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One Wrong Step, I Lost Olivia. The CEO's Lament

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His first love slipped off his hand and got into the hand of his brother. She was once his lover but now, his only brother's wife. It is a known fact that 'when you walk with one without a destination, you will never get to yours'. Louis Bailey and Olivia McGregor were lovers for years, and he had proposed marriage to her. She accepted his proposal, and gave her virginity to him. When he discovered that she was pregnant, he was distraught and ended the relationship. That act became the beginning of a very long story of regret for Louis, and accomplishment for Olivia because she met someone better. Denise Bailey, Louis's cousin, who was not aware of their relationship ran into her when she was at the bleak of death, saved her life, and gave her shelter after he realized that she had a miscarriage. Denise and Olivia fell in love and got married after a month. Nevertheless, she conceived immediately after their wedding, and when she delivered a set of twins, Louis came up to claim the children. That almost tore the family apart. Arthur Bailey, Louis father, and Denise uncle, a widower of thirteen years, fell in love with Nichole Bailey, Denise's mother, and a widow of seven years. Their marriage strengthened the bond between the two families, but it brought a lot of hatred from the members of the Bailey's family, who had eyes on Nichole and wished to remarry her. The female members of the society who had eyes on Arthur, and wished he would be theirs also unleashed their attack on them. This led to a secret plan to eliminate him and have Nichole by his cousin, Mr. Stephen Bailey. Louis refused to love again, and opted for a surgery of memory erasure just to forget Olivia, which failed. Cassandra, who loved Louis unconditionally, accepted to marry him but conceived through the IVF because he would not sleep with her. She named the child Olivia to make him happy, but he was not. When she got tired of investing her energy in the one-sided relationship, she opted for a divorce. Louis came to realize how much they meant to him. He made peace with her and they lived happily.

Louis, Please Reconsider

At Sevenoaks, Kent

It was a Friday night in the town of Sevenoaks in Kent, Mr. Louis Bailey, and Olivia McGregor, drove in from a cinema show. The town, which was about eighty-two kilometers from Kent, a country in Europe, was in a joyous mood because everyone took advantage of the weekend to dine and wine. Olivia was casually dressed in blue colored jeans and a chiffon top which flattered her figures. Louis, was casually dressed, too. He got out of the car, walked to the passenger's door, and opened the car for her.

“Thank you, love,” she appreciated, and got off the vehicle, casting an affectionate look at Louis, who shut the car door and replied, “It is my pleasure, my queen.”

Then, he crossed his left hand around her waist while they walked into his two – bed semi-detached apartment, and advised, “Make yourself comfortable. I will be back.”

“All right, dear.”

Now, Louis walked into the room and changed into a simple wear before he walked back to the parlor, and sat on the couch beside Olivia. Meanwhile, she attempted to put on the television, and he engaged her in a discussion. Now, the janitor who saw them drove in had brought in Olivia's mini suitcase, which contained the few wears she would use for the weekend.

“Olivia, you mean the world to me, and I wonder what life would have been without you.”

Olivia dropped the remote control and gave him a love look. Then, he smiled and continued, “Thank you for accepting to spend the weekend with me.”

Now, Olivia, who had succeeded in putting on the television, confirmed, “Louis, dear, you also mean so much to me. I would have loved to always be with you, but for my parents…”

Louis cut in and admitted, “I got it. It was not easy, especially now that you are out of school. Anyway, now that you are here, can we go into the bedroom?”

She stretched out her right hand to him, and he held it before they walked to the bedroom.

In the bedroom.

They got into the lavishly furnished bathroom, which had the same touch of royalty like the parlor. When they settled down in the hot tub, Louis watched the shy Olivia, who was in her nude, as though he was seeing her for the first time. He crawled to her side of the hot tub, where she rested her head and gave her a warm kiss.


“I'm happy you are here at last. I miss you so much.”

Then, Olivia responded without looking into his eyes, “I missed you too.”

He took the task of giving her a massage and a warm bath. Subsequently, he began to take his bath while Olivia observed him, especially his manhood. Her comment after some seconds of silence came as a bolt from the blue.

“Louis, you are very well-endowed.”

Now, Louis was wowed. She was not good at talking dirty, and the comment must have come from a deep thought. Louis stopped suddenly and observed her face for some time, and he noticed that she was turned on already because her n*ppl*s were hard before he asked, “Do you like it?”

