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Married To My Ex Billionaire Uncle

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She went home only to find the man she devoted her whole life to cheating with her elder sister. It was supposed to be their wedding day and he didn't show up,breaking his promise after making her give up on her career. Heartbroken, she found solace in the bar and she met someone in her drunken state. The next morning, she had no way to return home because she was now homeless. She pleaded with the one who helped her to take her in, but he refused. Then it struck her. "Let's get married."

Chapter 1

He stroked her red cheek while holding her waist, repeating the same promises he made to her years ago.

"I will love you forever as we grow old together, baby."

"Stop it, you are making me blush." Ivy's face flushed as she was enjoying his sugar-coated words.

His hand swayed down below, touching her soft skin as he came closer for a kiss. Ivy closed her eyes, awaiting the sweet moment, but he deviated to tease her.

"Stop it," she pouted, displeased that he ruined her moment. "Dave, you haven't told me where our honeymoon will be."

He smiled and kissed her lips, which made her smile as well because she got what she wanted.

"If I tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore."

"Please tell me, I might die with anticipation," she said, pulling a cute face. She looked more beautiful and seductive when she did that, and her beauty was the reason Dave asked her out back then in college. They became college sweethearts, and the whole school knew about the lovebirds that never went anywhere without each other.

"Be patient, it's just tomorrow," he played with her thigh, moving closer to her private areas.

"Dave, you should also be patient; it's just tomorrow. We agreed on this, didn't we?" She held his hand, stopping him from progressing.

"Alright, alright. I won't touch you until tomorrow. But I have before, why can't I do it now?" He stubbornly slid his hand on her thigh.

"Dave," she called him, pretending to be upset.

"Fine," he surrendered. He got up and walked out of the bedroom.

Ivy also got up.

"Where are..."

"I will be back before you know it," he cut her off before she could complete her question.

"Oh, okay," she smiled. Been in a relationship for so long, he never introduced his family to her, not that she cared about his family's opinion in any way. They decided to get married without involving their families. It was Dave's idea, and she accepted it; after all, she only had one family.

She woke up the next morning feeling energetic, ready for the special day she had been waiting for. Finally, she was going to be his, and he was going to be hers. She smiled as she stared at her wall clock.

"6 AM, I still have time," she said, stretching as she yawned; even her stretching and yawning gave her a good feeling. She looked beside her, and there was no sign of Dave.

"He hasn't returned, I wonder where he went," she thought. She picked up her phone to call her soon-to-be husband, but there was no reply. She dialed his number again, and still, there was no reply. Only on the third dial did he finally answer his phone.

"Hey babe, what's up?"

"What's up? It's our wedding today, and I can't find you anywhere. Where are you?" She sounded a little upset.

"Slow down, Ivy; I am coming, alright, you don't have to be upset over small things," he said, and Ivy realized she must have overreacted.

"I'm sorry, babe, I was just worried, that's all. So are you close?"

"Almost, just wait a little longer," he said.

"I'll wait for you, love you," she kissed her phone, waiting for him to send her a kiss.

He hung up, leaving Ivy still holding her phone close to her lips, unaware he had already hung up. A few seconds passed, Ivy was still in the same position; then she realized he had hung up.

"Oh, he hung up. Why didn't he send me a kiss? I will pull his ear when I see him," she smiled as she pressed her phone tightly to her chest, daydreaming.

"I should get ready; I don't want to be late," she said to herself. She stood and went straight to the bathroom to wash up. After that, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her and Dave. By that time, it was 7 AM, and still Dave hadn't arrived. She called him again.

"Babe, the food will get cold; we have to eat before we leave."

He sighed. "Babe, just eat without me."

"Aren't you coming?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, but I'll meet you at the courthouse," he replied, ready to hang up.

"No, I can't leave without you," she refused.

"Babe, I'll be there," he was getting irritated.

"What, I should leave without you? No, I will wait," she insisted.

"Leave without me," he said and hung up.

She sat down to eat breakfast alone; it was not how she wanted it to be, but what choice did she have when he already told her to do so.

She went back to her room to get dressed and to apply makeup. She looked in the mirror, satisfied with her looks. Yes, she was very beautiful; her looks helped her become famous back in the days when she was an actress. She had the skills and the looks to back it, but her possessive boyfriend made her give it all up, saying she was too exposed to dangerous men who would steal her away. Her career made him uncomfortable, with paparazzi following her everywhere and spying on their privacy. Those were his exact words, and due to her love for her boyfriend, she canceled her contract with a renowned entertainment agency just to please him. She could do anything to make him happy, even going as far as to end her promising career for him.

Well, all that was in the past; she brushed it off and happily sang her favorite song, dancing while grabbing her purse. She looked at the mirror to see if everything was perfect since she didn't call a makeup artist to get her makeup done for some reasons. She had been hiding ever since she gave up been an actress; paparazzi would still like get a story if she was seen at random places or get information about her new lifestyle, which she tried to avoid for Dave's sake. Even today, she would be wearing a veil just in case.

She wore her shoes to match her elegant dress. She smiled when she felt everything was perfect and walked out of the apartment and got into her car. Or, to be more precise, Dave's car. Even the wealth she achieved all went to Dave; she willingly gave him everything in the name of a joint account because they already saw themselves as married couples before even getting married.

She called Dave again to inform him of her departure.

"Dave, I'm on my way; I hope you are also on your way there?"

"Oh, babe, stop being a baby," he said, trying to hide his true thoughts.

"You call me babe; what do you expect?" She replied as she smiled widely. She was truly happy today.

"Call me honey from now on; after all, I will be your wife today."

"Sure, sure," he said and hung up.

"Why does he keep hanging up without sending me a kiss? His punishment is increasing," she said as she started the car.

Chapter 2

She arrived at the courthouse, patiently waiting for her soon-to-be husband, but there was no sign of him yet. A few hours passed, and he still hadn't arrived. Ivy was getting impatient. She tried calling him, but he wasn't picking up her calls.

"What is taking him so long, he should be here by now," she said, wiping the bead of sweat from her face. Worry was making her sweat, even though it wasn't hot. It was a bright day, and she wanted to get married. Yet here she was without her husband by her side.

She calmed her nerves and distracted her mind from worry by recalling good moments with him. How he confessed his love to her and how she reacted by running away to hide. She was only eighteen back then and knew nothing about love. Even when other guys asked her out, they never made her feel the way Dave made her feel.

She called him again, and the same thing happened with the same result. No answer. Her makeup might get ruined before the actual


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