settle her excitement.

“Am I supposed to? What did he order?” Max asked.

José sighed.

“Iced coffee and any special pastry. He is British so I’m thinking apple crumble and cinnamon rolls,” José suggested.

Max started getting it ready.

“I will give him churros and brownies as extras. I really need to take a picture for publicity,” She smiled and hurried.

José served him.

“I did not order this,” The man spoke.

“It’s on the house. Please enjoy” She replied and left.

José met Max trying to take his picture.

“Do you think it is wise to take of picture of him?” She asked him.

Max sighed.

“This is America. We have rights,” She smiled and took the picture.

She uploaded it to her instagram page and tagged her friends.

Comments were entering her phone just five minutes later.

She read through it.

“Is this Prince Archie?” One of her college mates comment under her post and shared it.

“What is he doing in America?” Another commented.

“Where is this place?” The comments kept coming.

Max sat down and sighed.

“I’m doomed,” She said as she searched for Prince Archie’s instagram handle and it was really him.

Archie looked outside, there were so many people waiting to go in. Luckily, the doors are windows of the cafe were tinted.

“We are in trouble,” Max panicked.

Archie’s bodyguard showed him the post she made.

“Your highness, the girl leaked our location,” He said.

Archie sighed and cleaned his mouth.

“That is what we get from eating at a lowly place,” He spoke with disgust.

Max over heard him and was very angry.

“Lowly place? To think I wanted to apologize! I did not know who you were, I would not have taken pictures if I knew,” She shouted.

Archie laughed.

“Is this the best you can do? You pulled a publicity stunt and now you resort to lying? You wanted more customers and you have gotten it,” He said calmly.

José shook her head, she knew what Max was going to next, she was trying her best to stop her.

Max took a deep breath in.

“Your bill is $250. Including the other ones I wanted to give you for free. I changed my mind,” Max spoke.

Archie counted hundred dollar bills and threw it on her.

“No, Max Don’t do it,” José shouted.

She knew her friend so well.

Max carried the coffee and pour it on his face.

“That’s for being such a disrespectful prick. I do not need your money,” She shouted.

Archie’s bodyguard was about to take action but Archie did not let him. He never used violence on women.

“My lawyer will contact you soon,” He spoke and walked out.

Max was devastated, yes she wanted customers but she would never do so at somebody's expense. José try to warn her but she did not listen. She honestly did not know Archie was an important figure, now she was regretting her actions.

“This is America, even if he wants to sue you, many charges will not be laid,” José spoke.

The next few days were quiet, no word from Archie. She was beginning to feel optimistic.

José was out of town so she has to mange the restaurant by herself.

She was not going to lie, uploading Archie’s pictures had boosted sales in the cafe.

“One milkshake and fries please,” She heard a familiar voice.

She stepped back a bit.

“What are you doing here, Dan?” She asked him.

It was already closing hours and she was tidying up.

“You thought you could run away from me!” He said grabbing her hand.

He kissed her neck and pulled up her skirt.

“Dan! What are you doing? This is unacceptable!” She screamed.

Dan laughed and lean her chest towards the counter.

“At least you should have left me with a goodbye sex, you ungrateful bitch!” He hit her.

Max shouted and struggled but she had a smallish nature and she was not that strong.

She prayed silently for someone to help her. Dan was always a dick. He used to be nice when she met him but all of sudden started becoming very violent.

“What is going on here?” She turned to see Archie.

Archie punched Dan and threw him across the cafe.

“Is this how you treat a lady?” Archie was angry.

“You better leave before I get angry! This is none of your business. It is between me and Max,” Dan shouted.

Archie put his jacket over Max’s shoulders.

“She told me she has nothing to do with you. You better get lost before I hand you over to the authorities,” Archie told him and motioned to his security to take her out.

Archie looked at Max.

“You had a wide mouth when you were talking about me and now you are so quiet,” He brought a chair for her to sit.

Max broke down and cried.

Archie was sorry for her, no woman should have to pass through to something like this. He handed her his handkerchief.

“I am sorry for leaking your location, the other day. I had no idea who you were,” Max apologized.

Archie laughed.

“You are not talking me out. I brought my lawyer here, he is going to finalize the issue,” He said and his lawyer came in.

She sat patiently, trying not to fumble and desperately wished José was here with her.

“My client has filed a case on violation of privacy. He will be compensated with thirty million dollars if he wins the case but he has made an exception, and you will have to agree to the terms of you do not have the money to pay for it,” The lawyer spoke.

Max laughed.

“What is this? You know very well that I will not be able to pay thirty million box. What do you what from me?” She asked him.

He laughed.

