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Seeking My Mysterious Husband

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When Lilly's mother died, her father married again. She had never imagined that and her former best friend became her stepmother.Framed by her new stepmother, her cruel father sent her abroad when she was pregnant.Five years later, she took her baby home and vowed to trample on her cold father and scheming best friend.But she hadn't expected to turn around and meet the mysterious man, Stanley. He smiled evilly, "Darling, you can't escape in your life..."

Chapter 1 My Best Friend Becomes My Stepmother

Skargness was still brightly lit at four o'clock in the morning.

Lilly Morris, who had a sleepless night, looked out of the window emptily. 

The words of the doctor kept replaying in her mind.

"You are pregnant."

Lilly gritted her teeth and silently shed tears.

She could not recall what had happened that night a month ago. She could not even remember the man's face and voice. 

She could only remember him demanding from her again and again.

"Lilly Morris, open the door!"

In the midst of her daze, she heard a commotion outside her door. It was bright outside the window when Lilly opened her eyes.

"You disgraceful daughter! How dare you do such a thing!"

Before Lilly could react, her father had kicked open her door. 

Zak Morris stood at the head of the bed, his eyes scarlet. The report he held in his hand made a rustling sound.

Lilly, who had just woken up, looked a little innocent. She had no idea how she had offended her so-called "good father". 

"Zak, Lilly is still young. Tell her nicely. You don't need to get so furious.  Look, you're scaring her." Laura White coaxed Lilly's father softly.

Lilly scowled when she saw the two people she hated the most.

"Please get out!"

"How dare you ask me to get out?! Have you no shame?" Zak's face was as white as a pig's liver.

Lilly looked at the man whom she no longer recognized as her father, "What about you? You married my best friend less than a month after Mother died. Haha, a 20-year-old stepmother! If this news gets out, it will be the joke of the century." she retorted back coldly.


"You evil daughter!"

Zak gave Lilly a hard slap in the face.

Lilly stubbornly did not shed a tear. Instead, she glared at Zak like a provoked hedgehog, "Beat me to death if you dare. That way, people will finally see your true colours!"

She resented the man in front of her because he destroyed her originally happy life and made her a laughing stock.

Zak raised his hand again at Lilly's words, but Laura stopped him,

"Lilly is pregnant now. You can't hit her like this."

Lilly looked up at Laura in shock.

How could Laura know that she was pregnant? She had just gone to the hospital for a check-up yesterday.

"You really are your mother's daughter!" Zak angrily threw the report at Lilly's face and left the room.

Only Lilly and Laura were left in the room.

"Lilly, what happened? Who is the father of the child?"

Laura looked like a loving mother, which made Lilly feel sick.

"My father has gone out. Stop pretending." Lilly replied icily. 

"Lilly, we're best friends. I really care about you." Laura looked very hurt.

She tried to hold Lilly's hand, but Lilly pushed her away.

"My best friend? Do you take me as the biggest fool?! My best friend becomes my stepmother. I'll be the laughingstock of the whole school!"

The scene from that day was imprinted in her mind, her best friend, Laura, and her father, Zak Morris, in bed together.

Every time she thought of it, she felt so disgusted that she wanted to vomit.

Chapter 2 Laura Is Pregnant

Laura did not try to coax her further when she saw how obstinate Lilly was.

She said directly, "Lilly, since such a thing happened to you, your father wants you to abort the baby, then go and study abroad."

Abort the baby? Study abroad?

Lilly sneered at Laura and said, "Why should the both of you get to decide my affairs?"

Laura smiled and placed her hand on her abdomen. "I'm pregnant. Your father doesn't want the child in my belly to be a disgrace like you."

Laura's words shattered Lilly's worldview again.

How could her father have a son at such an old age!

Lilly seemed to have a sudden revelation. She looked sharply at Laura. "Laura White, you arranged all this, didn't you?"

She had lost her virginity on the night of her 18th birthday.

As the only daughter of the Morris family, her birthday party was naturally grand and lively. People came and went, and the main mastermind behind all the events was Laura White.

It was as


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