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Seduced Into the Boss's Service

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"You can go f*ck yourself Hudson!" Annette yelled as she glared at him "You're already doing that, Goldilocks." Hudson said with a huge grin on his face. ****** Hudson McKenney is ruthless and cold, he has no feelings and might end up getting poisoned by one of his many female mistresses, but Hudson doesn't care. All he wanted was to live his life to the fullest until he meets Annette Zachary. Annette Zachary is slightly naive but loves her sister to death, and she would do anything for her even if she has to tango with the devil. Will she be able to get out of the relationship unscathed?

Chapter 1

Can't I just have a moment of peace for once in my life?" Annette grumbled as she picked up the phone, tucking her long, thick, golden curls behind her ears because her hair kept falling out of her ponytail and into her mouth, which was becoming very irritating.It was a cold Friday morning, and Annette had been working all day, seeing so many guests in the four hours since she arrived at work at 9:00 a.m. She'd been hoping to relax because she wasn't feeling well and was currently suffering from a headache, which made her day more miserable to be honest, and today wasn't supposed to be like this because it was the end of the week and she typically worked less on Fridays. "F*ck! I hate this job." She cursed as she hung up on another rude caller for the tenth time today, literally on the verge of pulling her out.Annette is a tall, slim, and exceptionally attractive young lady with magnificent golden locks that fell to her shoulders concealing her heart shaped face. She got her father's ocean blue eyes and Grecian nose and her mother's beauty and blazing hot temper.Sadly, they both died five months ago in a car accident caused by a drunk truck driver. Annette sometimes gets into her bed at night and cries herself to sleep because she misses them so terribly and wishes they would just show up one day at their front door and tell her it was all a cruel joke and they weren't truly gone.Before she could catch her breath, the phone rang again, prompting her to sigh and take a deep breath before picking up the phone from the landline and placing it close to her ear. "Good morning. This is the Hudson's Empire branch in New York. Please, how may I help you?""I'm Dr. Franklin Wayne from Blueville Company. I'd like to speak with Mr. Terence," a male voice stated over the phone."Of course, Dr. Wayne. Please give me a moment to check if he's available." Replied Annette. She messaged her boss and received a reply a few minutes later, indicating that he was in a meeting. She then returned to the call, saying, "I apologize, sir, but Mr. Terence is currently in a meeting. Could you please call back later?""Alright then. When would he be available? I mean, when can I expect him to be free?" Dr Wayne asked and Annette hesitated slightly before answering, unsure of the time he would be done."In about thirty minutes." Annette responded with uncertainty, her tone reflecting her doubts about whether he would actually be finished by then."Thirty minutes?" Dr. Wayne questioned."Yes, Dr. Wayne. Feel free to give him a call back in thirty minutes," Annette confirmed."Thank you," Dr. Wayne acknowledged before ending the call. Annette let out a sigh and jotted down his name on a sheet of paper to ensure she wouldn't forget.Muttering to herself, Annette organized her cluttered desk, ensuring the sticky note with Dr. Wayne's name was within her line of sight. She sighed, reflecting on her short time as a receptionist – a role she already despised. She had secured the job thanks to her father's friend, Mr. Terrence, who headed the New York branch. The allure of a generous monthly salary had prompted her quick application.Though four weeks had passed, Annette still struggled to grasp the ins and outs of her new role. Frustration mounted as she tirelessly handled incoming calls from clients, a far cry from her aspirations as a business analyst after graduating college the previous year. Memories of her recent struggles, working late hours at various bars for meager pay, served as a constant reminder of her limited options.After the unfortunate loss of her parents, amidst a series of challenges, she found herself compelled to seek help from Mr. Terrence, the Manager of Hudson's Empire for a job since her Job as a waitress wasn't paying well enough to pay the bills.As the hours ticked by, she remained focused on her tasks, driven by the anticipation of wrapping up early and enjoying a peaceful evening at home. The thought of relaxing in the comfort of her own space provided her with the motivation to push through the remaining work with determination.Annette glanced