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My Ex husband is a bastard (He wants me back)

My Ex husband is a bastard (He wants me back)

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Blurb Duncan was able to eliminate Hazel from his home but not his heart after finding a picture of her with an unknown man on a bed together. Without finding out the truth, he divorced her and also making her abort her baby she was happy to have after three years that she as been expecting a child. Seven years later, Hazel is back to Italy with a seven years old boy for a business with his company and Duncan wants her back immediately he set his eyes on her. He is eager to find out information about the father of the child and he is ready to tame her back to him. Will Hazel forgive him despite how she loathe him after everything he as done to her? Or will he be able to tame her back to him? Will he be able to find out who the father of the boy is?

Chapter 1- You are pregnant

Chapter 1

The United States Of America... Texas City

Hon'z Hospital... 2:39 pm

Writer's Point of View

"Mrs. Gonzalez, I hope you aren't annoyed that I'm keeping you waiting" The female doctor, Miss Toni Morrison apologized to Mrs. Hazel Gonzalez as she is attending to a nurse.

"Not at all doctor, please take your time" Hazel smiled lightly as she tried to calm herself down.

Let me briefly introduce her.

She is Mrs. Hazel Kate Ramirez Gonzalez, the wife of the CEO of Duncan Gonzalez Real Estate Company, Duncan Kyle Gonzalez, her husband. The largest Real Estate Company in the country.

Duncan Kyle Gonzalez is one of the richest not only in Texas but the whole of America, he has chains of companies and assets, he is super-rich and extra handsome, and he is someone people fear but that doesn't mean he isn't the eye candy of ladies but unfortunately, he only fell for Hazel.

Hazel is a young lady in her early 20s, she's 24 years old. Hazel is sure a very beautiful dazzling sexy young lady, with each passing year, she looks even younger. No doubt, anyone who passes near her either a man or woman will surely look back to stare at her again.

Because she was captured and made a prisoner to finely cut by features. Hazel is perfect that no one can find a word to describe her beauty and to cap it up, one could get drowned in her sky-blue turquoise eyes, the ones that God gives to every beautiful woman.

Damn, she is dangerously beautiful...

Her husband is the only son of his parents and she would always say she is very lucky to have him as her husband.

She is currently in the hospital to know the result of the test she did last week. Recently, she noticed some changes in her body, and she has been vomiting frequently. She hopes it is nothing really serious.

"Alright, Mrs. Gonzalez, your results are ready" The doctor faced her smiling as she dismissed the nurse she was attending to.

"I hope it is nothing serious doctor," Hazel asked feeling scared

"No, it is not" The doctor shook her head.

"Instead it's a good news, the test we conducted shows that nothing is wrong with you," Miss Toni said smiling and I sighed

"Mrs. Gonzalez you are two months pregnant" the doctor released the surprising bomb.

"What did you just say," Hazel asked with a surprised expression

"You are two months pregnant" the doctor repeated laughing at my outburst.

"Oh my God, I'm pregnant for my Duncan," Hazel squealed happily rubbing my tummy as if I can feel the baby.

"This is the result, you may have it" The doctor stretched forth the result slip while I collected it and read it again probably the doctor is making a mistake.

"Duncan will be so happy to hear this" Hazel said smiling

" I bet he will," the doctor said smiling.

"Mrs. Gonzalez, now that you are pregnant, you will need to register for anti-natal care here in the hospital" she added

"Of course, I will," Hazel replied as she stood up and can't wait to get home to tell, her husband ...

"Thank you, doctor," Hazel waved at her walking out of the doctor's office.

Hazel got outside where the driver parked the car and opened the door for her to enter.

"Drive Mason," she ordered the driver and he drove off...


Gonzalez's Mansion

It was just a Thirty minutes drive from the hospital to the house...

They arrived at the gate of our house and the gate is opened by itself because it's electronic and it's been registered.

The house is a two-story building painted white including the fence and the gate...

The house is so huge and round was painted in white color and the water spring was right at the center of the mansion. The floor was German floored and at the end, there's a large swimming pool with chairs...

Immediately, the driver drove inside the compound, she didn't wait for him to park the car very well before she got down rushing inside to tell Duncan about her pregnancy.

Just as she got inside the sitting room, she saw her mother-in-law sitting down and because she had the sound of the door, she turned and saw it was her, she hissed.

"Mother, good afternoon" she greeted with a surprised expression on her face.

"Hmmm.... what is even good about the afternoon," Mrs. Mia said without looking at me as she continued watching the TV program she is watching before Hazel entered.

