Marked by a Playboy Prince (Tessimond Cousins Series #2)

Marked by a Playboy Prince (Tessimond Cousins Series #2)

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: shesprettyvillain2
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 5.0
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TESSIMOND COUSINS SERIES #2 As an only child of the Fortezo family, Myca is set to marry the man of her choice at a party with her entire clan and distant relatives. She never believed that she would have a good life if she marries her male cousin from a distant relative as her family believed. So she ran away and hid on a private island. She thought fate would never play with her life again. She still believed that she could change her parents' decision if she stayed on that island for a few days. But she finds a stout man lying unconscious on the shore of her island whom she believes he has drowned. What if fate plays with their lives? What if Myca's simple admiration for the man turns into something else? What if this man marks her?




I stared at the hard copies of the complaints from the customers of my resort. I bite my lower lip. The reviews are good but I didn't foresee how I'll be needing more experienced and reliable staff. That's why I immediately had a problem because of the complaints I saw from our other customers. Four of my staff are not working properly. I have to replace them as soon as possible. This is the only reason I went home because it hasn't been two years since this second resort of mine opened. So I'm afraid that it will suddenly collapse just because of the complaints of our previous customers.

"Gigi! Make a flyer for the job interview. We need to find a replacement for those four before the end of this month. Make sure to put the requirements," I said with my problematic reaction to my secretary who had been standing in front of my table

She nodded immediately. "Right away, Ms. Fortezo!" she replied and quickly exited.

I leaned my back in my swivel chair to calm myself down. I will have to stop by the Center Restaurant because my good dad has fixed me up again on a blind date with the same person. I'm of age to get married. But I have no plan to marry this early. Simply because I am still thirsty for success in the field of business. This is what lives in my blood since I learned to love how to manage a business.

It's just that life becomes hard when you have been denied your freedom. It's like your right to do anything has been denied to you. I held my breath for a moment. It seems better for me to stay in Palawan so that I won't be distracted by big problems.

*Knock* *Knock*

Suddenly there was a knock on the door of my office so I sat up. I also fixed myself before speaking.

"Come in," I permitted the person who wanted to enter.

The door opened and mom's cheerful face appeared to me. I flashed a sweet smile at her. I stood up and greeted her with a tight hug. I kissed her cheek twice. I guided her to the sofa and we sat together.

"I heard from Yna that you are here to check your resort. That's why I immediately came here," said mom with a calm face.

I licked my lips. "I will also visit the mansion one of these days."

"That's always your excuse but you don't show up. I'm mad at you, Myca. The mansion is no longer warm because you are no longer there. It's not that I and your dad don't want you to live on your own just because you're at the right age. You are old enough, yes. But remember that you are our only child. Please stay at the mansion until you are married," mom begged me.

My mouth fell open. Once again it occurred to me that they are abusing our family tradition too much. They always remind me that I will get married in no time no matter where we are. And that's not the only bad thing. They want me to choose a man from a distant relative since that is part of our family tradition— part of their family tradition! My hair stands on end every time I think about that.

"Mom, you know I have no intention of tying the knot this early. I'm too young to think of starting a family right away." I frowned and heaved a deep sigh.

That's not the true case. I don't want to marry someone I don't love. If I tie the knot, it will be with the person I love and who loves me. I am still trying to figure out how can I change their opinion about choosing my destiny, on how they must let me decide on the one I should spend the rest of my life with, or have my freedom to speak for my rights as a woman despite being their only daughter. I am struggling with this family. An only child cannot choose another man to marry who is not a cousin from a distant relative because they are said to have an unlucky life. I can't tell them that I don't care about the tradition they grew up with. And that I have no intention of following that tradition.

If I grow old to be a woman without a husband, that would be better than marrying my cousin from a distant relative! Oh my gosh! That's disgusting. It's like they're feeding me poison. Sometimes I want to get lost or run away from everything. If my twin has survived then we can choose our freedom. But that is not the case. God has a different plan for me. Maybe he wants me to suffer until my last breath.

"Why don't you try to get to know Farish first? He is a good man, Myca. You have met once at the grand reunion of our entire clan before and according to his mother, he also wants to get to know you better," she gently suggested and played with my hair.

I had goosebumps at what my mom said. If only she knew that it wasn't good to hear, she might not have spoken at all. She will start again with this dating thing. That is why I always lock myself in my penthouse all the time because of this. I felt like I was going to cry and throw up but I didn't show it to mom. I don't have the strength to disobey them yet.

"Sure, Farish is a good man like what you are claiming. But it doesn't mean that he is qualified to be my husband," I said firmly.

I seemed to surprise mom because of what I said. But I know that she thinks differently about that.

"All you have to do is date him and get to know him better and more thoroughly. Are you sure about this? It is not like you are going to get married right away and yet marriage is on your mind?" I heard the joy in her voice.

I kept my mouth shut. She gets me wrong again. They are always silent even if I dump men from my past blind dates or the men they refer to me. But the case of a man named Farish Ilmo Balenciaga is different. They like him that much because he became a successful entrepreneur at a very young age and won nine Emmys for his outstanding innovation and ideas in the ASIAN business empire. They are so fond of him because they think he is a nice man. And one more thing, he is my distant cousin so my parents voted for him.

