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My Baby's Daddy Is A Billionaire CEO

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Phoebe... She is from a wealthy family, Mr Walter, her father is a business tycoon in Arizona with lots of awards, business organization in his name. Phoebe was 19 years old when she discovered she was pregnant for her boyfriend. Her parents disowned and kicked her out of the house. Her boyfriend also was nowhere to be found for a long period of time. Her friend, Sean helped her through her challenges. Years later, She became independent, she trained her child through the little money she made. Her boyfriend showed up as a successful business tycoon and a billionaire. He want to have her back as his wife just as he had promised her years back. Will she accept him?, Is she ever going to forgive him?. henceforth.

Chapter 1

Walter Group Of Company


I walked into my office. I dropped my briefcase on the table, I took my seat, and switched on the laptop. I picked the telecom and buzzed my secretary.

"Yes Sir". The secretary said immediately she walked in.

"What are my schedules for today?". I asked, typing something on my laptop.

"Sir, you have a meeting 10 minutes from now with the Broad Group Of Companies".

"Where is it taking place?". I asked, sitting back on the chair.

"It is taking place here, with Jamie Company". 

"Have you prepared yourself for the presentation?".

"Yes Sir, we are prepared but I don't know about Sir Andrew". She said dropping the files with her.

"Okay you can go"... "Okay Sir". She replied and left...Andrew walked in.

"Are you prepared for the presentation". I asked, staring into his eyes.

"Yes Dad, I am fully prepared, I can't afford to lose the contract to Jamie Company". He said sitting.

"I trust you my son, it is time, let's go wait for them in the conference room". I said standing up and he followed.

5 minutes later

"Good morning Mr Douglas. I shook hands with him".

"Good morning Mr Walter, it is my pleasure 

meeting you again. I gestured for him to take a seat, as he did with his crew. Mr Jamie came in with his son and his secretary, we exchanged glares. 

"Good morning, it is good to have you all here. Our company proposed a contract a few months back, so far so good we have found two companies competent for the job which is Walter Group Of Companies and Jamie Company which is a tie, but unfortunately, we need only one company for this job. We are here to listen to your presentations thank you". The man said without a break and he bowed, we applauded our hands.

"Jamie Company will go first".  Another person announced, the representative member stood up, he made his way to the front. He took a bow and he started.

"Placing a great advertisement will be productive to the company in the way that customers will be aware of the product"... He presented demonstrating with his hands, minutes later he was done.

We were called upon to deliver our presentation.

"We ve come to the end of the presentation, does anyone have anything to say concerning the project". The first man who spoke the other time asked. Nobody responded. He sat down.


Mr Douglas rose up to speak. "We have concluded on which company to go with, he paused, passing his gaze among us, tension was written all over our faces, we eagerly awaited the result...He continued... We chose Jamie Company for the project". He shouted, shaking hands with Mr Jamie.

I stormed out, going straight to my office. "I thought you said you were all  fully prepared then why did we lose it". I yelled at Andrew and a few workers in anger.

"We tried our best Sir, but it seems our best ain't enough". The secretary said, triggering my anger.

"You knew it was not going to turn out well, then why don't you change your settings and everything". I growl, they flinched in fear. "Get out of my office". I yelled, banging my fist against the table.

"Easy, easy, getting angry won't make the contract yours". Jamie said walking in smiling, my anger grew wider.

"What brought you here?". I asked instantly.

"Hmmm, nothing actually, I came to check on your condition, I know you will be bittered by now and you don't have to scare your workers away with your anger". He warned me to sit.

"Did I ask you to sit?". I asked, looking at him weirdly.

"You don't have to, anyways I have offered myself already". He smiled.

"Why are you here, to make fun of me right then go ahead". I said, throwing back my head.

"No I am not, I came here to have an agreement with you". He said, I stared at him, puzzled. I remained silenced.

He spoke up again. "I know how your company has been fairing, it is now losing a lot lately, he shook his head in pity, I can award this contract to you on one condition". 

"On what condition?". I asked. Sitting up.


I packed my car in the garage, I stepped down , I checked my wrist watch. 8:45am I am so dear, I said running to the lecture room, sneaking in, I found a seat at the back, I sat on it without making any noise. "Thank God he did not see me". I sighed.

"Miss Walter, why are you just coming". The lecturer said, all eyes turned to me, I mentally slapped myself. 

"I am sorry Sir, it won't happen again". I said to avoid eye contact with anybody.

"Take your seat". He instructed, which I gladly did and he continued his lecture.

He lectured for half an hour, then left. I quickly stand up from where I am to sit at the front. We had two more lectures before we had a break.

"Phoebe, Phoebe", I heard someone screaming my name, I turned, I saw the person, it's Sean, I started smiling. We hugged. He is my childhood friend, he is also like a brother to me.

"How are you?". Sean asked.

"Am fine". I said, we started walking towards a swing bench.

"I saw you running in, this morning, why did you come late?". He asked, and we sat down.

"I woke up late and Abigail also left me behind". 

"Why won't she leave you behind when you wake up late, she is also taking semi final examinations".  He explained... I remembered he is also writing his semi final exams.

"How was your exam". I asked him.

"It was good at least I put down something". He said jokingly.

"Have you seen Brian today?". I asked and his facial expressions changed.

"Of course, since we are in the same department". He said, looking away. I felt soft hands on my face. "Brian" I said with my eyes closed.

Chapter 2


"That's not fair, how do you know I was the one". He said removing his hands from my eyes, he came to sit beside me, Sean scoffed.

"Your hands are so soft and unique and I also perceive your perfume". I said smiling.

"I think I will have to take my leave now". Sean said standing up.

"I will see you later". I said and he left.

Brian placed a kiss on my lips, he broke it, holding my hand. 

"How was your exam?". I asked, holding his hand with my hands.

"It was great because I was just seeing the image of a beautiful damsel that put a smile on my face". He said and I frowned.

"Who is that beautiful damsel?". I asked, rolling my eyes.

"It's Phoebe, my one and only, I love her so much". He said happily.

"I so much love this guy called Brian, he is my everything". I shouted joyously. He hugged me from behind, kis


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