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My Greedy Father Sold Me Off To A Ruthless Drug Lord

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Warning: Matured Content 18+ You do not want me to repeat myself, now strip.” She tried to stop me from touching her, but I only end up hitting her in the face because I can no longer control myself. I forcefully rip off her dress and begin to touch her everywhere and d*mn, she tastes so exquisite. She is so f*ck*ng tight, making me slam in forcefully so that she can feel my whole. Who keeps her virginity at this age? I wanted to please her as well, but I can't help but pleasure myself seeing how tight she is, making me slam so hard and harder every time. Once I was done, I order her to get out. She would learn to fear me that way After being sold of to a wealthy ruthless and heartless billionaire. Lila became the shadow of herself as she was constantly humiliated by her so called husband who finds nothing wrong in letting another man on top of his wife. Lila was never loved by her family nor husband. what would happen when her husband let another man taste his wife? what will happen when Lila realized her husbands friend whom she hated just had her?

Chapter 1 One

I stare blankly at my window as the music lyrics pierce right through me.

Emptiness is the only feeling inside of me.

Home feels like a prison, one which you want to break through so bad.

I can hear mom screaming from downstairs, followed by cries and pleas. She is probably begging dad for some sort of thing we both know he would not do.

I have the strangest family ever.

We feel no sense of responsibility whatsoever towards one another. We share no bond.

The only time we ever sit together is for breakfast every morning and that is because it is an order from father, none of us dares to go against it.

It is time for breakfast already, and I find myself feeling reluctant of joining my so-called family.

There is no love; not like you can give what you do not have.

We are just a result of our parent's past mistakes, which they despise.

My father is the worst. He would do anything to get his hands on what he wanted, even if it means sacrificing any of us.

His greed is the size of his ego, and that is huge. He talks dirty and acts like sh*t too, as if that is not enough, he possesses a high standard of wickedness. In short, he is pure evil.

Most times, I keep my head down to stay out of trouble. I try to avoid conversation with them, not like we ever talk to each other anyway.

I walk down the stairs to join them in the dining room, where everyone else is already seated.

“Good morning,” I greeted without expecting an actual response from anyone.

Mom looked at me like she wanted to dig a hole in my head, and I wondered what I did wrong this time.

Dad, on the other hand, has a big sly smile plastered on his face. I wonder what is going on in his head.

I pulled a chair directly opposite dad, giving me a clear picture of his facial expressions.

This man is up to no good, I thought to myself as I try to eat as fast as I can so that I can leave the table.

“Lila” father called out, catching me off guard.

He never talks to anyone unless he wants to bash out or give out some order.

“Yes, father?” I answered, quite unsure.

“You know, I have always known you are my greatest asset among your siblings.” He smiled evilly as if he just complimented me.

Really? Asset, is that how lowly he thinks of me?

Like I am some kind of property he possesses, I thought to myself.

I looked in mom's direction and if I don't know better, I would think she lower her head out of guilt, or is it shame?

I waited for the man sitting in front of me to finish off his nonsense.

As if he is enjoying the whole thing, his eyes dance with amusement.

“There will be a meeting I would like you to attend with me tonight. I have called for a makeup artist that will help you blend in with that look of yours, or at least make you look like you are fit.

A car will be here by 7:00 pm. Get yourself ready before then.

I do not need you to do anything once you get there, just put on a smile and follow my order.

I will have a dress sent to you as soon as I leave this place, I won't have you embarrass me with your pathetic look.

Don't ruin this chance for me,” he warned.

He excuses himself immediately after dropping the bomb.

I look over at mom, who looked like she wants to break her plate. I look over at my brothers, both looking unbothered by the whole thing.

Likewise, I have always known these idiots are cowards, but I never expected them to be this calm like I was a total stranger. Likewise, I know we don't share any bond, but anyone could tell that whatever it is that father is planning will be up to no good.

I excuse myself without a word, leaving my food untouched.


I am Lila Brown, the only daughter of the Brown family. I have two elder brothers, which are Michael and Davis. The only ties we share is our surname

We were raised with zero love hence, we felt nothing towards each other.

One would think Davis and Michael will at least be the close ones among us all since they are both guys, but heck, who am I kidding? They are the worst.

Always competing over everything.

