Millionare's Wife

Millionare's Wife

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Lovely
  • Chapters: 68
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Mattwes Delawere was fed up with his family pressuring him to marry and have offspring. But he wasn't up for it. He's a multi-millionaire and liked the life he led. He dated women but always made it clear to them that he wanted nothing more than to have dinner and enjoy a passionate evening with them. So, to shut his family up and stop the pressure once and for all, he decided to find a wife for a year and after that time they would divorce. And he found her, but he didn't count on falling in love with her.

Chapter 1

“We should think it over. I agree that the location of the building is unbeatable, but it is in very bad shape. It would cost you a few million to refurbish it.

“We could force them to lower the price thanks to its deterioration. Besides, we're going to pay cash and if we insist a little, I bet we could get a good price. I want that building, Nathan. It's classy.

“I'll get back to the owners. I'll meet with the owners again and make them a new offer and see where they breathe.

“Okay. “Okay.

“Anything else?

“I'm getting married," said Mattwes, shutting down the computer.

“Excuse me? “asked the lawyer standing in front of the desk.

“I said I'm getting married.

“With the woman you're dating?

“Of course not! How could you even think of such a thing?

“May I ask with whom?

“I don't know yet.

“Well, when you do, introduce me to your girlfriend," said the lawyer, smiling.

“I will," said Mattwes, getting up from his chair.

“Wait a minute, are you serious?

“Of course I am.

“Why the change? You've always said you wouldn't marry.

“Things change, and I've changed my mind because of my mother's call this morning. I'm sick of my family pressuring me to do it. Well, actually it's my mother who never tires of telling me that I'm getting older, that I need to settle down and find a good woman, that I need to have children... You know, until recently she hinted at it from time to time, but lately she tells me every time we talk. I'm sick of hearing the same story over and over again. I've been thinking about it for a few days now. If I get married, he'll leave me alone.

“You're going to get married, just like that.

“Yes," said Mattwes, leaving the office with his friend.

“And you say you don't know who to marry.

“I've been thinking of finding an attractive, intelligent, needy woman. I mean, who has no money but has ambition.

“You will make her very happy," said the lawyer, walking with him towards the elevators.

“I'm not looking for a wife, Nathan. I want someone to play the role of a wife. I want a wedding so that everyone thinks I'm happily married, especially my mother.

“I don't understand you. “You want to marry a stranger?

“That's exactly what I'm going to do. And first of all, I want her to be a stranger. Our marriage will only be a business, I don't intend to have sex with her. I will go on with my life as before, but she will accompany me to a few parties and dinners. The press will take care of the rest.

“It sounds like you're serious. You know we'll have to draw up a prenuptial agreement.

“You'll take care of that," said Mattwes as he entered the elevator followed by his friend.

“And where are you supposed to look for that wife?

“I have no idea, but I'm in no hurry. When I find the right woman, I'll know.

“Are you going to carry a wife for life just to keep up appearances?

“Of course not, do you think I'm stupid? One year will be enough. Then we'll get divorced and no one will nag me for a long time.

“Why don't you choose one of your mistresses? Any of them would accept in a heartbeat.

“Because they all have only one purpose in mind, to catch me. Besides, I've already slept with them. This is going to be just an arrangement and you know I don't mix business with pleasure.

“Do you think the woman you choose won't marry you for the money?

“I have to think about it carefully.

“Keep me informed.

It had been more than a month since Mattwes Delawere, the hotel magnate, had talked to his lawyer and friend, Nathan Brooks, about marrying a stranger. However, Mattwes had not found any woman who appealed to his purpose. He had thought long and hard about what he would like that woman to be like, but he worked too much and too long hours and didn't have much time to devote to it. On top of that, he often traveled to visit his hotels. And, usually, when he finished his work day, he would go out to dinner with a woman and then spend a couple of hours with her. So, it could not be said that he had much time to devote to his search.

Mattwes usually bought novels online to have them delivered to his home. He didn't like shopping, as most men did, but that day he was swamped from meeting after meeting all morning and felt like going out to clear his head a bit.

He left the building where he had his offices, which he owned, and felt the cold of late January on his face. He decided to walk to the bookstore where he used to buy his novels, which was not far from his work. It was the most important bookstore in New York. He had been there a couple of times, but it had been a long time ago.

