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Promised To A Vampire

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In a world where vampires are the ruling elite, there is only one rule: humans should not leave after sunset. Otherwise, there would be serious consequences. After being bought by Vampire King Thomas Clifford, Mila is forced to follow all orders from her cruel and ordinary household. During her dark and insecure marriage, she has a curious surprise; resisting her naughty security and the King’s best friend, the coveted Benjamin, the oldest vampire of all. At that moment, their destinies are intertwined, as are their souls. In an unpredictable and overwhelming way, Mila is divided in three loves and three mysterious women, who test all her limits. What will happen to our human Queen, among so many attractive predators?

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the kingdom, Queen Mila!

Two years ago, Thomas Clifford, the King of Dallnalia, demanded that his subordinates find a woman worthy of being his wife. Not any wife. Thomas was the kind of man who lived surrounded by sycophants and attractive women and had everything in his palm.

For the King, marriage was something remarkable. It was not about fidelity, or love, but about having the most beautiful woman to display as a trophy. After two years of searching, his butler, James, ensured to have found the ideal woman, fascinating him with the news.

With an incomparable beauty and only twenty—two years, Mila Rivera was the chosen of the king. Without many options, the girl accepted. His parents, happy with the marriage of the second daughter, took the opportunity to sell it for the highest price and, of course, our monarch paid.

There were no wedding ceremonies in Dallnalia. Chosen to be queen, the girl would only meet her husband after the coronation. Already with the crown on her head, the girl with green eyes, black hair and a graceful body was referred to her new home as Mila Clifford, the Queen of Dallnalia.


— God! How beautiful! — he said, with his hand glued to the car window, falling in love as we approached the palace.

How impressive was the greatness of the place! I did not even know its interior, but only a piece of the garden has left me gaping. Even seeing her beauty through the canvases, nothing compared to being personally close to such wealth.

”The sea! I can hear it!”

They had parts of the terrain that the eyes could not reach, but my ears soon identified the sound of the waters hitting the rocks. Arnold Josef, the driver, commented, as if to read my thoughts:

— I’m sure you’ll love the sea view!

— Just listening, I’m already delighted! — I replied. — But where exactly can I see it?

— From the back garden. A bit far from the palace, but worth it.

He looked at me in the rearview mirror as he explained, and I returned with a smile, next to a thousand butterflies in my stomach.

James, the man I met at the ball, quickly bowed to me in the lobby:

— Welcome, Mila Queen! King Thomas is meeting, but you will soon receive her!

I did not yet know the King personally.

— Mr Cooper, correct? — I was kind.

The sun ran through the huge glass windows, illuminating a majestic golden staircase that stood in the middle of the lobby. The gold attracted so much attention that it ended up covering all the beauty of the magnificent rubies of the handrails.

— Is this by chance gold?! — I asked, shocked.

— Yes. — James answered my question in a snobbish way.

Gold. Almost the entire staircase was made of gold and super valuable stones.

— How bizarre... — I commented, in a low voice.

— How? — James leaned in.

— Oh... — I was embarrassed. — I meant it’s pretty fancy!

— I understand. — replied, looking at me strange. — I advise you not to use slang near the king. You are a queen now and it is interesting that you act like one!


I swallow dry so as not to send him to that place.

— Could you tell me where I can settle in?

”I’m dying for a bed!”

— You’ll soon find out! —he says turning around.

He takes three steps and without understanding his attitude I take two towards him. He turns to me again and looks at me in a difficult way, as if what I was doing was absurd.

—Wait here! —He points his finger at the ground.

”What the f*ck does he think I am?”

He leaves the lobby and I sit on the stair step, sliding my fingers over the rubies next to me.

That day jumped from happy to boring in a few seconds.

—QUEEN MILA! —a cheerful voice echoes the next ladder, making me get up immediately. — Sorry for the delay, I just did some chores...

A boy a little taller than me, with brown hair and broad shoulders, walks towards me with a smile from ear to ear.

—I’m Piter Bennet, your chief security officer!


It’s only when he’s in front of me that I think I have a heart problem.

— It’s my pleasure, Mr. Bennet! —I stutter.

”God, what a perfect smile...”

Suit, dress shoes, wrist watch and a baby face.

He wasn’t the king, but he was a punishment for my twisted mind.

— Yeah... he strangely looks me in the eye, puts his hand on the back of my neck and shakes his head with a warm laugh.

— Is something wrong? —I turn red.