"Where are you coming from I'm sure you don't have any place of work, your work is at home here but you won't listen till you are chased out," Mrs. Mia rolled her eyes

"Mother, I went out somewhere important," Hazel sighed

"Who cares anyway, I hope Duncan chases you out quickly from here because you don't deserve it," Mrs. Mia added

She ignored her reply since she is used to it anyway and asked frowning," Mother, what are you doing here"

"First Hazel or whatever they call your name, I'm not your mother and I will never be a mother to a bitch like you" She eyed me badly

"What, me a b*tch" Hazel gasped pointing at myself

"Secondly, you don't have the right to ask me what I'm doing in my son's house, you gold digger" Mrs. Mia hissed ignoring what I said

"Mum, why are you calling me names all of a sudden," Hazel asked at the brim of tears.

"Why won't I," Mrs. Mia snorted with laughter

"What have I done again this time around to deserve these insults from you, Mother"

"What have you not done, you are married to my son is part of it," Hazel sighed

Since the time Duncan and Hazel have known each other, when we dated and later got married, his mum, Mrs. Mia Gonzalez has never shown any sign of affection towards her.

It is as always been from one fight to another that she didn't know the reason for them and she will end up begging at the end.

If not because her love for Duncan and also for his support, she would have left him because of his Mum, Hazel wonders how her reaction will be when she tells her she is pregnant.

There is nothing she has ever done to please her and Duncan didn't have a father, which is why he can't chase his mum away.

"I'm sorry" Hazel sighed and begged just like her daily routine anytime she is angry with her and that means every time.

"Hmmm" she mumbled

Hazel sighed and want to start going upstairs and she called me back.

"Where do you think you are going"

"I'm going to meet Duncan,"

"He is not inside" she replied.

What, how come he isn't in? But his car is outside.

"Mother, please where is Duncan," Hazel asked her because it is Duncan that is important to me right now.

Hazel is eager to tell him that she is having his baby.

"Why will I tell you where he is" she replied and hissed at him

"I need to tell him something very important" Hazel replied

"Well, he is busy with work so you can't see him" she answered

"But mother, according to the secretary, she told me that he is at home resting and his car is outside," Hazel frowned

"And I told you as his mother, you can't see him right now" she snapped

"Mother, just like he is your son, he is also my husband" Hazel replied blankly.

"Look at how you are talking to me" she shouted

"Mother..." Hazel shouted

"Stop shouting, you are disturbing the peace of this house," she said looking upstairs worriedly

"Mother, why are you looking upstairs," Hazel asked

"What...." She stuttered staring at me

If eyes could kill, Hazel would already be six feets dead beneath the ground.

"Mother, you stuttered, is Duncan in the room," Hazel asked looking at her suspiciously

"He is not around, he is busy" she shushed me off

"Fine, since you claim he is not at home I'm going upstairs" Hazel declared

"What, don't you dare" she warned and dragged me back.

"This is my matrimonial home, my husband's house, I have the right, don't question me" Hazel corrected her firmly but gently staring at her keenly.

"Mother, what are you hiding"

"I'm not hiding anything" she shrugged

"Yes, you are," Hazel sighed," you are acting strange all of a sudden"

"Fine, since you insist you're not, I'm going inside"

"You will not go" she insisted

"Wait Mother, First you are calling me a b*tch, secondly, you don't want me to enter the house and you are keeping Duncan from me"

"Hazel, I'm your mother-in-law, don't go"

"I'm going upstairs and there's nothing you are going to do about it" Hazel snapped and started walking upstairs to check what she is hiding...

As she is climbing the stairs, Mrs. Mia came running after her to prevent her from going upstairs but I ran quickly so she won't meet up since she is quite old...

Hazel got to their room and suddenly, she met the door slightly open...

"Why will Duncan leave the door open?" She thought inwardly

Duncan is never careless...

She shrugged and opened the door very well and entered but met the shock of her life.


Chapter 2- Divorce

Chapter 2

Writer's Point of View

Hazel shrugged and opened the door very well and entered but met the shock of her life.


"Duncan," she called him again with shock written all over her face and staggered back with the scene she saw.

She met Duncan lying with someone else on our matrimonial bed.

Lying is an understatement because he is having sex with another woman, not just another woman but her greatest enemy, Octavia Roger.

She sat up just like Duncan using the duvet to cover her body smiling at Hazel.

"Duncan, what..... what a... are you doing," Hazel stuttered still trying to take everything that is happening in as her eyes watered.

"What does it seem like I'm doing," Duncan said nonchalantly

"This is our matrimonial bed, Duncan, this is immoral"

"See who is talking about immorality" he scoffed


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