• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Cryswrites
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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When Selena Mcdonald found out her husband and best friend were having an affair, against all odds she left her kids and took the path of vengeance. Years later, she returned no longer the naive woman but instead a bold and influential who is now ready to take her vengeance on those who had hurt her, Little did she know that she has return to the world of twist, lust, hate and love. Read to follow the Billionaire’s wife on her journey of survival in the world she think she knows as she struggle to keep her sanity intact while she fights for love.

Chapter 1


Selena Gonzales’s  pov

"No! This can't be happening" tears rolled out of my eyes as soon as my eyes rested on the images displayed on the screen of my phone.

That can't be true, no! My eyes are definitely playing a prank on me.  This is a lie! That can't definitely be Nicholas, No!  my  husband in an embrace of another woman, on an intimate position on a bed.

I scrolled through my phone and big fat tears rolled down my cheeks as I caught the face of the woman my husband was cheating on me with.

"Phoebe Crawford" I know that name so well. This was a woman  I happened to know very well, my best friend.

The pain of betrayal hits me at the chest as I stare at the picture, I wiped off the fat tears that rolled down my cheeks.

I can't believe how stupid I was to not have seen the connection between the both of them, I can't believe they had both played me while I sat at home like the good house wife that he wanted me to be.

I sniffed and shut my eyes as I bit my lips. I felt a mixture of anger, pain and disbelief surging all over my body. I can't believe Nicholas would do this to me after everything we have been through together.

Even with my eyes shut, the tears just kept pouring out no matter how hard I tried to keep them at bay.

I held my hand over my mouth, I couldn't stop myself from crying, all I could do was cry my heart out as I kept on staring at the images, Nicholas and Phoebe had really broken me.

I had given Nicholas everything but this is the way he chose to pay me, with humiliation and pain, I wished I had never met him.

I cried for a long time. Until my eyes become puffy and red and my throat was sore.

I don't think I have the heart to stare at him in the face anymore without seeing the hurt and pain he caused me.

The rumbling of an engine woke me up. I guess I must have cried myself to sleep while staring at their picture, the picture that proved my husband's betrayal.

The car no doubt belonged to Nicholas, I glanced at the clock on the wall, it was some minutes past two am.

Where would he say he was coming from? He was going to spit another lie to fool me again. That wouldn't happen any more, I am no longer the naive blinded woman he had married.

I waited for him as he noisily entered the living room and banged the door shut.

I turned around and my  heart skipped a beat as my eyes rested on Nicholas. This man wasn't the person I had gotten married to, Nicholas was a perfect definition of cold outside and soft inside and that was part of the reason I fell for him.

"Selena?" My name rolled out his mouth with little or no effort. His tongue of lies! I stared at him like I was seeing a ghost, a different definition of him.

"What are you still doing awake? I thought you would be asleep by now?" He asked.

I don't know if he is asking because he cares about me or because he is startled to find me awake.

As I looked at him, the images of him and Phoebe flashed through my eyes. A fucking liar and a cheat!

"Why?" I asked in a tear ladened voice. I couldn't even pretend even if I chose to, he had hurt me.

He threw a confused look at me, like I have grown three heads. Maybe I have, he made me this way.

"Why what?" He questioned, like he wasn't aware of what I was asking him.

"Why what? You want to know huh? I am talking about this" I tossed my phone at him and he grabbed it very quickly just before it reached the ground.

He looked at me and sighed  before going through my phone. My heart fell further when I saw that there was no expression of remorse on his face even after I was sure he had seen the picture clearly.

He scrolled through the pictures then looked up at me and shoved the phone  into his pocket.

"Go to sleep, Selena" he said, in a condescending tone like he was talking to a  child. Who am I kidding!? That is how he always spoke to me.

"You don't know what you are talking about, perhaps all you are saying could be due to your lack of sleep" And with that, he walked towards the kitchen.

Does Nicholas think I am an idiot? Is this what he has reduced me to?

I just showed him the images that proved that he is cheating on me and he is going to act like it is something normal? He is acting like I am overreacting to the whole thing. This was what he always did, when matters arose, he always talked to me like he was talking to a child.

I stormed after him and I caught up with him when he was by the refrigerator, taking a glass of water.

"You had sex with someone else! My best friend!"  I yelled in exasperation.

"Are you going to pretend like you haven't done anything wrong even when you have just cheated on me?" I said angrily, even from my tone I am sure he could detect how angry I am.

"For Christ's sake, I have spent the entire day buried in paperwork and all I am asking for is some peace and quiet and some rest. I know you don't understand what it's like to spend the whole day buried in work, since all you do is eat, wake up, shop and sleep all day" He yelled at me then poured himself another glass of water.

"Is it my fault that I always stayed at home? Staying at home is my offense huh?" I yelled while crying.

I was pissed, I get it. I didn't come from a rich background, my family have nothing to their name unlike Nicholas whose father was the former CEO of the Gonzalez Enterprise.

I thought he was different, I thought he saw more to me than that, even when his mother and sister hadn't accepted me, he was the one who gave me hope and made me believe we could always work but now… I don't know anything anymore.

"Is this what you've got to tell me after you went out there shamelessly with my best friend, how could you?!" I yelled.

He dropped the glass and tried to walk past me, but my anger got the better of me.

I grabbed him by his suit and hit him across the chest. I hit him the hardest that I could, I wanted him to feel the amount of pain I was going through but he didn't even flinch. I wanted to cause him pain, the type of pain that I was feeling but he wasn't reacting to it.

He looked at me with a tired and bored look and shook his head.

"Go to bed right now Selene," He yelled at me. "You are becoming a nuisance right now"

Oh, and that bursts what was left of my self-control. I slapped him across the face, even though he was much taller than me, I managed to hit him just right across his face.

He looked at me with anger clearly written on his face. I can see the angry side of him rising, but I was not scared. He could not scare me.

“Did you just hit me?” he yelled, the veins on his neck tweaking.

I  hit him again across his face again, if he was having a doubt at first, it should be confirmed now. I was planning to hit him yet again if not for the fact that he catches my hand mid-air and binds them behind my back, restricting me from moving.

I  was still raging, I raised my left hand and hit him yet again and that’s the last of it that he could take. He turned around and grabbed my hand and hugged me as tight as he could without hurting me as he gritted his teeth to control his anger.

I was standing on my toes and I was finding it hard to breathe. I was trying to breathe too hard as my weak hands tried to beat their way out of his grip, but it’s not working.

Chapter 2


Selena's pov

‘’Let go of me’’I whispered as tears poured out like rain, he let go of me, breathing heavily.

I laid on the ground, crying and trying to breathe as quickly as I could. I didn't know what I was feeling anymore, my body was numbed.

Nicholas had turned into a monster, a cheat, a manipulator and a liar. We have been married for five years now and this is how he was going to pay me. No! I can't live like this, I refuse to be married to a man who looks down on me, I refuse to still be with a man who does not respect me.

I stood up slowly to look at him,  his hands folded, his fists by his sides as he glared angrily at me. I am supposed to be the one mad and not him, I have endured enough and I refuse to take anymore.

“I’m going to leave you,” I said. “I’m going to take my children and leave. you’re not Nicholas anymore, I don't know you, I don't know who you are, you ar


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