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No Strings

No Strings

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*BEWARE OF EXPLICIT CONTENT* "Yes, Daryl, ohm...........yes, yes, yes, just like that. Yea! Daryl........" She screamed in ecstasy as Daryl kept pummelling in and out of her. He was going very fast in a humanly impossible way. ........................................................................................................................................................................ Daryl Crown had never liked relationships, he hated them as much as he hated animals of any kind. For him, it was better to have multiple women, after all he was the perfect gentleman when it came to s*x and the women loved it. He loved all colors of women as long as he got the cookie and that is all he would ever want in a woman. But now that the African lady, Angela was in the picture Daryl isn't sure he'll maintain his No Strings and if he did, for how long will he?

Chapter 1

"Oh! yes baby" she screamed in pleasure as he pulled her hair backwards while he had his dick so deep inside of her. She surely loved everything she was getting and he knew it. He loved that the women loved everything he gave them; from his charming looks to his moves in bed. He was blessed and he also knew how to make good use of his blessing. He loved to be in control and these women also loved it very much, especially when he was in control. In the end, he made sure they were very happy. You would describe it as being very generous in bed; he was also selfless with his desires mostly. So, these women never stopped coming and would never stop coming.

"You love it?" he asked her and she nodded with drops of tears falling from her eyes. He left her hair and turned her around so that she was sitting on his full shaft with her legs straddling him.

"Shit! fuck yes...." he exclaimed and inhaled deeply. He loved all his women but Vera was his best girl and he loved it when she was riding his cork. She was the type you would describe as 'the baddie'.

"Yes, baby, ride my!" he groaned as he rolled his eyes back in pleasure. "oh! Vera....." he exclaimed, allowing himself to swirl in the clouds of heated pleasure. He grabbed on her waist with both hands and controlled her movement. This was one of the parts he loved the most and this definitely was one of the moments he would pay out all his cash to have. He began to move her waist very fast, faster than she could even imagine was humanly possible.

"Oh! Daryl......yes yes, yeah, I'm cumming" she screamed in pleasure.

"Yes, cum for me, my love" Daryl said seductively as she began to cum while her body shivered because it could no longer take the pleasure, she was on fire. She had already came twice but she wanted more of him. She couldn't get just enough of him. The sheets were already very much wet because she was a squirter and that part always got him even twice as hard as normal. He began to kiss the nape of her neck, sucking and biting her neck. She loved everything he was doing to her and she always would want more of it. He twisted and pinched her right nipple before squeezing the full breast gently and a loud moan escaped from her mouth. Daryl groaned. He took her breasts one after the other and gave them a good threat with his mouth and tongue. She loved it. And she was holding onto his neck to help him get the most of the breast. She was grinding against his strong erected cork that was still inside of her.

Daryl grabbed her by the waist and dumped her on the bed, then he flipped her over on all fours on the bed. Spanking her ass, he held her waist to steady her properly and went in as deep as he could; then out again. Vera moaned and Daryl sighed in pleasure. He spanked her ass again, this time, more loudly than before. Before going in again. Then he began to pommel inside of her, going as fast as his human strength could take. He was feeling it, the pleasure, all heated up in one piece. He would be consumed soon.

"Yes, Daryl, please don't stop. Fuck me. Yes, I love it" Vera exclaimed as she tried to catch her breath.

"You love it?" he asked, hitting her as hard as he could. She was holding onto the sheets, and at some point she felt the sheets might go torn but it didn't. So, Daryl took her hands and pulled them behind as he made them his new control panel. She would never want him to stop anything he did to her half way. She always wanted the full package.

"Fuck me Daryl, ye.........a...a...a" she screamed out in pleasure as she came.

"Call my name, love," Daryl ordered and his name escaped from her mouth as low as ever as her strength was draining. Daryl knew he was going to cum, so his pace increased until he let the ecstasy take control of him.

"Fuck!!!" he exclaimed loudly, groaning in pleasure and releasing every bit of his seed inside of her. Vera was the only woman he did that with because she was the only woman who shared his bed whom he had a little trust for. He made her take the pills he never forgot to acquire every time.

"Shit!" he said loudly, letting himself fall to the other side of the bed.

"Such a bad boy" Vera said seductively and kissed his chest before standing up and walking into the bathroom.