up from her task as the sound of the office door opening caught her attention. To her surprise, it was her friend George from the records department. Their eyes met, and he playfully winked, causing her frown to deepen "Hey there, angry bird!" George greeted cheerfully as he strolled over to her desk, seemingly oblivious to her current mood."Not now, George. I'm not in the mood, so please don't test me," Annette cautioned, her gaze returning to her computer screen. Aside from Jane, her closest friend, George was one of the few people she could connect with in this dismal workplace.He radiated immense warmth and served as a poignant reminder of Annette's late brother, Adam, who passed away when Annette was just ten, and he, twelve. Adam had been born with sickle cell anemia, and despite doctors' grim predictions, her parents devoted themselves to giving him the best life possible during his time. While George could never replace her brother, he certainly embodied similar qualities. For instance, George frequently took both Jane and Annette out for meals or movies at the cinema twice a week, becoming a true blessing in her life. She wouldn't trade his presence in her life for anything."Why does it seem like you're plotting to set this whole building ablaze?" George inquired, playfully flicking her forehead."Ouch! That hurt," Annette retorted, shooting him a stern look that only seemed to widen his mischievous grin."My apologies. I'll make it up to you by treating you to lunch today," he assured, striding past her table and vanishing into his cubicle, laughter trailing behind."You better not break that promise," she warned, ensuring her words reached him at his cubicle. Just as she was about to turn, a deep, resonant voice startled her from behind."Good morning," came a voice, sending a shiver down her spine.She spun around to face the unexpected visitor – a man clad in a sleek black three-piece suit. Despite his cold greeting, he made no effort to provide a proper introduction, simply striding past the receptionist's desk which caused Annette's irritation to flare at his arrogance. Who did he think he was? She thought to herself.Fueled by irritation, Annette rose to her feet, determined to prevent his intrusion into the conference room. "Excuse me, sir! You can't go in there," she called out, hot on the heels of the impolite stranger.Finally, he pivoted to meet her gaze, allowing Annette to appraise his demeanor. Towering at an impressive 6 feet 10 inches, he possessed a striking dark complexion and an arresting handsomeness. It was as if he had stepped out of the pages of a romance novel, too captivating to belong in reality.Annette was completely unaware that she had just let out a gasp as she shamelessly stared at the man. As her gaze met his, an intense, painful flutter surged in her stomach, while her blood surged through her veins in a frenzied torrent. The eyes that held her captive were a blend of dark and golden, their depths shrouded in mystery. They seemed to pierce her very soul, rendering her immobile. His commanding aura left her rooted to her spot, and her response came effortlessly, his captivating presence and stunning appearance enchanting her entirely leaving her too stunned to speak.He loomed above her, a commanding presence that drew her gaze inescapably. Despite the overpowering allure of his cologne, she resisted succumbing to teenage infatuation. Memories of college had taught her to guard her emotions, even if it meant stabbing herself rather than revealing her emotions.Annette scrutinized the intricate lines on his face, feeling the intensity of his dark golden eyes, before quickly averting her gaze from his tempting lips as her gaze fell on them. His hair was artfully gathered in a man bun, accentuating its impressive length, and delicate earrings adorned his ears. The curve of his lips sent unprofessional thoughts through her head as she continued to stare at him.Startled by her own thoughts, she was snapped back to reality, flushing with embarrassment as the realization that she had been staring for quite a while.Summoning her resolve, Annette collected herself, briefly diverting her gaze before lifting her head confidently to meet his eyes head-on. "Isn't it considered impolite to enter someone's office without an introduction?" she remarked, her voice unwavering. In reply, a hint of a smile tugged at his lips, a flicker of amusement in his gaze. "And what is so amusing?" she countered, arms crossing defensively. "I'm merely stating the facts; your manners appear to be deficient," she pointedly emphasized."Annette Zachary," he uttered, savoring her name as it slid off his tongue like warm butter, sending a shiver down her spine. She needed to regain her composure before she embarrassed herself further."Last I checked, that's still my