He spent forty”five minutes selecting the books he wanted, accompanied by one of the employees who was in charge of writing them down. When he had them all he went to the counter to pay for them and asked for them to be sent home.

While he was there, he decided to have something to eat in the cafeteria before returning to work.

He went upstairs and sat down at one of the tables. He ordered a sandwich and a beer and picked up his cell phone to answer an email he had just received.

He looked up when he heard a woman's voice and couldn't take his eyes off her. It was a young girl, very young, too young, Mattwes thought. She was quite tall. He estimated her to be about six feet tall. Although, glancing down to her feet, he noticed that she was wearing leather booties with a heel of about six centimeters. Her hair was dark and straight and reached a little below her shoulders. Her eyes were gray, slanted and exotic, and her lips were full and very sensual. She wore skinny jeans that clung to her not inconsiderable curves and a black sweater with dropped, clinging shoulders, so that her beautiful, sculpted body could be appreciated. Mattwes found her gorgeous.

Mattwes knew nothing about this girl and it was the first time she had seen her but she wanted her the moment she saw her walk into the coffee shop. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to be on her. He wanted to be inside her. He wanted her like he had never wanted any woman before.

The girl stopped to talk to a man who was heading for the stairs. The place wasn't very big so Mattwes could hear the conversation.

“Hello Mark, how are you?

“Very well, Claire, thank you. I don't need to ask you, you look as beautiful as ever.

“Thank you, you are very kind. I have missed you. I thought you had sought advice from one of my colleagues.

“Never that. You're the best, and you're always right with your advice.

“Thank you. “Did you like the novels?

“Every single one of them, and my wife liked the ones you chose for her, too.

“I'm glad.

“I'm here for coffee. “When will you be at the bookstore?

“In forty”five minutes. I'm going to lunch.

“Then I'll see you a little later. “Okay, see you then.

“Okay, see you then.

Claire headed to the bar.

“Hi Josh," she said, leaning forward to kiss the boy.

“Hi, gorgeous. You're just what I needed to make my day.

“You make my day when I see you too, why do you think I come here for lunch?

“Because you don't have enough time to go somewhere else for lunch.

“You're right," she laughed, "Can I have a chicken sandwich and juice?

“Sure. Go to your table and rest, I'll bring it right over.

“Thank you.

Claire turned around and walked to the table she usually occupied. Mattwes didn't take his eyes off her as she walked. He looked at her from head to toe, then back again.

Claire sat at her table, which was separated from Mattwes's by another.

That girl is perfect for my purpose. She's gorgeous, has a knockout body, and looks smart. At least she knows about books, Mattwes thought without taking his eyes off her. Claire, they called her Claire, what's that short for?

Mattwes's cell phone rang and before it rang a second time she hung up.

She has a mouth made for kissing, Mattwes thought smiling at the ideas running through her mind.

The waiter, who Mattwes thought treated the girl with too much familiarity, which he didn't like, not really understanding the reason, brought the sandwich and juice she had ordered to the table.

After Claire thanked him, the boy left to attend to the customers who had just entered the store. But not before ruffling Claire's hair affectionately.

Mattwes watched her slyly as she pretended to be reading something on her cell phone.

Claire pulled the kindle out of her purse and started reading while she ate. Shortly after she giggled at something she had read and Mattwes looked up again to look at her.

That girl's laughter touched Mattwes's soul and suddenly she knew, this was the woman she was looking for.

The waiter approached the girl's table again a short time later and sat down across from her, taking advantage of the fact that the customers were being served.

Chapter 2

“I saw you were laughing, what was that about?

“In the novel I'm reading, the main character goes to Ireland on vacation and rents a car. I was amused by how terrified she said she felt when driving for the first time in the wrong lane. And especially at traffic circles.

Claire looked up at the clock on one of the walls.

“Shit! I've got to go, I'm late. I'll pay you tomorrow.

“Don't worry.

Claire got up, gave her friend a kiss and left the coffee shop.

Minutes later Mattwes asked for the bill and the boy took it.

“The girl who just left, does she work here? “Mattwes asked, trying to sound disinterested.

“Yes, at the bookstore.

“Does she come here often?

“Every day. He doesn't have much time to eat and that's why he comes here.

Mattwes left twenty dollars on the plate.

“Cook hers, too.

“Do you know her? Well, I guess you don't, otherwise you wouldn't have asked m


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