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Psycho Boss And His Sassy Secretary

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Evelyn Jones has always had a passion for her job as an accountant in Turner's empire, a successful business company. However, her passion for her job changed after she met the arrogant son of her boss, who was to become the new CEO. She thought that she'll be able to hold it in and keep working with them, however, she was mistaken as her psycho boss wouldn't let her be, nor give her the sack letter that she so much desired. Will she be able to cope with her new boss? Will she find love and comfort in the arms of her boss?

Chapter 1

Evelyn POV

The sound of my blaring alarm jolts me out of my deep slumber, and I groan angrily, pulling the duvet over my face. For heaven's sake, can't I have a good sleep even for once? I'm always waking up early, and it's so annoying. Heaven knows that I would've quit this d*mn job if not that I don't like staying at home doing nothing.

My alarm keeps blaring, and I yank the duvet off my face and sit up on my bed. Reaching out to it lazily, I grab it and throw it across the room. I yawn tiredly and stretched my hands above my head. It's Monday today, and I'm going to be so choked up with work. I better start getting ready now.

With all the strength left in me, I drag myself from the bed and walk sluggishly into the bathroom. I slam the door closed as soon as I step in.

I crash on the wall and ruffle my hair sleepily. My eyes are still so heavy, but too bad that I can't get any more sleep if I don't want to be late for work.

I think I'll quit my job soon. I love my sleep so much that I can't sacrifice it for anything. Although I have been working for three whole years, who said that I'll ever get used to this early morning stress of waking up before everyone else?

Stepping into the jacuzzi, I soak myself under the warm soapy water and scrubs my body slowly.

A few minutes later...

My body feels so cold and I shiver. Forcing my eyes open, I gasp sharply at the sight that welcomes me. I fell asleep in the bathtub.

"Sh*t!" I curse under my breath as I quickly step out of the jacuzzi and hurry to wash the water off my body, walking into my room afterward.

Stepping into my room, I almost jumped out of my skin after I check the time. It's already 8am, which means that I'm an hour late already. I was met with the shock of my life, it's already almost 8am, and the time. I'm supposed to be in the office as early as 7am. Oh d*mn! I'm so screwed up. I heard a new CEO is taking over the company today. He's rumored to be arrogant and strict. Getting on a bad page with him on the first day is the last thing I want. Yes, I'm stubborn and can be annoying, but creating a bad impression at first, that's the horrible thing I wouldn't want to think of.

An hour later, I'm all dressed for work. I glance at my reflection for that last time before I finally stride out of my room, not after getting my car keys from the bed.

My name is Evelyn Jones. Twenty-three years old lady. My parents reside in Paris for now for some business project, and I'm here all alone with my nanny, madam Cleopatra. I'm used to it though, not that they ever care about me.

All my life, I'm used to being alone because my parents make their business their top priority. At times I feel like they adopted me because of the way they do treat me. It's too early to think about that now, I don't want to ruin my mood.

I work as an accountant in Turner's enterprise, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Oklahoma City. I have a boyfriend, his name is Raymond Jared, a young business tycoon. Ray and I have been together for three years, and although we rarely spend time together because of the nature of his job, we love each other so much. He is currently out of the country on a business trip.

Descending the grand staircase, the aroma coming from the kitchen fill my nostrils, and I bet that I must have a taste of that delicious food before going to work. If there's anything I don't joke with, it's food. I don't leave home without eating. I love food more than life itself.

"Good morning, nanny Cleo." I greet her as I walk into the kitchen with a smile dancing on my lips.

"Good morning dear. Did you sleep well?" She glances at me and asks with a smile on her face.

"Yes, I did. What are we having for breakfast, please?" I ask her as I lean against the counter, forgetting that I'm already late for work.

"I packed some food for you. You're already late for work, so you should take it with you," She says, as she reaches out to the food flask that is next to her on the counter. She hands it to me.

"Awww! Thank you. You're always the best," I squeak excitedly and she rolls her eyes at me.

"Alright, see you later. I need to run along now," And with that, I stride out of the kitchen and head straight to the parking lot where my car is parked. I hop in my car and drive out of the house afterward.

The drive to the company wasn't supposed to take me much time, but the horrible traffic jam has me stuck here for the past ten minutes, and there's no hope of getting out of this sh*t anytime soon. It's annoying. I wonder what those people are doing there that cars are stuck in this hellish traffic. I'm already late and thinking that I was going to be in the office in less than fifteen minutes, here I am in the traffic jam, and have no idea when I'll be out.

"Can you do something about this, huh?" I stick my neck out of the car and press my honk loudly.

The car next to me suddenly whines down the window glass, revealing a young man sitting in the driver's seat.

"Hey, miss can you please keep it down, huh? Don't blow off my eardrums, please," He snaps at me, and I scoff. I'm p*ss*d off already, why the heck is he adding to it? He should've just minded his business, right?

"D*mn you, man! You have no right whatsoever to tell me that. So go to hell," I yell at him, and press the honk again.

"Can you move your cars out of the d*mn way? I'm running late for work!" I stick out my neck through the window again and yell while they all stare at me from their cars like I'm acting a drama. Not that I care though.

The traffic jam was finally resolved after a few minutes, and everyone drive their cars away. A few minutes later, I finally drive into the company and park neatly in the garage. I'm so d*mn late.

Stepping into the building, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the sight that welcome me. What the hell is going on here?

Stepping into our large office, my eyes almost pop out of their sockets as I'm welcomed with a weird sight. My colleagues are all looking different, especially the ladies. They are all dressed nicely, smell nice, and have weird makeup on their faces. Ok, what's the celebration today?

Letting out a scoff, I shake my head, walking over to my seat.

"Good morning, Eve," Marian, one of my colleagues greets me with a smile on her face. Marian is the only close person I have in the company, she sometimes comes over to my place to keep me company, and whenever I feel bored at home, I do go over to her house too.

"Hey Marian, how're you doing?" I smile as I turn around to face her but I cringe. She has weird makeup on her face too. Ok, I'm getting curious already, what the heck is going on here?

"What's the celebration today? I mean, you all are wearing some weird makeup, and some nice clothes too. What's going on?" I pout my lips while whining at her to tell me something.

"Oh please, Eve. Don't tell me you don't know what's going on here?" She gives me an 'are you serious' look.

For heaven's sake, if I know what's going on, I wouldn't be asking her this. I shake my head anyways.

"The CEO is said to have willed the company to his son, and he is coming over to the company today. Like every other person, I want to look good. Who knows, he may just notice me, and make me his Cinderella," She cups her cheeks dreamily while smiling like the fool she is.

What the heck is this world turning into? Just when I thought I had seen it all, then new madness keeps surfacing.

"Oh, I see," I shake my head unbelievably, before turning to my computer and turning it on. Geez! I can't believe even she will join this silly competition or whatever they're doing...

Chapter 2

Jayden POV

After having a long bath in the bathroom, I walk back into my room to get ready for work. I walk over to the mirror and stare at my reflection while having a smile on my face, seeing the handsome face staring back at me. What more can I possibly ask for? I mean look at me, I have the most handsome face ever, the most perfect body shape, perfect voice, everything about me is so perfect, and I have many ladies on my lists, both young and old tripping for me, but heck! I don't give a damn about them, I'm not a flirt, so I don't give them attention.

After drooling at my reflection all I want, I chuckle softly, walking over to my cabinet to get my clothes. It takes me almost an hour to get dressed, and when I'm finally done, I pick up my briefcase and glance at my reflection in the mirror for the last time, striding out of my room afterward. Taking one last glance at my reflection, I finally stormed out of the room, not after picking up my bri


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