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Scarlet Betrayal: Love and Deception in the Mafia's Embrace.

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'Am I in heaven?' I thought, but then, when has a stripper ever made it to heaven? I was sure I was on the passageway to hell. The thought of still being among the living was far from me, because I knew that was impossible.I opened my eyes slowly; everything was blurry at first, but I could see bright white lights. "I made heaven after all."My vision became clearer, and I saw Zach's face. 'Nope, I'm definitely in hell'."You are awake," he said."How am I alive?" Tears almost came out of my eyes."What were you thinking when you jumped into the river? You wanted to end your life." He asked."Yes, I did. Did you want to volunteer to help me?" I asked him, and he went mute."How did you find me?" I asked."I'm a f*ck*n ma..." he paused, and he didn't say anything else. I was currently lying on my bed.I really couldn't believe I was back to square 1 with this awful demon."Why...why did you save me?" I asked; he could have simply left me to face my death. "Because you are mine, you don't get to die until I say so, Papaya," he said.

Chapter 1

Los Angeles

"If you don't sleep with him, you'll lose your job for sure," the manager of Dynasty X yelled at one of his strippers."I won't do it," the stripper cried. The manager couldn't see her tears because her face was always hidden in a mask right from day one."You know you're nothing without this job; you're just a poor church rat." The manager yelled and left her there, and the girl stood there crying.

  Dynasty X was the most expensive and famous stripper club in Los Angeles. A lot of billionaires came there just to watch the strippers perform; some are even ready to go bankrupt because of the talented strippers they had. Out of the many strippers performing, Masked Vixen was everyone's favorite. She's always wearing face masks when performing, and each time she performs, the crowd goes wild. She was sexy in every way, and her body movements were so reckless. Some even empty their bank accounts when she's on stage. 

   Zach Reign is among the numerous men who found her intriguing. Zach Reign, the hottest and richest billionaire ever, is the talk of Los Angeles. He is the CEO of Zeign Corporation; he single-handedly built the company from scratch, turning it into the most successful company the world has ever known.

       His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reign, were billionaires as well; they were the CEOs of the Reign company. In a fatal accident, the couple died. Their deaths made him turn into a deadly mafia; he was the most feared of them all. The company was entrusted to Charleston Reign, Zach's elder brother, and Zach himself. 

However, he didn't want to have anything to do with it, so he created his own company, and after years, the Zeign corporations surpassed the Reign corporations. He always liked coming to the club because of Masked Vixen. Right from the day his best friend Zayn Miles brought him there, he has been a regular visitor to the place.

    Masked Vixen just finished her performance on stage, and the crowd was still wild because of her. The bitter truth was that no matter the amount of money that was rained on her, it was never hers to keep; it belonged to the company. They only pay her a small sum of money.  She changed back to her normal clothes and prepared to head home. She still had her mask on her face, and she only removed it when she got home. 

  She met her friend Ariel Winter lazing on her couch, and she rolled her eyes. Ariel had been her best friend right from the first day she stepped foot in America. Ariel was beautiful. She had silver-colored hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and heart-shaped lips. She was sexy, too. She also works at Dynasty X as a stripper. She's the one who introduced Brittany to the job.

     "You don't look sick," she said, rolling her eyes. Ariel had told the manager she was sick, and she was given a day off from work.  Ariel chuckled. "I'm sick for real." Ariel pouted childishly."Don't let Mr. Bricks catch you," she said, walking to her room. She removed the mask from her face, and her pretty face came to light. She was a black American.  

     On stage, she was popularly known as Masked Vixen, but now that she's at home and gets to live her normal life, she's Brittany Avocado. She's an orphan who was shipped from America to the orphanage in Persia years ago. Her experience there was very traumatic for her, but fortunately for her, she was able to escape to America. Ariel found her on the streets, and she has continued to help her ever since.

        Brittany was beautiful; she was below average height, and if sexiness was a person, then it did be her. She has been working in Dynasty X since she was 19, and now she's 22. Surviving had been hard, but she really gave it her all.

  She quickly had her bath and changed into her night robe. Tomorrow was going to be another busy day at the club. Sometimes she wished her life was normal, but not everyone was so privileged. She had to borrow money from loan sharks to meet up with her constant bills; her pay was never enough because it was always divided into two. This was because she refused to see the wealthy men who had offered millions to see her privately; she knew the private meeting wasn't just for chatting. She sighed and ran her hands through her long black hair. Ariel barged into her room and asked, "Are you overthinking again?" She asked while folding her arms and glaring at Brittany."I can't help it," Brittany sighed.

    "Everything is going to be alright; stop overthinking," Ariel said. That was Ariel for you; she always tried to be cheerful and optimistic, no matter the situation. Ariel walked over to Brittany and dragged her out of the room. “My Demon is on preview, let’s binge watch it together.” she squealed, and Brittany giggled. Both girls settled down to watch the movie.

Next day..

Zeign Corporations.

     Zach Reign sat in his luxurious office. He was typing furiously on his laptop when his best friend, Zayn Miles, came in." Yo!!" Zayn Miles screamed loudly. He was extremely tall; he had tinted purple hair that fell sideways, touching his temple; he wore a diamond earring on his left ear; he was handsome.  Zayn arrived with a bouquet of flowers in his hands."Who are the flowers for?" Without raising his head, Zach asked."For you, of course, since you're going to remain single till you die, I decided to at least bring your flowers to brighten up your dull life," Zayn smirked.

    "Who said I'm going to remain single till I die?" Zach rolled his eyes."Right, how could I forget?" Zayn asked himself. "If it’s for the Masked Vixen, just forget about it. She has refused a lot of men who offered to pay a huge sum just to see her. What makes you so special?" He scoffed.

