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Possessive Boss In My Bed

Possessive Boss In My Bed

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Two years ago, in order to marry him, she tried her best to get what she wanted. She thought that as long as she gave him her whole heart, she would be rewarded. But after they got, he only gave her a life worse than death. Her true heart died under his ruthlessness. But when she was about to leave, he refused to let go of her…

Chapter 1 You're the Filthiest Woman

Zeusolutions Tower, New York.

Before entering the elevator, Blair once again called her husband, who was only home once a month, but she still got cut off as usual.

She bit her lip and went straight to the CEO's office on the top floor expressionlessly. 

"Ms. Lawrence, I'm sorry, but you can't go in." The secretary, Rachel, stopped her. Her tone was polite, but her attitude was very frigid.

Blair shot her a cold look. "Get out of my way!"

The pretty secretary glanced at Blair indifferently and snorted. "Mrs. Duncan, the CEO said to drive you out the next time you're here. If you don't leave now, I'll call the security guards."

That was how unwilling her husband was to see her!

Blair felt a stab in her heart, but her expression became calmer. "This is my husband's company. Who do you think you are? How dare you drive me out? Get out of my way!"

She pushed Rachel away and kicked the tightly shut office door open.

She immediately heard a flirty female voice coming from inside.

Her husband, whom she had been married to for two years, was leaning back in the CEO's chair while a charming, half-naked woman sat intimately on his lap...

Blair narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Being interrupted while he was having a good time, Reed Duncan frowned in displeasure and pinned his icy gaze on that bothersome woman at the door.

"Get the hell out."

He spoke those words coldly and heartlessly without leaving her any dignity.

Blair took a deep breath, her face expressionless. Under Reed's sharp gaze, she slowly walked nearer. 

"Mom and dad asked us to go back for dinner this weekend."

This was the reason she had to come see him. He never answered her calls, and he never went home voluntarily unless he was drunk.

Their two-year marriage was just that icy and loveless. 

"Got it. Now get lost." With that, Reed didn't bother to spare her another glance and started stroking that woman's tender body.

That woman played along with him and moaned softly, hugging Reed back.

Their intimate actions stabbed Blair's heart.

Blair clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to drag that woman away and splash the tea from the teacup on the table into their faces. She wanted to ask Reed why he cheated on her and why he always fooled around with other women like this...

Her nails dug deep into her skin, and the pain brought Blair back to her senses.

But she couldn't do that. She was a daughter of the Lawrence family, not some unladylike hag on the streets. She had her pride and poise. 

Moreover, her marriage with Reed was forced by their families. 

It was her parents who had done everything they could, to the extent of getting him drunk so that he would bed her, then begged for this marriage.

There was only profit, no love.

Although she loved Reed with all her heart, he did not care about her at all.

So what even if she cried and made a huge fuss? It would only make him hate her more.

The more hurt she felt, the calmer she became.

"Reed, you really aren't picky with women. You don't even mind a filthy woman like her." She smirked and mocked.

The woman in Reed's arms froze and glared at Blair fiercely. Then, she immediately put on a miserable expression and wept against Reed's chest. "Reed, I'm a pure woman who's given myself to you. How could she call me filthy..."

Reed hugged her and gently patted her back in comfort while staring at Blair icily.

"Talking about filthy women, who gave you the right to insult others? You're the filthiest sc*m of all."

Blair paled, but her smile grew wider. "Then what about you who married me? Aren't you also sc*m, Reed Duncan?!"

With that, she immediately turned around and strode off.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would erupt.

When she walked out of the office, she ran into Rachel again. Seeing Blair's pathetic look, Rachel looked at her scornfully.

Blair straightened her back and got into the elevator.

Only when the elevator doors closed did she dare to dispel her tough façade and slowly crouch down.

So he only saw her as sc*m...

Chapter 2 Because She is Not Worthy


The elevator doors opened, and Blair closed her eyes for a while and walked out calmly.

As soon as she walked out of the building, a woman she disliked walked towards her.

It was Abigail Lawrence, her stepsister. 

"Hey, sis, what brings you here?" She looked Blair up and down with an arrogant smile. "What's wrong? Did you get kicked out by Reed again?"

Blair pursed her lips, intending to ignore her, and walked on past her.

"I'm pregnant." Abigail's sudden words made Blair stop in her tracks. "It's Reed's."

Blair blinked fiercely a few times, but when she turned back to Abigail, her gaze was calm.

"Oh? Then should I be congratulating you? You're nothing but a mistress. How shameless."

Upon hearing this, Abigail's expression changed and she said angrily, "Blair, isn't your mother a mistress too? Quit acting high and mighty! You're just a b*stard child!"

Her mother was not a mistress. She had only been deceived by her fa


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