But all I can say is that he is a big red flag! Out of all the people I picked up from the ones they have referred, Farish was the one who doesn't talk and doesn't seem interested in being serious in life. He looks like a damn maniac, a wholesome pervert! He just keeps quiet and stares at you as if he is undressing you in his mind! You would think you were getting undressed by him and that is just disgusting! They thought he was nice but I almost threw up on his face because of the way he looked at me and examined me during our first blind date.

"Mom... I don't want to get married yet. I'm still young and I still have many dreams in life. I want to build my resorts in different parts of the world," I almost sound begging and so desperate.

Mom's face turned cold. I felt nervous because of her reaction. I already knew that they would not agree with my own decision.

"You can overcome everything even if you are married. Everything will be easier if you have someone who sympathizes with your problems. That's why I'm telling you to get married early so that everything you're trying to achieve right now won't go to waste. Take care of yourself on your own and live alone if you choose to grow old without a partner!" Mom sounded angry.

The corners of my eyes watered so I immediately stood up and pretended to just walk around in front of her. But I'm trying not to cry for now.

People thought I had the perfect life anyone could wish to have. But they only see the outer appearance of my world. They don't know what's going on in my life because I'm elusive to people. And it is not obvious to our family that they also follow a tradition.

"Later, meet Farish at the Center Restaurant. That's the last one because the grand party of our whole family is coming up. You know what to do. Don't let your dad down," said mom.

I felt mom stand up. I tried to brighten my face before facing her.

"Yes, mom."

"Good. I think everything is fine. I know that you won't betray us, Myca. Just don't disappoint me."

I had goosebumps because of the coldness in her voice and tone. I watched my mom's entire face. I can see the anger in her eyes darted on me. I know she loves me and dad. It's just that they have a really big stand. They believe that an only child will have a good life if she is married to a male cousin from a distant relative. Because for them, it's better to know someone who has a real connection with you than someone you don't know at all.

Mom left after our conversation. I called my only maid and found out that dad had taken almost all of my clothes from the penthouse so I'll be going home to the mansion later. They seem to know how to completely control me. I can only hold my breath.

"Any reservations, Ma'am?" the receptionist asked me.

I just arrived at the Center Restaurant lobby. It's five o'clock in the afternoon and I purposely took a long time to come here so that Farish would get bored.

"Mr. Balenciaga, please," I answered and looked around.

Later a woman approached me. "Let me escort you there, Ma'am. This way," one of the restaurant's waitresses guided me.

I followed her until we stopped in front of a VIP room. She left me immediately after making sure the door was open. Without a second thought, I turned the doorknob and opened the door. A woman and a man kissing first appeared to me. There was none other than Farish and a woman who seemed to work here at the Center Restaurant based on her uniform.

"I didn't come here to watch you make out with any girl who catches your eye," I said shamelessly and sat down in front of them.

They stopped what they were doing. The woman was surprised to see me while Farish just flashed a grin. She gave me an apologetic look but I ignored her.

"Leave now," Farish said to the woman after giving her tips.

I crossed my legs and checked the overall design of this room. There is an infinite pool here. But not attractive to me. It's better if it's the sea they have put in the view so I can enjoy it more.

"You made me wait here for five hours. It's good that you thought of meeting me in the end," he said, looking like he was enjoying himself more instead of being bored from waiting for me.

"Five hours have passed? I thought I was only five minutes late," I said using my most sarcastic tone.

His face darkened. I laughed sarcastically to irritate him more.

"I know you're only forced to meet me, Myca. But who else is better than me and better for you to choose besides me? The day is approaching when you will choose who should be your life partner. And it can be said I'm the only one who is suitable among them all, so why can't we just get along?" He is starting to become proud and arrogant.

I was suddenly irritated. He is the worst. I even saw him bite his lips while checking my whole body. I am wearing a conservative dress. But he still manages to act like that in front of me.

"Wouldn't you hate it if another man touched me? What if I tell you that someone has already marked me as his own woman? I hate that you are touching women..."

Men like him are only after three things in a woman: her body, the pleasure they can feel while playing with a woman, and finally nothing but pleasure. That's why I loathed playboys. I hate them to the extreme of madness! They are the worst!

Chapter 1



"You will regret everything if you don't marry me, Myca," Farish said using his most authoritative and warning voice.

I laughed at what he said. I may never understand men like him. The way he was able to tell me that, I couldn't understand what he was trying to point out. Why should I regret not marrying him at all? I'll be even happier!

I rolled my eyes heavenward. "Did you guess that you are part of my future?" I asked him sarcastically.

He looks like he's grimacing now with anger. I want to leave this place immediately. I can sense his anger as if I have stamped on his big ego and pride. But I don't care even if he disappears from here. I'm not a plastic person so I'll still show him my distaste. The important thing is that I told him everything. He can't blame me if I don't like him and why I acted like this in front of him.

"You know, Farish. It&#


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