“You are the daughter of Late Maxwell George, right?” He asked.

Max face turned grey.

“What do you want from me?”She asked him.

Archie sat down.

“Well at first, I wanted nothing but I did my homework and found out who you were. Your father was the person who made my mother loose face and now you have to pay on his behalf,” He explained.

Max got up and pulled off the jacket that was on her shoulder.

“I studied Law, so I am very much aware of my rights. You cannot do what you want,” She replied.

Archie laughed.

“I can do what I want. I am the son of the king of England. Does that ring a bell?” He asked her.

Max cried.

“You are one of them. I expected nothing less,” She said and signed the documents without reading.

“Do you know what you just signed?” He asked her.

“Does it make a difference?”She asked.

Archie laughed.

“I will wait for you in the car. Tidy up and come meet me. George will wait here with you to make sure you do not go anywhere,” Archie smiled and went outside.

Archie was excited. His main reason for coming America was to meet Max. Even though her father was the lawyer who ruined his mother’s life, he had gotten very interested in his then fourteen year old daughter.

Now Max was twenty-one and she had grown into a beautiful woman. He followed up her life and made sure she never lacked anything. It was now time to claim her.

Max finished up and went to his car. She sat down beside him and was quiet all through the ride.

She entered his pent house, she was amazed. She wondered if this was how all royalties lived. The house was beautiful.

“What do you want from me?”She asked him.

“You would have known if you even tried to read the contract?” He told him.

She looked at him and glanced through the contract.

“You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?”She asked him.

Archie smiled.

“The pretend side is not fully pretentious because you will fulfill your duties to me as my girlfriend. It’s just for a month then you will be compensated with twenty million,” Be told her.

Her eyes widened .

“Twenty million?” She asked.

She could imagine what she would do with that money.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was not going to let it go.

She looked at him.

“What are the conditions?” She asked him.

“You will join me for meetings while I am in the US and take care of my sexual needs. You’ll stop working at the cafe for now, I don’t want people to gossip,” He said.

Max smiled.

“That is easy,” Max replied.

“Okay, I’ll show you to our room. The cook comes every day while the cleaner comes ever Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.” He told her.

Max was happy, with the money she was going to make, she would be able to retire herself and live the life she wanted.


I cannot imagine what I have signed up for. It’s one thing, Accept his terms or go to jail. I really had no idea who he was.

José was not in town and I had no idea on what I should I done.

His house was amazing, but I already started agreeing to the fact that I had picked the right option.

How bad could it be? I was to pretend and my acting skills were second to none.

I was even going to be paid too.

Everything was going smoothly until I heard him say…


I was confused.

What was he talking about?

“That is why you should read contracts. You thought I was going to pay you so much for just pretending?”

He paused and laughed. I had only been with one man all my life and I was scared.

Did he not have shame? Dan was about to rape me hours ago, did he not have sympathy or decency?

“I do not want to repeat myself. Strip. I can terminate the contract and then you will have to pay me for the damages,” He told me.

“Sir. I cannot sleep with you,” I shouted. “ I have not made love to any other person except Dan before,” I told him clearly.

“I am not making love to you, it’s just sex and you’re not a virgin, Maxine.” He replied.

I was hurt.

I pulled my shirt off and tried to hide my boobs. Thank goodness I decided to wear a bra today.

“Pull everything out,” He told me.

I nodded and proceeded. I pulled my shorts and the rest of my underwear.

I tried to hide my naked body but he pulled me to him and made me sit on his lap.

He ran his hand on my lap and reached my thigh.

The sensation is amazing, awakening parts of my body that really should be asleep right now. He nudges my legs

open a little so he has more room, and my pussy flushes hot in a second.

What is my body doing? This

is crazy. Archie is doing this against my will and I am getting turned on?

"Try to relax." he says softly.

Does he know how this is

making me feel? For a second I

wish he'd move his hands higher.

I wish he'd lean forward and kiss

my lips with his gorgeous mouth.

He continues his ministrations, the press of his

fingers coming tantalizingly close to the top of my thigh and I stifle a sigh. Oh god.

This feels too good.

I come to my senses, he is watching me. My cheeks are red with shame.

I'm trapped in the intensity of his gaze and the electricity between us sends a shiver up my spine.

“There is no shame in what we are doing. We are adults,” He tells me.

My hand seems to move of

its own volition and gently touches his fingers. His eyes flick down, and his chest heaves.

Then, before I have a chance to

think an more about how wrong

this is, how stupid, his lips are on


My heart surges at the kiss.

It's slow and sensual for a

second, but then it's as though everything between us ignites.

He feels so good, the slide of his

tongue against mine so explicit it

makes me moan.

