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pregnant with my business partner evil twin brother

pregnant with my business partner evil twin brother

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alexis is a smart brilliant business woman who worked in fashion designs for over 7 years. she seems to have it all until one business trip turn alexis world upside down when she met a business man (Mike) at a bar. Mike wasnt Mike and it left alexis torn into pieces and a surprise she longfull wanted but couldnt accept. All of the secret and lies was exposed once Alexis got to her meeting only to realize she was taking for a fool by the guy name Mike whom real name is (Mitchell) Mitchell is Mike twin brother and he uses his brother identity so get what he want from women. His brother is a big shot who runs their family company Stewart Family Business. Tho mitchell is CEO his status and wealth is not as large as his brothers. mitchell is set out to destroy his brother life but didnt know what was in store for him after all of his secret and lies became the worlds biggest scandal the Stewart Family has ever had to encounter. Alexis returns home after her business trip only to find out her father is going to withdraw the contract between the two families.

Chapter 1


  • Where am i exactly ?, Well im in Diamond city the city known for lots of gangs, sex trafficking ,drugs ,and violence everywhere.
  • I know what your thinking, you must be thinking why is she here well i live abroad and the company i work for has decided to expand there business in the united states.
  • Im the COO of one of the biggest designer companies. I was sent here to handle the business of our company for our new design label we are crossing over to the united states.
  • Entering the hotel where im staying i check in i walk up to the front counter. Hello my name is Alexis Wilson I called to reserve the suite on the top floor, your all set Ms.Wilson heres your room key enjoy your stay here and please do let us know if you need anythin.
  • I make my way to my room which is located on the 5th floor of the hotel , this room is amazing the king size bed , the best city view , wverythin seems perfect.
  • Stepping into the wash rooms i decided to take a long shower to wash the airplane sent off me.
  • Getting out of the shower i realize theres nothing for me to do and time is passing and i dont have any meetings until tomorrow evening. I decided to get dressed up and go to a local bar.
  • Opening my luggage i pulled out my new knee length silky red sexy evening dress with a pair of gold heels i pulled my hair back into this sleek pony tail and i do light makeup also putting on simple jewlery necklace, bracelet and my diamond ring i have been having ever since my fiance gave it to me 3 years ago.
  • He died in a carcrash and i keep the ring on to remind myself how lucky i was to still have a peace of him with me.
  • Double checking myself i took out my phone out and found the nearest bar hailed a cab and went straight there.
  • sitting at the bar i find myself day dreaming about what my life has only been revolved around work work work . i never noticed this young handsome extremely beautiful man looking at me.
  • who knew after meeting this guy my life would change forever.
  • it may have been one of the best worst experience i have ever encountered in my life. Until one night it turn into the nightmare of all times. Sitting at a bar and this stranger walks up to you and ask to buy you a drink you accept it only because the night is young and you came out to enjoy yourself .
  • May i buy you a drink ? Sure , bartender give the lady whatever she likes , side eyeing him you see his smooth and handsome features he holds his hand out and says im Mike extending my hand to his Alexis .
  • As the night goes on Mike and I had quite a few drinks to where I started to feel myself drowning in the alochol i look to mike and tell him to excuse me as i make my way to the ladies room.
  • Rinsing my face with cold water several times trying to calm down after drinking quite a few drinks i finally feel better and i head out of the ladies room only to see mike standing by the door.
  • You were in there for so long i started to worry about you he says ., i simply smile , thank you for being concern i just had to freshen myself up shall we continue i say, we could but i have a early day tomorrow so i came to make sure you was alright and to tell you im calling it a night
  • oh come on one more drink and we could call it quits hows that sounding
  • Mike hesitated for a moment before agreeing with me.
  • Back at the bar we both have one more drink before mike says…what are your plans for the night , im in town on business so more than likely ill just go back to my hotel and call it quits myself
  • which hotel are you staying , im at the ritz hotel , looks like we will be headed the same way mike says
  • are you headed to the ritz ? yes im also in town on business would you like to ride back with me or do you have your own transportation ?
  • i actually took a taxi here so since we both are headed to the same place sure why not.
  • Boy was i wrong why did i end up the car with this man why did i accept to ride back with him.

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