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Matters of the heart

Matters of the heart

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'Matters of the heart' is a story of a girl who had less than a year to live due to a long-term sickness, at twenty-five, she finds love but had to take control of it making sure not to hurt the only guy who she found interesting. Things got twisted when passion grows between them and the guy gets frantic to treat her illness. Ella left her home town and moved to Manhattan to start a new life, wanting to embrace it before her last moments in the world. She finds herself entangled with a cocky boss, Asher Connor, who equally found her interesting, they get into a dating agreement which led to a whole new session of their hearts taking the wheel into that adventurous journey of adoration.

Chapter 1

Ella Moore was walking down the street to her new apartment with her friend Tania. They both seemed happy.

“ I can’t believe you decided to come to Manhattan!” Tania said cheerfully.

“ Well, I’ve decided to live, a bit!” Ella spoke with a small voice, not sure of her own words.

“ Is everything okay though? I mean you’ve been sulking in your family’s mansion for two years now and suddenly decided to sell it and come here!” Tania asked her curiously.

“ I know you’re surprised, I am too! But one thing I’m sure about, I’ll make the best of Manhattan.” Ella said with a small smile.

“ What are you planning to do with all the money you have? I know you’ve got enough to feed the whole of Manhattan for five years without going bankrupt.” Tania said it jokingly but it was true.

Ella comes from a very fortunate family. She used to stay with her family in Australia. His father owned several estates, hotels, hospitals, an airstrip in one of the East countries. So yes, the Moore family was a worldwide known. Ella was glad that his father wasn’t much of a social media person and kept most of their family's identity confidential.

Tania knows her from the school they went together. It was an elite school, Tania got admission through a scholarship. After their high school she moved to Manhattan to start a life. They’ve been friends since then. Ella has been helping her a lot even though Tania was unwilling.

When things fell apart of the Moore family, Ella decided to move out of her comfort cage and live a bit, like any other ordinary girl and Manhattan was all she wanted to be at.

“ I’m so glad to have you here, I would have loved if you moved in with me you know?” Tania still insisted.

“ I know, but, I want you to have your own space, so do I. We would still hang out, like old times. I really miss those moments.” Ella said.

They finally got to Ella’s apartment and Tania sighed.

“ Phew! That was one hell of a walk there, why couldn’t we just have taken a cab or something, it would hardly dent your pocket! Or I could pay if you’re so bitter with your money!” Tania joked.

“ Not my money, that was my father’s!” Ella reminded her friend.

Ella has never taken herself like one of those rich kids who claim their parents fortune as theirs.

“ But now you’re the owner, everything is written under you. Honey, it’s not your fault about what happened to your family.” Tania said.

They both slammed on the sofa. Tania knows that Ella’s brother died in the hospital. His brother was an air force Soldier, he got injured in a military mission, while he was back, he died before he was treated, they claimed a lot of blood loss during the transition.

Ella’s mother died due to shock, she used to love her son so much. It was just Ella and her father afterwards. Ella’s father died in a cruise, he was just taking a breath at the sea, alone. He was a man who loved nature, and that day he was driving the cruise alone. He was a navy before he retired so he was a skilful man and very familiar with the waters.

He had a heart attack and when the rescue team reached him and took him to the hospital, he didn’t last the hour and died too. It’s been two years since such an unfortunate happened. Ella has been on therapy since then but now she’s doing great that is why she decided to move on with life. A new identity, a new lifestyle is all she wanted at the moment.

“ So, who’s handling your father’s businesses now?” Tania asked.

“ Everything is taken care of, Tania, you don’t have to worry at all. And furthermore, it’s not like I could do anything back in Australia. My father made sure everything is taken care of, he didn’t want me to ‘suffer’ as he claimed.” Ella said with a smile as she remembered her father.

“ Anyway, as long as whatever you’re doing makes you happy, that’s all that matters.” Tania said an hugs Ella.

“ So, what’s in your bucket list!” Tania asked excitedly.

“ I just want to find a convenient job, and then, I’ll know from there what I want to do.” Ella said.

“ Really! You're boring!” Tania said with a frown.

Ella chuckled, “ It would be more boring if I stay here idling don’t you think?”

“ But, do you really have to work, I mean, what are you working for with all that money, I expected you to tell me about how you’re planning to visit different places in the world, find yourself a good looking man, have a love life and get married. Oh come on Ella!” Tania said with a disappointed look.