name. Don't wear it out," she retorted, attempting to reclaim her dignity.A mischievous glint danced in his eyes as he replied, "You're quite entertaining, little one. While you were admiring me, I've been engaging in conversation with you for the past ten minutes." Annette's cheeks flushed crimson as she realized he had caught her staring. She really wished the ground could just open up and swallow her so she could be spared from the mortification of the moment."I apologize," Annette said, her hand tightening at her side. "It was rude of me to stare.""Oh, no need for apologies," he replied with a slight smirk. "I'm quite flattered. A beautiful woman like you taking her time to admire me is a pleasant surprise."Realizing her momentary distraction, the stranger's gaze lingered on Annette's golden hair, marveling at its beauty. He briefly contemplated how soft it might feel to the touch.Annette, regaining her composure, spoke firmly, "Sir, I'm still waiting for you to introduce yourself before I call security."He leaned in, a hint of challenge in his voice, "And if I choose not to introduce myself, Miss Zachary?"Without hesitation, Annette's resolve strengthened. "As I said, I will call security."A surge of irritation coursed through her veins as she turned to walk back to her table to make the call. But to her surprise, by the time she finished the call, the enigmatic man had vanished without a trace.Annette's mind raced as she settled into her seat, grappling with the impending job loss because of the mysterious disappearance of the man. Perhaps pretending the meeting never occurred was her best option, she reasoned silently.In her peripheral vision, she noticed a dark object on the floor where the man had been standing. A black business card lay there, piquing her curiosity. Unable to resist, she picked it up and examined it closely. The card bore the name of her boss who she had never met face to face and the company's owner—connecting the dots in her mind.No, it couldn't be true. He couldn't be her boss, she thought, her heart pounding. Memories of her mother's warnings about the perils of speaking without caution flooded her mind. Was this the kind of trouble her mother had foreseen? Annette berated herself for her recklessness, feeling a swirl of conflicting thoughts as she sank into her seat.Behind her, the sound of approaching footsteps caught her attention. It was Jane, her co-worker and closest friend. Jane had a habit of seeking out Annette during work hours, often armed with the latest rumors."Annette, you won't believe it, he is back– you've seen him right, haven't you? The CEO!" Jane whispered in amazement. His unexpected return after nearly half a year out of state had caught everyone off guard."The man who just entered?" Annette questioned, a quiver of anxiety in her voice."Yes, that's him! Why do you look so spooked? You're as white as a sheet," Jane asked, her forehead creasing in puzzlement."Oh, Jane! I've really messed up this time," Annette lamented, locking eyes with her friend whose expression was a mix of bewilderment. "I should've kept quiet, but instead, I just did as I pleased.""I'm lost, babe. What happened?" Jane asked, taking a seat on the desk."Jane, I'm almost certain I've lost my job," Annette replied, frustration evident as she ran her hands through her hair, releasing it from its ponytail. She gazed at her friend, her worry palpable. "He's probably going to fire me."An hour later, with Jane's calming words still echoing in her mind, Annette finally began to feel reassured. She returned to her office, leaving Annette alone with her thoughts. Lost in contemplation, Annette was jolted from her reverie by the sound of a throat clearing. She looked up and saw none other than the CEO—the man she had rudely threatened to call security on—standing before her.Her heart skipped a beat. This was the moment she had been dreading. The inevitable termination letter loomed large in her mind. Annette's eyes locked onto him as he approached her desk, but to her surprise, she found nothing in his hands.As he stood at her desk, his initial inquiry was, "How many clients have you repelled with that attitude?" However, the atmosphere shifted drastically from the playful one he had before. Now, an aura of superiority, ego, and unwavering power emanated from him. Despite this, she remained entirely unmoved, her own stubbornness matching his formidable strength."I'm sorry, Mr Hudson, allow me to explain," she interjected, raising her palm towards him.He knew she was a recent addition to the workforce, as none of his employees across any company branch had ever referred to him by name. The titles of 'CEO' and 'Boss' were their preferred modes of address, a distinction he actually preferred."I'm listening, Spitfire," he prompted, raising an eyebrow as he