They would do anything to get their father's approval. In short, they are a bunch of cowards.

My father, on the other hand, is no other than James Brown. A man of zero integrity. His greed always overshadows him. In his quest for more, there is nothing he would not do.

And mother, her introduction is for another day. Her whole life has been a misery. That, I can tell from all the things I had witnessed her go through. I want to pity her so bad at times, but she brought this upon herself, and I hated her for dragging us into her failed love life.

Thinking about my family alone makes me lose my sanity.

My thought was cut short by a knock on the door.

I opened the door to see some woman in her late 40s, I guess.

“Hello” I greeted

“Hi, I'm grace. Your father called me over to do your makeup.”

“Oh!” I muttered.

I let the woman into my room to do what she is here for so that we can get done with the bull sh*t and I can finally resume back to my normal life like I have any.

Once she finished her work, she brought out a bag I didn't notice from earlier. Inside it is a red strapless dress.

“Here, your father said you should put on this dress and be ready by 7:00 pm. A car is waiting outside already.”

Reluctantly, I took the dress from her and examine it over a thousand and one times. This is ridiculous. Why should I wear something this revealing?

Knowing how much my father keeps to time, I walk into my closet to wear the dress and heck, I feel disgusted with myself.

I look at myself in the mirror, and I am ashamed of what I see. I look like a wh*r*, a very cheap one at that. One can have a clear view of my boobs in this dress, not to talk of how the dress is barely reaching my mid-tight.

If I try to bend down, one can see the colour of my panties, if not a clear picture of my *ss.

What the hell was this man thinking when he picked this dress?

What am I?

A sl*t?

I looked at myself in the mirror, and it took everything in me to stop myself from ripping this dress off my body.

“Hot” the obnoxious makeup artist commented the moment I came out.

I ignored her completely as I took my phone and my purse while I prepare to leave.

The moment I stepped into the sitting room, Davis who was sipping a drink split it out immediately.

“Oh, sh*t! What are you, a sl*t?”

I wanted to insult him so badly but then, Michael came out of the kitchen smirking.

“ I bet you are getting some tonight, he whispered.”

I have never felt so much hatred towards someone in my entire life, the way my heart is burning with anger right now.

I can tell Michael knows the exact thing that would be happening tonight because he is our father puppet, but I can't deal with their sh*t right now.

The moment I got out, I saw a car waiting for me already. This man must have a mean business, I thought to myself.

He drove us to some expensive club and I begin to panic. Why is he having a meeting in a club?

The driver called him immediately after we arrived and some bouncer came to fetch me.

The club is not the usual one. This is a stripper club. Men were ogling at me the minute I entered and one even have the nerve to grab my *ss.

I was on the verge of hitting him when the bouncer gave him a hard punch, making him fall back before leading me to the VIP section.

I lock eyes with my father Immediately I entered. He has a huge smile plastered on his face, making me look back to check out if there is anyone behind me. There is no one, though.

“Lila” he called out in an extremely friendly voice as he walked up to me.

What is going on?

“ Do not use your shenanigans' behaviour to ruin tonight for me, or I will make your life a living hell.” He warned.

He took my hands in his as he introduces me to the table.

“Guys, this is my daughter, Lila.”

A young man who seem to be in his late twenties peered right through me as if he is searching for something, checking me out from head to toe without missing a thing like a pervert.

Then, he smiled in satisfaction, making me feel sick.

“She is not as bad as I had expected, he said.”

Chapter 2 two

Not as bad as he thought?

What is that supposed to mean?

I looked over at my father, who have a proud smile on his face.

“Of course not, he smiled.”

“ Come over here” the young man commanded.

I look at my father once again, and he gave me a tight smile.

I do not know who this man is, but he looks scary. He has a cold aura which screams run for your life!!! But I dare not move an inch if I want to avoid facing my father's wrath.

I glance over at the man once again to study his appearance.

He has hazel eyes, the proper masculine physique, a perfect face cut, with an impressive height of 6'2.

I don't know who he is, but I am certain he is not good for me.

“Is she not aware of the reason she is here?” He asked coldly.

“ Of course, she is.”

“If so, I would like to ramp up the deal tonight. I will have the money sent into your account, and she follows me home, right away.”


What deal?

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