   "Two words," Zach said, shutting his laptop close: "Zach Reign, I always get whatever I want, and it's not like you won't die single either.".Zayn fell on the plush couch. "I'm married to Charley," he replied as he brought out a revolver from his jacket. "My people have been working on this for ages now, and I'm certain if I aim right, I can shoot the president from where I'm sitting," Zayn smirked."Whatever," Zach rolled his eyes.

     He unwrapped a stick of tobacco and started smoking hard."I'm visiting Dynasty X today; are you coming?" Zayn asked."You know my answer already," Zach smirked. "You might just end up buying the club at this rate," Zayn chuckled.

Dynasty X Club..

  Zach and Zayn arrived at the club, and they were immediately shown to the VIP section. Different strippers were already on their poles, dancing seductively. Ariel was in the middle of the strippers, doing her dance like she had been practicing it right from when she was in her mother's womb. Her stage name was Snow, and thousands of dollars were already falling on her. 

    Zayn's eyes were fixed on her, though. "Snow," he whispered the name clearly written on her tag. The strippers danced for a few minutes before leaving the stage. 

After they left, the lights in the club dimmed, and the stage lights shone brightly on Brittany; she was the center of attention. She was wearing her sexy thongs, which only covered part of her boobs and a part of her ass. The music started playing softly, and she walked around the stripper pole seductively. When the music changed to fast beats, she bent low, her hands touching the floor, and she started shaking her large ass. The crowd went wild immediately, and started making it rain on her. She stood up and moved her slim waist around 360 degrees, mimicking the water challenge, making the crowds go even wilder. She danced for 15 more minutes before leaving the stage.

      Zach, who didn't blink for once throughout her performance, suddenly got up from the chair on which he was sitting."Where are you going?" Zayn asked him."I'm going out; don't wait for me," he said before walking out.

Nutjob," Zayn muttered.

  Zach kept following Masked Vixen stealthily, and he waited patiently for her to change. When he noticed she was about to head home, he quickly followed her. 

 She was casually dressed but still wore a nose mask to protect her identity whenever she was headed home. He followed her outside the club, and quickly grabbed her hands."Let me go," she softly spoke.

Can we talk?" Zach said, staring into her eyes."No," she replied, freeing herself from his grip and running away.

 In the process, her mask came off for a fleeting second, but she quickly adjusted it and continued running away. Zach watched her run; he had seen and memorized her face already. 

 It would have been very easy to have one of his men kidnap her and bring her to him, but he decided not to.   Brittany ran all the way home; she was breathing heavily when she got to her doorstep.

"What the hell is wrong with that guy?" She muttered. She entered her small apartment, took a bath, and quickly changed her clothes. She was making dinner in the kitchen when she heard someone knock on her door. She quickly went to open it. The mean face of a huge man welcomed her, and she swallowed her own saliva."Brittany Banana, or whatever you're called," his voice sounded rough.

  Brittany was literally shaking in fear; he was one of the loan sharks that needed their money."It's Brittany Avocado," she quivered. 

  "Believe me when I say I couldn't care less; I'm here to tell you that the time we gave you to repay our money has expired," he retorted.

   "I thought it was still next month." Brittany was on the verge of tears. "The deal changed; he needs his money by tomorrow. We don't care if you sell your pussycat to get the money; just get it, alright," he demanded before walking away.

Brittany broke into tears. What was she going to do now??

Next day at Dynasty X

    Brittany just finished one of her legendary performances on stage and immediately headed to the Manager’s office."What do you want now?" He harshly questioned.

From the look on his face, Brittany could tell he didn't want to have any conversations with her."I really need my salary today," Brittany nervously answered.

Mr Bricks was the manager of Dynasty X.

   “Alright," the manager replied and Brittany let out a breath in relief.  He counted some cash and handed it to her.  Brittany took it and quickly counted the money."Five thousand dollars?" Her voice cracked in shock as her throat fought back the pain. It wouldn't even pay up her loan which was up to 15 thousand dollars and she hasn't even started thinking about her upkeep."Is there a problem with it?" Mr. Bricks asked.

   "But my pay was supposed to be twenty thousand dollars," Brittany stated. "You expect me to pay you that sum after all the money you cost me?" He spoke with spite and anger , "Get out now!" He yelled, and Brittany ran away in tears.

 She was in a deserted corner crying when she felt someone tap her shoulders. His expensive cologne quickly hit her nose. She turned and saw an unfamiliar guy dressed in an expensive suit."Masked Vixen," he called in his rich voice. Brittany immediately started walking away from him.

Or does Brittany Avocado sound better to you?" He inquired with a cocky grin. Brittany stopped walking immediately and turned back. She was shocked that he knew her real name.

"What do you want?" She wiped her tears. She knew what they all wanted from her because they were all shameless.  "Let's make a deal," he smirked, locking his eyes with hers.

Chapter 2

Brittany was in the front seat of the unknown guy's car; he had insisted she follow him.

 "So what deal were you talking about?" Brittany urged. 

“I know you're poor and you're short of cash right now because the club barely pays you any reasonable amount of money," he spoke. "You don't have to tell me my life history; go straight to the point," Brittany scoffed.  "I have a job offer that's worth over 2 million dollars," he continued.

  Brittany almost had a heart attack. "2 million dollars?!!" She screamed, thankfully the car was soundproof, otherwise, the whole world might have heard her. It was a miracle his eardrums were still working.  " Yes"  he sniggered.

"Wait, who are you? What's your name?" Brittany frantically probed. The guy exhaled heavily. "My name is Klaus Salvador,



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