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Rebirth Of A Mafian Lord

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In this intriguing story of Lucas Delgado, a man whose life is marred by tragedy and deception, we dive into a world filled with dark secrets, ruthless criminals, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. His life takes a devastating turn when his father is murdered and his mother abandons him in front of the mansion of his father's killer, barely days old. Domingo Sanchez who adopts him becomes the only father he has known but is also his father’s murderer. Domingo names him Antonio and raises him alongside his son, Mateo, without realizing the true connection they share. Years pass, and Antonio meets and falls head for Serena Lopez. Fate, however, cruelly unveils a shocking revelation, Serena is the stepdaughter of his biological mother. When he comes face to face with his mother again, their lives are irrevocably turned upside down as long-hidden truths are unraveled. Antonio was torn between his truth and his love for the only father he had ever known. But destiny conspires against him, as Domingo discovers the truth about him and plots to kill him which forces him to run for his safety but he could not save the love of his life or his mother. Years later, Antonio returns, adopting the identity of his father, Lucas Delgado. He slowly wreaks havoc within the cartel, unleashing his wrath and dismantling its operations from the inside. The news of his brutality spread and all feared Lucas Delgado, this made him rise to the top as the respected Lord of the Mafians.

Chapter 1 - The Death Of Lucas Delgado

“Extend my regards to Sophia and ensure you rest well too because we have a long day tomorrow. I need you relaxed and ready because otherwise, our wives will bring our children to our graves. Okay?” Domingo asked Lucas as he stepped out of the car after they reached his mansion which he had inherited from his parents.

“Hahaha… Domingo, don’t joke with that please,” Lucas replied him. With a wave of his hand, he gestured for Lucas to get going.

Domingo and Lucas had been friends since childhood. Lucas’ father was the right-hand man of Domingo’s father and they had always spent a lot of time together. After their fathers were killed in a drug bust, Domingo took over as a young 18-year-old with Lucas by his side, just as he was with his father. Both their wives were heavily pregnant and due to be put to bed in a couple of months.

Lucas got into his Benz, opening the roof of it so that he could enjoy the cool breeze of the night as well as the stars. He had been thinking about the dangers of his line of work since his wife, Sophia informed him that she was pregnant with their child, and with the words of Domingo earlier in the night, his worry was validated.

He had many worries, most of which he could not voice. The drive home was longer than usual for him with his mind clouded with numerous thoughts. What would become of Sophia and the baby if he died tomorrow night? He had not even thought of a name for his child which was due in a couple of months. Will he get a chance to see his child grow in this line of work?

He took a deep breath as he arrived at his home which was about a 20 minutes drive from Domingo’s. He stepped out of his car, feeling like the weight of the dangerous world he lived in was on his broad shoulders. His wife was always a source of peace and rest whenever he returned from his demanding role as the right-hand man of Domingo Sanchez.

As he approached the building in the dimly lit streets outside their beautiful home, Lucas took a deep breath again to clear his mind before entering. He could not wait to get a warm hug from Sophia, she was home to him. Freeing him of the stress and troubles of the ruthless and dangerous world he lived in.

He quietly opened the front door, the soft echoes of the house enveloped him. He always longed for that scent of home that welcomed him every time he walked through the door. As he enters the living room, he sees Sophia, sleeping on the rocking chair with the TV on. She must have slept off while waiting for him to return. Her belly rounded with the promise of new life. She looked so innocent and fiercely beautiful as she lay peacefully in the sanctuary of their home.

He paused for a while, leaning on the entrance of the living room, enveloped by her peaceful countenance which made his worry which he had hidden all those months eat deeper at his soul. She deserved much more. It was his responsibility to keep her safe. He was going to be a father real soon, a child he may never get to see be born if things went south tomorrow night.

He had been married to the cartel for more years than he cared to admit, long before his father’s death more than 15 years ago. He had spent most of his time at the Sanchez mansion as a boy and still lives his days there. The realities of the dangerous world he had inherited and the darkness that had enveloped him never bothered him as much as they did at this very moment.

He stood there engrossed in the thought of the dangers his innocent child would face if he was born under the shadow of the cartel. He did not want his child to live the kind of life he did, nor did he want his wife to be haunted by his every departure. Not knowing if he would return home to them.

Tonight, as he stood there on the precipice of fatherhood and the vows he made to protect, love, and fight for Sophia, the realization hit him like a tidal wave. This dangerous world, built upon power and violence was not suitable for the innocent life growing inside his beautiful wife. He needed to think about his family, and his legacy which was in the womb of Sophia needed a safer world.

In that instant, he resolved to inform Domingo of his decision to resign from his position as his right-hand man because he did not want to subject his wife and unborn child to the turbulence and peril that came with his role in the world of the mafia. They had many enemies because of Domingo’s style of operation and anyone could put a bullet in their head any moment as a result.

The pain he felt when the news that his father had been killed became fresh for a moment, his mother had died from the sadness she felt and he could not afford to have a repeat of that. The thought of a life free from the clutch of Domingo and the dangers of the cartel with the bloodshed brought a glimmer of hope to his weary gaze.

With that resolve made, he walked to where Sophia lay in the rocking chair and gently woke her from her sleep with a kiss on her forehead and stomach while gently rocking the chair she lay in. Her eyes fluttered open, as gazed at him with a mixture of love and concern while trying to sit up.

“Mi Amor, you are home,” she muttered with her voice thick with sleep as she tried to shake off the sleepiness.

