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My Heart Is At Crossroads

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Violette Harper always had a messed-up love life starting from her high school love to her college love. She was always heart broken by anyone she loved. She was forced by her step parents to get married to billionaire CEO under a contract as the man was looking for someone to bear him a male child. Violette during their contract marriage was unable to bear him a male child, so immediately after their contract marriage expired, he divorced her for her younger step sister. During their marriage, Violette put in all her effort to make their marriage work as she fell in love with her husband but he couldn’t care less since she could not bear him a son. After their divorce, she found out she was two months pregnant with twin boys. She decided that she wasn’t going to be a lover girl who always got heartbroken. She moved away to another city to raise her boys away from her ex-husband. Everything goes well, she starts a career and her twin boys grow up to be a delight and her comfort Her past relationships have hardened her and she no longer believed in love but she couldn't deny that she had sexual needs, she agreed to be having no strings attached casual s*x with one of her colleagues What happens when she is transferred to another branch of her company in her former city and her ex husband lives right in one of the apartments of the building she also stays in? What happens when her twins boys bump into him and take a liking to him? Will she tell him about his kids? What happens when Liam confesses his feelings to her and no longer wants casual s*x? Which of the men will she choose, her ex-husband who wants her back or her colleague who had been attending to her needs?

Chapter 1

Violette Harper- Divorce and Betrayal

Violette Harper

“Sign the goddamn divorce papers and get the fuck out of my house. The contract is over right? Just sign and you’re free to go” Alexander yelled, banging on the table while the maids stayed on.

“Alex baby, please don’t do this to me. I love you. I promise I’ll bear you a male heir. Please let’s try again”, Violette pleaded in tears at his feet.

“Try again? That’s what you have been saying for the past year and look where that got us” He said, showing her the negative pregnancy strip.

Alexander Smith was a renowned billionaire CEO who had everything he wanted except one thing- a male heir. He didn’t want his legacy and riches to end with him. He married Violette under a contract, so she could give birth to a son for him, but things didn’t work out as planned as Violette couldn’t even conceive during their marriage.

Violette's heart shattered into a million pieces at Alexander's harsh words. She had hoped against hope that their love would prevail, but now she realized the bitter truth: their marriage was nothing more than a business deal, and she was just a pawn in Alexander's quest for a male heir.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gazed up at him, her voice trembling with desperation. "Please, Alexander, I'll do anything... I'll try again. I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. Just give me another chance. I can’t live without you. I love you”

Just as she was talking, her stepsister, Liliana, walked into the house, and she immediately rushed to her

“Lily, please beg Alexander not to divorce me. He is the love of my life, I can’t do without him” she begged her sister, but she noticed that instead of the kind and heartfelt lok she always got from her sister, she got a look of disdain and disgust.

She was still struggling to understand her sister’s expression when Lilliana pushed her away and walked over to Alexander. She embraced him and kissed him lustfully while Violette looked on in shock and horror

What was going on?

“Lily, Alex, What is this? What are you two doing?” She asked with a shaky voice while her head was spinning

Alexander's expression remained cold and indifferent, his resolve unyielding. "Since you couldn’t bear me a son, I’ve decided to marry someone who will," he said icily, his voice devoid of any hint of compassion. "I've wasted enough time on you. Sign the papers and leave."

It then dawned on her. How could her stepsister, whom she loved and adored, do this to her?

Feeling utterly defeated, Violette reached for the pen, her hand shaking as she signed her name on the divorce papers. As she handed them back to Alexander, she couldn't help but feel a sense of emptiness wash over her. The man she had once loved with all her heart was now nothing more than a stranger, and she was left with nothing but memories of what could have been.

“Good”, Alexander said, taking the papers from her. “Now, take your failed pregnancy strip and pack your things and get out of my house”

“And don’t come back”, Lilianna added

Violette looked at the two of them and felt a heavy pang in her heart. She headed upstairs and packed her necessary things. She looked at her credit cards. They were in her name but all the money in them belonged to Alexander. If she took them, he would probably block them after she left. She just took some cash, which totaled to twenty dollars and ten cents, put all her things in one box within minutes and went back down to meet Alex and Liliana. The maids had now dispersed, leaving just the three of them in the room

As Violette stood before Alexander and Liliana, her heart heavy with sorrow and betrayal, she couldn't help but feel a surge of anger bubbling within her. How could they treat her like this, after everything she had sacrificed for Alexander's sake?

But as she looked into their cold, unfeeling eyes, she realized that there was no point in arguing. They had made up their minds, and nothing she said or did would change that.

With a resigned sigh, Violette picked up her box of belongings and headed towards the door. She paused for a moment, her gaze lingering on the home she had once shared with Alexander, now tainted with the memories of their failed marriage.

Just as she was about to step out of the house, a voice stopped her

“Violette wait”

It was Alexander’s. Violette’s heart leaped for joy. Did Alexander suddenly realize his mistake? Maybe this was all a prank. She turned around eagerly and swiftly, waiting to hear what he had to say

“Before I forget, I want to personally hand you an invitation” He said

“Invitation for what?” Violette asked

“An invitation to our wedding” Liliana squealed excitedly. She walked over to Violette, took her hands and placed the invitation in

“Make sure you come and share in our joy” She said with a sinister smile

Violette looked at the card and tears freely flowed from her eyes.

“Alright then, you can see yourself out now. Don’t make me call security”, Alexander said in a harsh tone

Violette turned around and stepped out of the house and then out of the gate. As Violette walked away from Alexander's house, the weight of betrayal and heartbreak heavy on her shoulders, she couldn't help but feel utterly alone in the world. The pain of losing Alexander, coupled with the betrayal of her own stepsister, felt like too much to bear.

In that moment, she decided to start a new life for herself. She dumped her phone in the nearest trashcan. She looked at her pregnancy strip, and she was deeply surprised!

The strip that once showed one line, now showed two brightly colored lines, indicating that she was pregnant.

She held the strip close to her heart and vowed to take care of her baby no matter what it took. She was now overtaken by a mother’s love as she vowed to keep her child away from her ex-husband.

With each step she took, she felt a renewed sense of strength and purpose coursing through her veins. She was no longer the broken woman who had been cast aside by those she loved. She was Violette Harper, a fighter, a survivor, and a mother.

She located a nearby bus stop and got in, sliding six dollars into its collection bin and found an empty seat. She didn't know where she was going, but she was willing to get away from Minnesota and all its troubles and start her life afresh.

Chapter 2

Six Years After

Violette Harper

It had been six years since her contract marriage to her ex-husband had expired, six years since he divorced her. She had left Minnesota for a new city to raise her baby. When she gave birth, she eventually found out that she wasn't only carrying one child, but twins. Life in the new city had been challenging yet fulfilling for Violette. She poured all her love and dedication into raising her twin boys, Ethan and Jaden, shielding them from the pain and betrayal of their father's absence. Despite the struggles of single parenthood, Violette found solace and joy in her sons, their laughter and innocence lighting up her world.

After some years, she was fully established. Her sons were a delight. They were so bright and vibrant, and they had grown so much, they were Violette’s comfort and joy.

She was now a renowned real estate manager and worked for a multinational company.

“Alright, do you have your lunch box


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