Archie’s hand finds my breast and squeezes with the perfect

amount of pressure, his

thumb easily finds the bump of

my nipple and gently strokes it.

Oh god. He's really good at that.

Really good. I don't know what

to concentrate on; the delicious

slide of his tongue or the

pressure of that thumb. I want to moan but I'm so conscious of what we're doing and how fast it is.

He smiles at me, impressed. He stands up and pulls his own clothes off too, making me watch.

His body is very hot, chiseled and tanned. I wonder if British royals are allowed to. His whole body is tattooed.

“Like what you see?” He asked me.

I nodded stupidly forgetting all that happened.

He chuckled.

He pushes me back on the bed and spread my legs.

“Archie,” I gasp as his mouth touches my pussy.

No one had eaten me out before.

I lay back, taking a deep breath and try to let the tension leave my body. I let my legs go slack and it's then that Archie takes his first lick. Oh.

The sensation is toe curling.

It's gentle; tiny little flicks that set all my nerve endings on fire.

My hips rise, seeking more and

he places his hand on my stomach to still me.

"Slowly," he murmurs against

my pussy. There's no rushing


And he's right. There's no one

waiting on me. Nothing I need to

do today. No reason to hurry, so I

let him take his time.

"Please.." I gasp.

"Don't stop. Let me…” I try to say.

The best orgasm of my life.

He climbs over me and hold his large erected dick in his hand and a condom in the other hand.

“I’m on birth control,” I tell him.

He ignores me and wears the condom. His hand on my breast, his cock resting heavy against my pussy.

He's holding his cock, stroking it

slowly. Waiting for a reaction, waiting for me to beg him.

His legs nudge mine wider, the hardness of his cock grinding against my clit. I want to feel him push inside me but he 's still in no hurry.

"You feel good," he says,

squeezing my breast and leaning down to take my nipple into his mouth. He sucks gently at first, nibbling and flicking until I'm writhing.

"Now, Archie,” I say, not caring that I sound desperate.

The pressure of his dick at my entrance has my heart skipping.

He nudges inside me just a little and I gasp. His cock is so thick and the stretching so good that I open my legs wider, wanting him deeper. He enters me so slowly that I'm dripping by

the time he's all the way inside.

Dripping and quivering.

"Oh god,” I gasp as he takes

hold of my hands and holds them

above my head.

"You like a man to be in charge,” he says, nibbling on my


Archie starts to move and it's

slow and steady. He grips my wrists just tight enough that I can't let go and he's right. I do love feeling powerless. I love knowing he is completely in

control. It's when I feel safest.

He kisses my lips, sliding his

tongue over mine in the same rhythm as his cock and it's bliss to be so overwhelmed with sensation. I move my hips, grinding against him until I'm

panting. I didn't know sex could

be like this. I didn’t know it was

possible for me to feel frantic

and desperate.

I notice the swell of his cock too, the increased pace of his hips as he chases his pleasure. I feel my hips straining

for more contact because I’m

close: closer than I've ever been

to coming during penetrative sex.

"Fuck," Archie hisses. Your pussy feels so…”

I don't hear him finish his sentence. There's a loud moan that obliterates his words.

A loud moan coming from my

mouth. I'm coming. My mind seems to stop as my body takes over, going

completely rigid. He doesn’t

stop moving, his hips pounding

into me, his eyes squeezed tightly closed.

I watch his face as he comes, filled with pleasure, I realized then that I have met this man before.

I lay on the bed, his dick still in me, swelling more and getting bigger than it was before.

Archie turns me over and I arc my back. He enters me again, but with more pressure than before, fucking the hell out of me.

I try to use my hand to reduce the pressure but he captures them and holds them down, pressing all his dick into me and placing pressure on my stomach.

“I’ve waited for this for a long time , Maxine,” He whispered into my hear.

He woke up many times and fucked me even while I was sleeping.

Chapter 2: Ivy DeClair

I am Ivy, I am eighteen years old and I just started my first year in college. I have always been the weird kid, the one no one cares about, the one with no friends, the nobody.

What no one knows is that I was one of the most wanted girls in high school and even now.

At sixteen, I persuaded my parents to let me do a body work, I’m talking boobs and ass enlargement and they let me.

I have always been daddy’s girl, always getting what I want. Kennedy married my mom when I was seven and he has been there for me since then.

“Ivy, do you not want to go to school? You mother is not in town and you know what she will do if she finds out that you have not been going to school,” He said and served breakfast.

I have been celibate for a year now, with no form of intimacy.

Kennedy always had a banging body and his son who was my stepbrother was no different. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

I decided that it was time to get heated.

I wor


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