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My Millonaire Ceo.

My Millonaire Ceo.

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Ginny Backer is a thirty-year-old woman with two children, Ederne a little girl and Asher the rebellious son who usually does what he wants. Aegan Lombardi is a businessman, he always wears black suits and his presence is imposing in every place he goes. With a millionaire CEO like him having a line of girls waiting for him, things get out of hand when he and his employee Ginny have sex after she helped him survive an accident. James Lombardi, is the father of Aegan, a man who hides many secrets from his son, including the fact that he is the boss of the Italian mafia.

Chapter 1

Ginny Becker.

What an ugly and disgusting day. Rain is blown off the windshield of my coworker's car, equally foul with its smell of McDonald's fries and pine. Leon drums his fingers on the steering wheel and leans forward a bit to get a better look outside. The windshield wipers are doing their best to come and go, but it's raining as if someone has ripped the sky in half and a roaring ocean is falling through it.

“Thanks again for the trip.”

“You're welcome, that's why we are here”

I put my lips in and breathe in the green of the pines. I don't know what he rose to this with before I walked in, but he's going to haunt me wherever I go for the rest of the day. I don't know Leon very well, so it's entirely possible there's a dead body in the trunk and the pine spray is to hide it.

“It's raining pretty hard,” I say.

“Yes, it's supposed to rain all week.”

“I hope the weather changes a bit, I don't feel like having to ask you to take me every day.”

“It's no problem for me, Ginny.”

“I feel that I abuse the trust that you give me” I smile and he shakes his head. Leon has been good to me since I've known him, he doesn't know my secrets or how I got here and I don't expect him to, I'm glad we can talk about anything without having to harass each other, sometimes friends create unnecessary problems, but in our case and so far this has not been the case.

"Would you hand out candy on Halloween?"

“I don't believe in those festivities, but sometimes I like to go out and celebrate them to distract myself.”

“My father was a fan of distributing sweets on the street, he always said that he wanted to be part of a publishing house and it was I who ended up being part of one.”

“You have wanted to continue his legacy.”

“It's not a legacy if he hasn't done it.”

“Maybe you are right.”

We are silent watching the rain and I sigh, I should go inside, but I don't want to deal with my son and his little sister. I'm sure they've made a mess of the house. I have left them alone because it was the best option I had, Asher is already a big man who I consider to be mature enough to take care of Ederne. Sometimes we argue over trivial things, but that's normal in all families so I don't complain or argue about the mess he may have in his room. I look at Leon and force a smile, he continues with his gaze lost in the rain, his eyes do not leave hers and I assume that his thoughts have traveled to another place.

“I should go in, Ederne must be hungry.”

“I don't know how you are able to support the girl, I admire you for it, I suppose that no woman is as hard-working and dedicated as you, Ginny.”

“Don't put me on a pedestal, I don't recommend it Leon.”

“What's wrong with thinking like that about a friend?”

“You've seen what we've done,” I tell him, looking into his eyes steadily. “That's not what good people do.”

“Everyone deals with their problems the way they want.”

“You're sure?”

“You are not a bad person for taking a little money that you will pay back later.”

I nod in disbelief that he thinks that way, I'm about to respond but I'm embarrassed when Ederne runs out the front door, I smile at my daughter and hug her tight. He smells like vanilla, but his clothes smell of cigarettes, which tells me that Asher has been smoking. I have complained to him about it, I have tried to be the best mother and give him the best example, but I think I have not done the job well because he is still a boy with marijuana airs.

"How is my little sunshine?"

“We ate hamburgers in your absence, Asher has brought a girl who has taken care of me as if I were her sister.”

“A girl?” I ask raising my eyebrows and the girl nods.

“She's blonde,” he says like it's a good excuse. Ederne is ten years old, while Asher is fifteen.

“Tell me, what has your brother done with that girl?”

“The little girl shrugs and covers her ears with both hands.”

“They went up to the room and played music at full volume, I didn't want to pay attention to what happened next.”