She nodded in the affirmative, and Louis was encouraged. That was the first time she made such a remark about him. He loved it and would love to encourage her, “I'm happy you love it. You know it is all yours.”

She smiled and looked away without saying a word. Louis rounded off, and cleaned up. Likewise, he got off the hot tub, and carried her to the bedroom. After he carefully placed her on the bed, he laid beside her and promised.

“I will make tonight a memorable one for us.”

She smiled shyly and looked into his eye and confirmed, “I can’t wait for that. I love you, Louis.”

“I love you too.”

He pulled her to his chest and kissed her deeply, and she reciprocated. Just as he promised, it was a memorable evening. Nevertheless, Olivia was craving for more and would not let him be. She turned and held him by the shoulder, and he turned too. To his bewilderment, she adjusted herself and kissed his manhood slowly, and he moaned in pleasure.

“Keep it up, my girl,” he encouraged. Then, the inspired Olivia stepped up her game, and s*ck*d more pleasurably. Quickly, they were in the six/nine position and Louis pleasured her too.

“You are irresistible, my baby,” he commended when he mounted on her and began to thrust in and out.

“This is good,” she screamed while he was thrusting. After a few minutes of vigorous thrusting, they achieved orgasm and Louis commended, “You are the best, Olivia.”

“You are the best, my love.”

The session would have remained in her memory for a long time if Louis had considered her plea. Then, Olivia broke the news of her pregnancy to him, “Sweetie.”

“Yes, dear.”

“I know you love me so much…”

Louis cuts in, “Of course, I do.”

He pulled her closer and fondled her naked and petite body. Then, Olivia continued,

“You see, since the last time I spent the weekend with you, that was about two months ago, I have not been myself.”

The bewildered Louis fixed his gaze on her and asked worriedly, “Why. What had been bothering you?”

“I had been feeling ill, and my mother wanted to refer me to see our family doctor, but I stopped her.”

Now, Louis, who was curious, inquired, “Why did you do that?”

Olivia sat up and rested her head on the headrest of the bed and explained, “I stopped her because I was scared. So, I decided to see another doctor on my own.”

“And what did your doctor say?” He asked anxiously. Olivia looked at him anxiously before she blurted.

“Honey, I’m pregnant. I feel we should see my parents at once for the marriage process before the pregnancy becomes obvious.”

Louis laughed softly and pulled her nose, “Tell me you are joking.”

Olivia looked straight into his eyes and declared, “Louis, I'm not joking. The doctor's report said I'm pregnant.”

“What?” Louis screamed, and got off the bed. Then, he walked briskly to the wall, and faced it for a moment while she watched him in trepidation. Subsequently, he spoke up.

“Olivia, how can you be so careless? Are you a kid? You mean, a graduate like you cannot take care of herself?”

At that moment, Olivia got down from the bed too, and walked up to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and opined with a husky voice.

“Honey, I thought you will receive the news with joy. You told me I’m the only woman in your life and besides, you have proposed to me. Why all these?”

Nevertheless, Louis took a deep breath, calmed down and cupped her face with his two hands and admitted. “Yes, you are the only woman and I love you so much. It is just that I am not prepared for marriage now.”

Then, Olivia furrowed her brow and asked, “Why did you propose marriage to me when you are not prepared? You are doing well in business, you are twenty-four, and you are the only son of your parents. Now, I’m out of school. So, what is stopping us from getting married, as you proposed to me?”

The Beautiful Beginning

Now, Olivia was already tearing up while she talked. Louis released her and gave her a stern look, not minding the tears dripping from her eyes, before he blurted.

“I suggest you abort it, Olivia.”

Meanwhile, Olivia, who was yet to recover from his excuses that held no water, flared up and yelled.

“What! Abortion? Did you hear yourself, Louis? Can you think of such a thing?”

Louis walked to the wardrobe, and dressed up. Then, he brought out a pack of cigarettes, pulled out a stick and lit it up with the lighter on the reading table. Afterward, he held it between his index and middle fingers. Olivia, who knew that he smoked only when he was angry, stood and watched him. Then, he inhaled and removed the cigarette before he repeated himself.

“Abort it, Olivia.”

“Louis, is this coming from you? Don’t you know the risk involved and besides, it is a crime against humanity? You don’t even know what the child will be in the future.”

Now, Louis sat


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