"Want to shower with me?" she called out from the bathroom. But he was too tired to leave the bed as much as he would have loved to get in the shower with her, but he didn’t go with that desire. He went with the choice to remain in bed.

"Nah, do your thing" he responded loud enough to be heard by her.


Daryl Crown had everything a man could ever want and more. Women, power, and wealth. He was known for his charming looks, his love for multiple women and his refusal to commit to any woman. He had always seen relationships as a way of complicating his life and if there was anything he hated the most, it was complication. It had a way of destroying a person's life. And he hated drama too. No matter how much his mother would have threatened to take his name out of the family’s inheritance if he didn’t take a wife, he still didn't care. “After all” he would say “I have my own money”.

For Daryl, marriage was like a prison where a person is never allowed to do as he wants. And with him, his freedom was all he needed to enjoy his life. Life would never be life if he didn’t have a hundred percent freedom.

Daryl had rules governing his life and women and they were:

Never to be one woman more than three months, never fuck same woman after three months and never bring any woman to your house. All his women knew this rule so he didn't have to deal with anyone later for heartbreak and stuff like that.

"With these stupid rules of yours my friend, you would probably die a loner" Daniel would say to him every time. But that doesn't freak Daryl out. Besides, he had family and friends so, nobody is dying a loner. He would accept any responsibility a man would have, except the one of women.


His phone beeped beside him, and Daryl stretched his hand to take the phone. It was a text message from his mom inviting him home for dinner. As much as he would have loved to go and feast on her meal, he also did not want to go for so many reasons. He sighed and tossed the phone to the other side of the bed. Seconds later, Vera came out all naked from the bathroom and onto the bed on his body.

"Do you want to go again?" she asked, seductively and smiled, kissing his chest and taking his nipple into her mouth.

"You say I'm the bad boy, but you my love, is the bad girl" he said with a smile as he cupped one of her butt cheeks in his right hand.

"So, do you want to go again?" he asked, holding her neck so she was looking at him. She blinked her eyes and licked her lips in a seductive way that Daryl loved. Daryl lowered her head to him and began to kiss her. Soon they were tongue kissing and her mouth was inside his. She let him have her tongue inside his mouth too. He went from holding her neck to grabbing one of breast. He massaged it graciously before turning her around to the bed on her back.

"Tell me how bad you want me," he requested, planting shallow kisses on her stomach.

"You know I want you so badly" she said to him tilting her head backwards.

"What exactly do you want, my love?" he asked her, and began to nibble on her ears, biting it softly and lightly.

"I want you to fuck me, Daryl. Fuck me until my body can no longer take it, please" she begged.

Daryl loved it when she begged him to fuck her. He turned her over and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He began sucking it. She moaned and arched her back towards him for more. Daryl traced his fingers to her thighs and massaged it lightly. Then, slowly he began to lightly draw circles on her clitoris. She loved it and he knew that. His circles grew from slow, soft to wild, fast circles. She patted her legs wide apart to give him more entrance. Daryl got the memo and slipped one of his fingers inside of her.

"Don't tease me Daryl. I hate it and you know" she said, pissed.

Daryl smiled to himself and began kissing her stomach down to her clitoris. He planted soft kisses on top of her pussy before using his tongue to roll over it. Vera moaned loudly. She held his head against herself to get more of his tongue. Soon Daryl began to go very fast, flicking his tongue over her clit.

"Yes...s...s...s...s...s...s...s...s...s" she exclaimed as she gave her body away to the pleasure. Her squirts were all over his face but he smiled at her while giving her his fingers to lick them.

"Do you see how good you taste?" he asked and she nodded.

Chapter 2

ONE MONTH AGO.............

"You do not know anybody there, and you don't even have any money" her mother screamed on top of her voice.

Angela had wanted to move to the city side of the country. She wanted to move, make more earnings and take more responsibility for herself. Since her father left, her mother had become the new country's whore. Angela hated it when she brought home different men every night, and sometimes these men would want to assault her. But as always, she escaped them. Even though been so young when her father left, she had always been the caretaker of herself. She herself was the one who paid their bills sometimes because her mother spent all the cash she got on weed and cocaine. No matter how hard she had tried to help the woman to at least take responsibility, her efforts failed every time. Angela was tired and she knew she was because she had successfully endured for years. For this reason, she would move out to the city side a


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