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My beautiful seductress

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Sheila was eighteen years old when she lost her parents in a terrible road accident. It was her eighteenth birthday. The day that was supposed to be a happy day turned as a tragic one. Her life changed completely. She had to balance between her three part time jobs and attending lectures. Three years later,life was still the same if not worse. David Brown,the CEO of Brown cooperation and the most sought after bachelor in town is struggling between managing the company and taking care of his rebellious daughter. The two people from two different worlds meet, how will their relationship turn out to be?



Review after half of the novel

My beautiful seductress is a nice novel, I am enjoying reading the story, and I am loving the way the family is developing. The writer has portrayed the role of a family in such a nice way and the love and fondness between them is beautiful. My beautiful seductress is such a romantic story it’s a fairytale and it makes one become wishful for such a romantic life to happen, it’s nice to indulge in and forget about one’s problem for a while.

May 5, 2024

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