awaited her response.With her gaze averted from his, she addressed the situation in a calm tone even if she was far from calm, "I understand my role as a receptionist here, but the incident this morning isn't sufficient grounds for termination." She shook her head, her determination evident. "No, I mean, you could have been a potential threat so I reacted the way I thought was best." As she concluded, she looked up at him, attempting to gauge his thoughts, but his expression remained inscrutable.He remained silent, prompting Annette to find her voice again. "You can't dismiss me so abruptly, Mr. Hudson. This job is important to me, don't you see? I'm begging you please sir"Raising a sardonic brow, he said, "if I handed you a termination letter right now, there is nothing you can do, you're begging means nothing to me" His tone and expression suggested he found her concerns trivial. "First impressions matter, Miss Zachary. Unfortunately, you've already faltered."Annette's composure wavered as panic crept in. This job was very important to her, especially given the challenges she faced with raising her sister. To be able to provide for her and cover their expenses this job was her only hope, she can't be fired."You can't do this to me! I desperately need this job, I will do anything" she implored, her desperation evident."I see, how much are you being paid?" He asked his face devoid of emotions "Two thousand five hundred dollars," she replied, perplexed by his line of questioning. She had been employed for nearly a month; perhaps he intended to compensate her before her departure.Leaning in, he elaborated, "You see, I can triple that, along with a car and an apartment anywhere you choose. You wouldn't even have to work anymore." His eyes remained fixed on her, waiting for her reaction. He observed her astonishment, the dilation of her pupils as he spoke seeing if there was a chance she would accept his proposal.Annette's disbelief was palpable as she responded, "An apartment? A car? Excuse me, but what are you talking about?" She sensed an ulterior motive, something fishy beneath the surface.His eyes locked onto hers as he closed the distance between them, his cologne enveloping her. Her mind raced with thoughts as he approached. What was it about him that was so captivating?In a hushed tone, he leaned in, his thumb caressing her cheek. "I want you to be my companion," he whispered, his words sending shockwaves through her.Caught off guard, Annette stared at him, momentarily speechless. "I... I'm having trouble understanding your request, Mr. Hudson," she finally managed to say.He leaned in, a smirk playing on his lips. "Oh, come now, Miss Zachary. You're a smart woman. You know exactly what I'm suggesting."Annette's brows furrowed. "I am aware, but I must clarify that I am not involved in that line of work. I'm not an escort.""Let's be practical here. In this world, a woman like you needs to use all her assets to get ahead," he stated with an air of nonchalance.His words ignited a surge of anger within Annette. She held her ground. "I reject your proposition, sir. I won't compromise my integrity."His smile wavered for a moment, then he regained composure. "If you happen to change your mind about the job, my address is at your disposal, Annette Zachary. The decision is yours." With a swift glance at her name tag, he dropped a bombshell. "However, until then, consider yourself dismissed."Annette's heart sank as she watched him walk away. She sank into her chair, her mind racing. The gravity of the situation was overwhelming. How could she navigate this? And what about her sister?Jane's words echoed in her mind—she had warned Annette about the CEO's reputation. Now she understood why. The idea of flirting or becoming a pawn for the CEO was inconceivable. Her self-respect was non-negotiable. How could he even propose such an outrageous idea?

Chapter 2

"Excuse me, Annette, Mr Terrence is requesting your presence in his office." A voice interrupted Annette's thoughts as she stopped what she was doing. Lifting her gaze, she found Terrence's secretary standing there, a sense of urgency in her demeanor. Annette's pulse quickened; this summons was likely tied to her being fired by the CEO, because Mr Terrence hardly calls her to his office because he was a busy man"Why does he want to see me? Do you have an idea?" she inquired, her heart skipping a beat."I'm not sure honestly, but you'd better head over quickly. He's not in the best mood," the secretary replied before leaving abruptly, her demeanor always cold in her interactions with Annette, though the reason remained elusive."Just a moment," Annette called out, halting the secretary in her tracks. "Did he meet with the CEO recently?"The secretary arched an eyebrow,


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