”Guys, what’s the need for all that straight hair and messy muscles, like a bad boy?”

— Nothing! —replied distressed. — It’s just that I just realized that I lost a good bet.

”What is it?”

I crossed my arms waiting for a more plausible explanation.

— The boys and I made a bet about the queen we chose... he explained timidly.

—I confess that seeing you now, I’m sure I will lose a lot of money! — Sorry, but I still do not understand...

— You are so beautiful! —she said, leaving me amazed at her courage and language. — And did not expect James to do so well in his mission!

My eyes widened and my heart beat. If I stay close to this boy, my marriage will be lost before it even begins.

— Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!

It was hard to know if what made me uncomfortable was the compliment, or the fact that I imagined him tying me to the bed with his tie.

— It’s okay... I try to reassure him.

I already knew that I would be surrounded by some security guards, but I did not imagine that the person in charge of escorting me would have this mischievous teenage face.

— Sorry, but how old are you? —I went straight, drowned in my curiosity.

— How old do you think I am?

He’s very playful, which made things harder for me. — I don’t know. I stop to think. — Maybe eighteen!

He laughs again, leaving his crooked dimples on display.

— If I’m eighteen, is that a problem between us?

”Oh, f*ck you!”

”Help, somebody get me out of here!”

— No... —my mouth says ”no”, but my thoughts get worried. — I’m kidding! —He’s soft. — I’m twenty! —He replies.

I don’t know why, but something tells me he’s not lying. It may seem that he drank from the fountain of youth, but his voice, look and even the way he speaks, show a certain maturity and other small things that only an experienced man knows how to do.

— Well... I’ll change the subject. — If you’re solely responsible for taking me around 24 hours, I suppose you could also take me to my room, right?

”Heavenly woman, will you go with this security guard to the room?”

— Of course! he replied. — I can take him wherever I want. I can take him wherever I want,” he said, biting his lower lip.

”What a b*st*rd.”

”Is this some kind of friendly gesture, or a test of fidelity?”

— Come on... he gently reaches out to me, hoping I’ll catch her.

I look at him with complete confidence, extend my hand slowly towards him and grasp his soft fingers, holding on to his support. Then he looks into my eyes with the same will, but in gray I escape from a very deep connection.

”I even wanted to feel more of your skin, but the glove that covers your palm is in the way of our contact, making me desire the rest of your body!”

— WAIT! he said.

A loud, thick voice emerges from behind us, until a cold air travels down my spine, causing an intense chill to run through my body. This fright makes me lose my step, stepping wrong, just for Piter, is quick to grab my waist with incomparable strength and will.

— MILA! —he clings to me. — Are you okay? —asked worried.

Scared, I nodded twice, making sure I was okay. Then hard steps hit the stairs, indicating that I should straighten my posture before being punished.

— Excuse me for scaring you! —said the man with black hair and perfectly cut beard. —I take over from here Piter, you can go!

—King Thomas! I greeted him, still trying to pull myself together.

— Are you injured? —he asks and without my being able to help him, his hands quickly move up to my ankle, removing my stiletto heel from my foot.


— Your Majesty! —I look with amazement. — No need to crouch!

”Guys, the King is kneeling on the step, stirring my foot!”

— Be quiet, I need to see if you didn’t fracture her!

”What a shame for you!”

— Does it hurt here? —He ignores my concern and continues to examine me.

— No, it doesn’t hurt, I swear! —I say. — Please get up... I ask, taking your arm.

He snaps my heel back into place and stands a few inches from me, walking my whole body with his eyes as he stands up.

— Are you sure it didn’t hurt?


Chapter 2 - By knowing King Thomas!

The gesture was melting, but seeing him personally and under these circumstances broke all the mood I had planned for our first meeting.

— Yes!

— I didn’t expect us to meet like this, but I’m glad you did!

And I didn’t expect the King’s team to be so good at hiding certain parts of him on television.

On screen, it became clear that he was a man with a strict family and a strong posture. He didn’t have the gold necklace he’s wearing, or even the first open buttons on his shirt. The tattoos on her arm, accompanied by her expensive watch, led me to the next drawing that was on her left breast.

The image of a rough and spoiled king was replaced by a slightly naughty figure with a possessive taste. He was no longer a prince on a white horse, because I was sure that under his attractive body, there was also an intimidating person.

—The trip was great, thank you for sending such attentive and welcoming people!

—Let’s see your room? —He asks, but do


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