“ you and love life! That reminds me, are you still dating the Samson you told me about last month?” Ella diverted the talk to her and was glad Tania got carried away with it.

“ Aghrr! That asshole can’t even make a bed!” Tania said and Ella let out a hard laugh.

“ Really! What does making a bed have to do with your love life?” Ella asked surprised.

“ Which man can’t make a bed really, if Jake could make his own bed perfectly despite living in a palace who is Samson really!” Tania said rolling her eyes. Ella just smiled and stayed quiet. Tania realized what she just said and gave Ella a sorry look.

Jake Moore, Ella’s brother was every woman’s dream. A well groomed man, with etiquette and principles, let’s not even mention his good looks. Tania had a crush on him. Her heart broke when she got the news of his death. Jake was almost turning thirty, and Tania was just twenty two. Still in Collage when she met him at Ella’s birthday four years ago.

“ I’m really sorry I said that.” Tania said and pursed her lips.

“ Samson is really an asshole if he can’t make a bed!” Ella said and they both laughed.

The rest of the day, they kept chatting and reminding themselves of the past memories, gladly, Tania had a day off from work. They also spent the night together. Tania wanted to go back to her place because the next day she was going back to work but Ella asked her to stay. She also gave her a change of clothes so that she could just leave straight to work the next day.

Morning came fast and Tania woke up due to the sweet aroma coming from Ella’s kitchen. She yawned and checked the other side of the bed. It was a one bedroom apartment so they shared the bed. She made her way to the kitchen and her mouth was left wide open when she noticed Ella in the kitchen making breakfast.

“ wait a second, am I dreaming!” Tania said rubbing her eyes severally.

“ good morning darling! Coffee or tea?” Ella asked.

“ I’m not dreaming! It’s really Ella in the kitchen! Since when!” Tania asked surprised and overwhelmed, especially when she tasted the bacon and pancakes Ella just made for breakfast.

“ Mmm! This tastes really good!” Tania moaned with the food in her mouth.

“ I took catering classes during my therapy session and here I am, a good chef as you claim!” Ella said proudly. She was glad she took those activities.

“ what else did you learn behind my back?” Tania teased.

“ Making a bed, collecting firewood and lighting a fire. I went camping with this group sometime back and I learnt that.” Ella said.

“ you’re very unfair! You couldn’t even add me to your adventure list!” Tania said pouting her lips.

“ I wanted to but you were excited about the project and all, so I didn’t want you to lose focus, furthermore, you mentioned your boss to be cocky and all. I wouldn’t want you to lose your job.” Ella said.

“ Apology accepted, what else did you do!” Tania asked excitedly. She has always been very fond of Ella since high school and she was happy when Ella was. Her high school life wasn’t all blue for Tania but Ella made sure she was always there for her and she was grateful to have met her.

“ I can paint the walls, wash clothes by hands, a lot of home stuff I never thought I could do.” Ella said.

“ Seems my girl had a life moment!” Tania said smiling at her proudly.

“ You remember Mr Harrison?” Ella asked.

“ Umm, the house affair person at the mansion?” Tania said making Ella laugh.

“ Whatever you call him, yes that old man who ran all the affairs of the Moore family.” Ella added.

“ What did he do? I didn’t like him much you know!” Tania reminded earning another laugh from Tania.

“ He’s not a bad man, he’s the one who took me to his home town where I took all these therapy sessions. I’m this well today because of his concern. He may be looking strict and bossy but he is a very good old man.” Ella said.

“ Well, for that case, I no longer have a grudge on him. You’ve become quite a better woman there! I’m so happy!” Tania said and hugged her.

“ okay, go take a shower before you’re late for work! I’m not accountable if you lose your job!”

“ That would be really great! I lose my job, I’d stay here with you and enjoy a delicious meal everyday!” Tania said running to the bathroom. Ella just shook her head and chuckled, “ you better take back your words, the fairy princess is out there noting your wishes!”

“ Tell her to add my favourite wish of you getting a prince charming before you die without getting laid!” Tania shouted from the bathroom.

“ Your wishes are lame! The fairy princess didn’t hear that!” Ella said and sighed.

