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Pages Of Obsession

Pages Of Obsession

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"It was just a kind gesture, Evan," I tried to explain, understanding his concern but he didn't seem to be in a listening mood. "I don't care," he declared in a low tone, his eyes locked on mine. He continued dragging me until we reached the kitchen sink . He then washed my hands after drying them he spoke "Nobody can kiss these hands, only me. Is that clear?" he said in an angry tone to which I nodded "I wish I included this in the contract" He said kissing my hands, revealing his jealousy and his growing attachment to me. In a twist of fate, Evan's long-lost love, Lily as Amy, resurfaces in New York. Presumed dead after a tragic bridge incident, Amelia's memory loss leads her to believe she belongs to a different life. However, as Evan uncovers the truth, their reunion unravels a web of deception and hidden pasts. Will their love survive the secrets that time couldn't erase?

Chapter 1

Evan's P.O.V

"Lilly noooooooooo!!!!!!" I screamed, falling on my knees but luckily landed on Sophia's laps, "Evan it is okay, I am so sorry" Sophia comforted me.

I lay on her lap as she caressed my hair, I couldn't cry, there were just no tears, I promised a family with her, I promised to go on tour and finally bring her out to the public after winning my grammy.

I just watched the love of my life fall off the bridge into the ocean, the worse part is I'll never even get to bury her body as we won't find it in the ocean.


Author’s P.O.V

Amelia had spent the past few weeks helping her grandmother settle into her new assisted living facility. It was a bittersweet experience, watching her grandmother adjust to her new surroundings, but knowing it was the best decision for her well-being. She had also been diligently job hunting, sending out resumes and attending interviews at various publishing firms in South Africa, hoping for a breakthrough in her career.

One sunny afternoon, as she sat in her grandmother's room, the familiar chime of her phone interrupted her thoughts. It was a call from her cousin, Ifeoma, who had moved to South Africa a few months ago to seek job opportunities as well. Amelia eagerly answered the call, her heart lightening at the sight of Ifeoma's face on the screen.

"Ifeoma! It's so good to see you," Amelia exclaimed, her voice filled with genuine warmth.

Ifeoma smiled, but Amelia noticed a hint of exhaustion in her cousin's eyes. "Amelia, it's been quite a journey here in South Africa. The job market is tough, as you know."

Amelia nodded empathetically, knowing all too well the challenges of finding work in a competitive field. "Ifeoma, you're a talented journalist. Something will come your way soon, I'm sure of it."

Ifeoma's expression brightened slightly, appreciating Amelia's encouragement. "Thank you, cousin. Speaking of news, I have something interesting to share with you."

Amelia leaned in, intrigued. "What's going on?"

Ifeoma leaned closer to the camera, her voice lowered to a whisper, "You won't believe the latest gossip from Nigeria. Our famous music artist, Emeka, you know the one who's been making waves internationally?"

Amelia nodded, recalling Emeka's name from the headlines. "Yes, I've heard of him. What's the news?"

Ifeoma hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Well, it turns out that Emeka has found himself in a rather scandalous situation. He's impregnated an American model, and the story is making headlines both in Nigeria and internationally."

Amelia's eyes widened in surprise. "That's... unexpected. I didn't know he was involved with anyone, let alone an American model."

Ifeoma nodded, "Yes, it's causing quite the stir back home. The media is having a field day with it, and fans are both shocked and intrigued. It's all over social media, and there's speculation about how this will impact his career."

Amelia couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Emeka, who was undoubtedly facing a barrage of public scrutiny. "Ifeoma, fame comes with its own set of challenges, doesn't it?"

Ifeoma sighed, "It certainly does, cousin. It's a reminder that even the most famous among us have their own personal struggles and moments of vulnerability."

As Amelia and Ifeoma continued to chat, the news of Emeka's unexpected situation served as a reminder of the complexities of fame and the unexpected twists that life could bring, even for those living on different continents.

Amelia couldn't resist the pull of curiosity after hearing about the scandal involving the famous Nigerian music artist, Emeka. As soon as her call with Ifeoma ended, she found herself scrolling through her Instagram feed, searching for any hints or clues about the truth behind the gossip.

She entered the realm of social media with a hint of trepidation, aware of the chaos and rumors that often swirled around such situations. Her fingers danced across the screen as she navigated through Emeka's posts and those of the American model, whose name she had learned was Skylar. She saw the same images and headlines she had heard about earlier.

Then, there it was, a post on Skylar's profile that caught her eye. It was a picture of a sonogram with a heartfelt caption. In that moment, Amelia's heart sank as she realized that the proof was undeniable – Skylar was indeed pregnant, and Emeka was the father.

As she continued to scroll through Skylar's posts, she noticed the emotional turmoil that she must be going through, the vulnerability in her words, and the support she received from her followers. It was clear that this wasn't just a scandal for Skylar; it was a deeply personal and life-altering situation.

Amelia couldn't help but empathize with Skylar, imagining the weight of the public eye scrutinizing her every move. She admired Skylar's strength in sharing her truth with the world, despite the inevitable backlash.

Feeling a sense of solidarity, Amelia decided to send a comforting text to Skylar. She wanted to offer her support, even if it was just a few words of encouragement in the midst of the storm.

"Hi Skylar, I hope you're doing okay. I heard about what's been happening, and I just wanted to say that I admire your courage in sharing your story. You're not alone in this, and I'm here if you ever want to talk or just vent. Sending you love and strength. 💕"

She hit send and waited, uncertain of how Skylar would respond, if at all. But moments later, a reply notification lit up her screen.

"Amelia, thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me during this difficult time. Your support is truly appreciated. 💖"

Amelia smiled, feeling a connection with Skylar that transcended the boundaries of screens and continents. In that moment, she realized the power of empathy and kindness, even in the face of the most sensationalized and scrutinized stories.

Chapter 2

Skylar and Amelia had been chatting more frequently in the days following their initial conversation. What had started as a message of support had blossomed into a genuine friendship. They talked about their interests, shared stories about their lives, and even found themselves laughing together over shared jokes.

One evening, as they were video calling, Skylar leaned in closer to her screen, curiosity gleaming in her eyes. "Amelia, I've been meaning to ask you, what do you do for a living? You've been so kind and supportive, and I'd love to know more about you."

Amelia, who had been sipping on her tea, set her cup down and smiled warmly. "Well, Skylar, I came to South Africa to pursue a career in book editing. It's my passion, and I've been sending out applications to publishing firms, but it's been quite challenging to find a job in the field."

Skylar listened intently, nodding sympathetically. "I ca


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