My Counterpart

My Counterpart

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Bebe San7
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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The door to the bathroom opens startling her. In the bathroom filled with water vapor, a person was standing faintly. Two strong legs stepped on the water drops on the bathroom floor and walked forward step by step, she was lost staring at him not sure of what to do or react, she had completely forgotten about her rebirth and only thought of why there was a man in the room with her. It was better last night because she was under the influence of rugs, but facing him right now made her feel awkward. His hair was slightly wet, and he was wiping it with a towel in his hand. There was only a white bath towel around his waist; his arbs caught her eyes, and he could see how she stared straight down to his lower abdomen, swallowing a huge lump. This lady was something. It is deeply disturbing. Indifferent and slightly scrutinizing eyes swept toward Arielle, with a trace of indifference. She had no idea of his name or where he came from. Her eyes reached him when she felt a godlike figure man staring at her with amusement. Just then she realized she was naked and jumped back on the bed quickly covering her body with the quilt. She was naked however, she just minds raped the man before her. “I saw everything last night, so no need to cover up, '' he smug, and continuously dries his hair with the towel. His voice sounded rather, like a horse judging from the fact that he just came from having his bath. Arielle pursed her lips tightly and did not speak, but just looked at him vigilantly as if scanning a thief. She still could not understand why he was here. No one was in the room in her previous life when she woke up, everyone had left.

Chapter 1

I woke up excited, I haven't felt so relieved in a while. I pulled myself up from the bed which woke up Grace, she slept so close to me. I don't know why she put herself through so much when she could have a room all to herself, but these little gestures of hers make me happier for she had the choice of choosing a room all to herself and I will just ring her if I need her service, however, she chooses to stay with me throughout...

"Belle, come on…. It's way too early to start preparing and it's not like we will be walking all the way” she whined while I just gave her a silly smile. She is the most loyal friend and confidant I have. She has proven beyond her thoughts to be trustworthy through my years of misery. oh !! how I still think of it but it's all gone, good days or even better days are ahead.

“Grace I know but I can't help it, not forgetting he will be leaving for the office as early as 7 am. So please just this once okay” She sluggishly got up from the bed, I know she isn't happy. Grace got me all dressed up and ready for my big day not like it was my birthday, on the contrary, I was Edwards and I haven't seen him like forever.

We barely spend time together as he is busier with the empire, we are both heirs of great empires and this marriage will not only be for love but for greater heights. 3 months seem to have been years without him, it is his birthday, and what more of better present than a surprise visit for the one he loves? I could barely contain my joy when the car pulled through the driveway.

The servants were about with their duties, they stopped for a while to say hello while Eman offered to help me to his room but sweetly declined the offer. I could do it, I have been so many times and his room was wheel friendly. I wheel myself through the vacant hallway, it was clean without a speck of dust.

A special gift for a special one. Handcrafted by me, I took a look for the 100th time at the coffee mug I made for him. It's a sign of my love and when he uses it every morning he will think of me. It wasn't easy considering my disability and having to go through so much trouble at the factory just to make him happy, it's all nothing knowing it's the little prince for he loves me more.

Gifts from the heart are said to be the best and I know without a thought he was going to love my present. Gifting him a pleasant surprise seems to be the best way to make him remember his 29th birthday. I smile sheepishly holding the well-wrapped gift in one hand and controlling the wheels with the other.

Very few of the servants were going about, they knew best to stay out of my way and my importance to their boss was no secret. I could hear my heartbeat growing louder, I was excited, nervous, and most of all happy. It felt like I hadn't seen him in years.

The closer I got the more unlikely I felt, this feeling was new but I brushed it away. I could hear voices and it was no surprise for his parents must have flown in early to spend time with him. The closer I was the more my ears heard otherwise, it was not coming from behind as I thought but from the room before me.

It was his parent's voice, but a sweet gentle voice, and no doubt for it is female. His love for me was something I would never doubt. My hands reach for the door nop but seem to have frozen without my consent.

I stop in my track leaning against the door, like a gossip waiting to drive new details of her next victim. My hair single out, and a rush of cold waves shock me more like I have been electrocuted. “It can't be,” I whispered to myself trying to stay strong.

“It isn't happening '' I tell myself, trying as much as I can to wake up from the terrible nightmare. It has to be a lie, however, everything felt even more realistic.

“Come on Ed, you know I love you and my sister is just passing time. How I wish I was the one to walk down the aisle with you” it was the voice of my step-sister, I could not hold the hot tears which stream down my eyes,

“plaything?'' I did not get to digest Ana’s words when Edward stabbed me even harder. “I feel nothing for her, and you know it, it will all end soon, just give me more time”

“ I don't know she would just die,” Anabel lamented. “Shhhh, you can't wish for that now, I won't be able to get her inheritance if I dont marry her” My heart sank, so it has been all about the money from the very start. How naive was I to think he will love me after losing my legs, I gave everything, is it my kidney, oh saving his ass from the accident which cost me my legs?

Oh wait, is it the love and support I gave him making the Charles empire unbeatable for all these years? I could not hold myself. “So when will you divorce her?” Anabel asked without any sign of remorse.

“Oh silly you, I can only walk out of this marriage a widower, so what do you think?” the more it lasted the more I felt like a dream, a nightmare I want to wake up so badly. I leaned back, my mind racing I didn't notice the mug left my hands still it hit the hard floor shattering into countless pieces.

The noise distracts the lovers, they rushed out ready to devour whosoever the culprit was. Edward walked out stopping in his tracks, when he sees, me. Anabel came with a towel wrapped around her chest and did need a fortune teller to remind me of what they might have been doing.


Chapter 2

“Brother-in-law, you should leave now. I am not worthy to be the cause of the dispute between our families. And will talk about things with my sister, so dont worry. Everything will be fine and the wedding won't be called off. I will be by my sister's side. I know we love each other and you don't worry, I will talk to my sister, she will have the wedding with you in 3 days.

The invitations have been sent out already so there is no way we are going to cancel the wedding now. Arielle understands, very well how important this wedding is for us.” Arielle pushed herself, giving some space between them.

“Aren't you too much, after having him you're dumping him on me so I get married to him, you two kill me and then get it all. How scheming” Edward walks off not without throwing a sweet glance at Anabel as if saying she should take care of herself.

“ Arielle, I did not want it to be out in such a way but let me take you where it will all end.” she


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