Tania finished her stuff and left for work leaving Ella alone in the house. Ella decided to go for a stroll outside the beautiful scenery of Manhattan. She found a coffee shop and made herself comfortable with a standard newspaper.

Why would one prefer a standard newspaper? It’s contains many business opportunities and for Ella, a job is being part of a normal life and more like ordinary people, otherwise, people would wonder how she pays her bills and fuel her white Bentley. She wanted to cover up all that explanation with a simple convenient job.

The Bentley was somewhere at a parking for the time being, she wanted to feel the breeze of the town before taking road tours with her friend, Tania.

An old lady walked towards her table and sat opposite her.

“ I hope you don’t mind me invading your space?” the old lady spoke.

“ Of course I don’t , it’s a public coffee shop and I can also see there are no more empty spaces around.” Ella said with a smiley face.

“ Thank you child. They sell the best coffee here, I’d always drop by any day to have a cup of two.” The old lady said.

“ well, I bet you’re right, it’s the nice coffee ever after my mother’s!” Ella said and continued looking through the newspapers.

“ What are you looking for? It’s so weird to see a young lady with a newspapers in a public place these days.” The old lady asked.

“ Well, I’m job hunting. I just moved in town today.” Ella informed.

“ I see, no wonder you also behave much differently compared to the few girls I’ve met around here.” The lady said.

“ Well, how do the girls behave in Manhattan?” Ella asked curiously.

“ The girls around here, most are extremely crazy, some are rude, other are sweet and annoying, but you’re none of the above.” The old lady said making Ella smile.

“ I wouldn’t conclude so, you hardly know me.” Ella said.

The old lady laughed, “ forgotten to add your great sense of humour is intriguing, its been a while since I had a genuine laugh. My grandson is the second person with such a great sense of humour, you two would have got on so well!” the old lady said.

“ Well, then, I can only agree. Why would you say I’m different from other girls, is it in a bad way?” Ella asked.

“ No, not bad at all! I meant your eyes speak of your whole personality, I can see right through them, innocent, patient, lively, caring, all the good qualities I bet. Your parents must have raised you well.” The old lady said and Ella faked a smile. The mention of her parents brought back a lot of memories.

“ Thank you so much grandma for your compliments. I still insist, you hardly know me. Covers may lie. A book may have dark content with a pink cover.” Ella said standing up after leaving a few notes on the table.

“ You’re right, but you are like an open book my child, a pink cover and white pages.” The old lady said.

“ I’ve left some extra notes, one cup of coffee from me, take it as being grateful for the company, Grandma.” Ella said smiling at the old lady.

“ Call me Maria!” The old lady said smiling.

“ I’m Ella.” Ella introduced herself and immediately left the coffee shop. She smiled at herself feeling quite contented with the conversation she just had with Grandma Maria.

It’s was almost 7:00 pm when she got back home after her long stroll of the day. At the same time, Tania came back from work, she looked quite exhausted.

“ Hey girlfriend, how was work today?” Ella asked with a smile.

“ Worse than I thought, fairy mother must have had my lame wish, I almost got fired today!” Tania complained and Ella laughed.

“ I warned you. So what did you do that almost got you fired, miss Santeria?” Ella asked amused.

“ We went for field work with the cocky bully boss. Typically because her assistant kind of is on a break, I don’t know for what reason, so I had to act as one.” Tania said angrily.

“ How could that possibly get you fired, you should take it as an opportunity for you, you could be promoted, who knows better?” Ella said in a supportive manner. She knows her friend, she might chicken out on a great opportunity.

“ You don’t know what I did out there! I almost poured acid on big boss’s handsome face! He was really furious about that!”

Chapter 2

Tania kept complaining about work and Ella could only laugh at everything she said. They weren't funny but the way Tania expressed herself was funny.

" You know it's not funny and you're laughing like I'm some kind of clown!" Tania said with a long face.

" I know, I just can't help it. Your boss must be really tolerating you." Ella said. She knows her friend can be annoying and troublesome most of the time. It was only fair for her boss to be mad.

" One more thing I need to inform you, the assistant might not come back, I had rumours big bully boss is firing her, it might be an opportunity for you if you apply for a job there! You have the best skills in that sector more than anyone I know, I'm sure big boss would be impressed!" Tania said, her eyes beaming with excitement.

" Are you selling me out? You've already said how cocky and a bully your boss is, and now you recommend me to work fo


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