I look wide-eyed at Leon and he holds back a laugh, right now I'm glad that Ederne isn't so curious. If it were, I don't even want to imagine what I'd be saying to Asher right now. I feel like our relationship got out of control the moment I started leaving him alone for a long time taking care of a one year old girl. Despite everything I understand, it is not easy to adopt the masculine stance from an early age and never expect too much from him.

“Looks like your son had a fun day today, I didn't expect kids his age to know how to bury objects.”

“What objects is Mr. Leon talking about?” Ederne asks and I shake my head, downplaying it.

“Don't ask too much, Leon was about to leave.”

“Will you come more often?” the girl asks and we both shake our heads.

“I'm very busy with work, but I'll try to get you to see me more often, maybe I'll become your mother's personal driver.”

“I think we would all like that to happen.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Of course.”

Ederne is an angelic girl, everyone falls in love with her easily and enjoys inviting her to events or things where she can appear and be photographed. Although some parents see it as a bad thing, I have taken advantage of the fact that my daughter is a white girl, with gray eyes and black hair. For some women, using the image of their children to get money is the worst, but for me it's the best decision I could make in life, they don't care how bad things are or if I'm almost bankrupt, everyone They expect a lot from me and sometimes it's frustrating when they do.

I am a thirty year old woman who has moved to Massachusetts, I have always been the type of person who moves constantly, no matter where I want to go or if people want to prevent me from leaving. I always look for a way to run away from my problems. The rain falls harder and Ederne holds on to Leon's coat.

“I think it's time for me to go”

I do not answer.

“See you,” my daughter murmurs, I wait for her to leave and when she does I sigh, I don't like it but it's a loose end and now she knows something I've done. I have never liked people knowing what I do.

“Asher” I say when I enter the house, he is sitting smoking inside the house with a girl sitting on his lap, they both look at me and he just clicks his tongue while the girl opens her eyes embarrassed, picks up her things and runs out in direction to the door.

“You've made me never want to come back.”

“With the disinterest that you show him, believe me that one day it was going to happen.”

“But not now,” he sighs. “You're a loose mouth.”

He tells his younger sister, she is the light in his eyes, he always worries that nothing bad happens to her and I know that if at any time someone wants to harm Ederne, he will be there to defend her.

“Don't smoke inside the house, don't bring women here when Ederne is around, and please, Asher, stop using drugs.”

“I'm not taking drugs, I just smoke.”

“What are drugs?” the girl asks, and I widen my eyes and shake my head.

“I'm sorry, okay? I've been a little out of it today, I didn't even want her to come.”

I approach the kitchen and see all the dirty dishes, I close my eyes because I thought they had cleaned everything but I avoid stressing. Asher sees my annoyed face and starts helping me wash the dishes.

“Why did you let her come?”

“She appeared here, I wanted her to leave”

“you put her in your room”

“So Ederne told you that,” I point out.

“He's ten years old, of course I was going to let him go.”

“It won't come again.”

“I know he won't, I'm waiting for his message to reach me saying that ours is over”

“Did they have something?” I ask softly. My anger has subsided a bit, Asher shakes his head but bites his bottom lip.

“I don't have the ability to feel something for someone right now, she just helped me release tension.”

“Do not use women as objects and if you are going to use someone, be an eighty-year-old woman with a car and wanting to give you half of her fortune.”

“Sometimes I forget that you are not a normal mother.”

Chapter 2

I laugh.

You are right, motherhood has become a strange game for me in which I raise two people who do not know how horrible and disastrous the world is, I work hard for them every day and I hope they work hard every day for what they want . Throughout my life I have learned that if you pretend things are going well, they always end well.

I finish preparing food and sit down to eat alone with Asher. Ederne has fallen asleep, she must have been tired from playing with her dolls all day. I have not been in Massachusetts for a long time, I still have not adapted to the customs of the people here, in the six months that I have spent I have not met my boss, when I was on vacation in London between, they told me that I would return today and that I wanted to to all the new employees in line. It scares me to think that I'm going to meet the man that all of Massachusetts is talking about.

“When Ederne wakes up, tell her to come down to eat, I don't want to see yo


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