“Yes, baby,” he replied as he helped up out of the chair while trying to turn off the television. His voice had a tinge of unspoken weight about it. “Let’s get you inside, so you can rest properly,” he said with his arms around her waist as he led her to their bedroom. As she gets into bed, he lays beside her, making her see the worry in his eyes, but before she could utter a word, he puts his finger on her lips to keep her quiet.

“We need to discuss something very important,” he said. Her brows furrowed with worry, as she sensed the gravity of the situation. Lucas took a deep breath as he proceeded to inform her of his decision to quit the cartel, telling her about the recent dangers that loomed over the cartel and how he did not want a repeat of his family history.

Tears welled up in Sophia’s eyes as he spoke, her hand touching his face as he rubbed her round belly. She understood every spoken and unspoken word Lucas said. She knew the sacrifices that he was about to make for the sake of their future and their safety, but the reality of the dangers of quitting the cartel shook her to the core because she knew what could happen.

“After the deal tomorrow, I will speak to Domingo. I’m sure he would understand, seeing that Rosa is also with child,” he told her. She nodded and kissed him. She knew that Domingo was dangerous and he would not let Lucas off the hook so easily, but she trusted Lucas’ every word.

The following morning, Lucas woke up to see Sophia looking at him with a mixture of worry. He placed his hand on her beautiful face as a silent way of telling her to stay calm because he had it all under control.

“You know he could kill you right? Domingo would never let you go easily, Lucas. You know that right?” She said as tears filled her eyes. “I don’t want to lose you,” she said holding onto Lucas’ hand which was on her face.

“Everything will be fine, trust me. Domingo will understand,” he told her in a reassuring tone. She nodded and kissed him and proceeded to get out of bed which was a bit of a struggle due to her big baby bump.

The day went by fast and the transaction for the night was quite successful. Lucas returned home as usual. Sophia asked him if he had informed Domingo, and he told her not to worry about it, he would do that soon. Deep down he knew that Domingo was erratic and his safety may be threatened after informing him about his decision to resign.

A week later, things were a bit calm at the cartel and there wasn’t much activity going on after the last arms deal with some foreigners a few days before. Lucas woke up with the resolve to inform Domingo of his decision that day. He informed Sophia about it. She was apprehensive but knew that it was for the best. She gave him his blessings and he left.

As he reached Domingo’s home, before stepping out of the car, he called Sophia and asked her to get a few important things together and wait for his call, he told her to be prepared for the worst. She was even more afraid and told him to take care.

“Stay close to the phone Sophia. If by the time the phone rings, it is Roberto, go to the secret exit I showed you for when there is trouble. He will take you someplace safe and I will join you there, okay?” He told her.

“This is beginning to sound more dangerous than I imagined. Don’t tell him, Lucas, please! We will be fine! Please, Lucas!” she begged him, but he insisted that he was responsible for their safety and preferred to die trying and then hung up.

As he stepped out of the car, he signaled Roberto to walk with him. As they walked to the entrance of the building, he told him to go to Sophia once he entered Domingo’s office because he wanted to resign and he needed to be sure that Sophia would be safe in case things did not go as planned. Roberto obliged and promised to keep Sophia and his child safe till he could go to them.

Hours later, he walked into Domingo’s office, steeled for the conversation that could potentially save his family’s life or take his. He approached Domingo, his voice was calm yet resolute as he informed him of his decision to resign. Domingo feigned acceptance, telling him that he could leave in a week’s time. Lucas was elated, but knowing Domingo, he still had doubts.

He knew Domingo was erratic. True to his thoughts, Domingo had only put up a composed facade and after he left, had put a sinister plan in motion as he had no plans of letting him escape. He saw Lucas’ decision as both a betrayal and a threat to his power.

A storm was brewing in the shadows unknown to Lucas but his instincts screamed at him to get his wife to safety. He could feel the danger ahead and in the desperation he felt, he called Roberto, his fingers trembling as though he felt the weight of impending doom. He immediately told him to go to Sophia and get her to safety.

He got into his car and left. As he was anxiously trying to make his way to the meeting point he had told Roberto about, a speeding truck rammed into his car. The force of the impact sent his vehicle spinning out of control and somersaulting. He struggled to regain composure, he needed to get to his wife immediately.

He struggled to get out of the wreckage, his heart racing with a surge of adrenaline and an escalating dread, Lucas fought to regain his footing. With sheer determination, he managed to move past the wreckage, his body throbbing with excruciating pain. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire tore through the air, the sound echoing as it went.

Lucas paused in his steps, the bullet had pierced through his forehead, darkening his vision with each passing moment until oblivion claimed him.

Chapter 2 - Alone In The Dark

"Sophia? Ma’am? Are you in there?” Roberto said knocking rapidly on the door of Lucas’ home.

“Roberto?” Sophia called out as she rushed to the door to open it. “Please come in. Where is Lucas?” she asked.

“He’s waiting for us. He sent me to get you. We need to leave immediately!" Roberto said urgently informing Sophia as she let him inside the house. Without hesitation, Sophia hurried inside to retrieve the bag she had packed as instructed by Lucas.

While she was at it, Roberto quickly turned off the lights and positioned himself by the window, looking out for any signs of approaching danger.

"Hurry Ma’am, we must go now!" he urged Sophia while still looking out the window. As he turned, he noticed Sophia walk into the living room struggling to carry two large bags. Roberto was surprised by the excessive baggage but motioned for them to leave as he relieved her of the burden, leaving her with only a smaller hand suitcase.

As they wal


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