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Mariana Cry Of Blood

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Mariana lost everything. Her husband slipped into a coma, and to save Maria's life, her husband was forced to divorce her. It makes her biological children hate her now.   On the other hand, the franda could no longer conceal the sins of the past that he tried to bury. The death of a girl in their high school years ago. As it had gone, the girl's image had returned, leaving life at rest.   Meanwhile, Paulino Jonathan was trying to unveil the secrets of his family buried under the ruins of his deceased father's reign. The power that led him to an eternal vendetta against a woman he had always admired The woman whose life he's about to destroy until there's nothing left   Can all three find a solution to their problem? Or, who will fall in the end?


"It is hereby ruled that the divorce suit on behalf of the plaintiff, Mrs. Mariana Rose, against Mr. Kevin Liam is granted. As of today, the civil court declares that the two are officially divorced and no longer husband and wife."

Mariana had tears streaming down her face as she knocked on the judge's hammer, and the witnesses who had come into the courtroom cheered at her. They cursed, spit, and threw bottles at her. Mariana, though, remained stationary. She is fully aware that this is her fault.

Before deciding on a divorce, Mariana thought carefully. She knew that everyone would think of her as a spiteful wife, a capable wife who abandoned her dying husband in the hospital, and an unfaithful wife. Especially since the media raised the issue of his affair with Jonas Paulino, a wealthy businessman famous for scandal.

"What do you expect from a guy like Paulino? You little b*tch! You threw away your loyal husband for a cruel, inhuman man like Paulino. You will suffer the consequences. You'll regret it," said a middle-aged woman sitting in the back row, screaming with emotion.

"You're going to regret this, B*tch!"

"Yes, it is. You'll be sorry you threw away a diamond like Kevin."

"When Kevin wakes up, I hope he's got a beautiful, beautiful woman who's going to make you regret what you've done. Your children deserve a better mother than a woman like you."

And sure enough, Mariana became the object of her children's affection. Even Lunar, the youngest daughter, has publicly refused to acknowledge Mariana as her mother. The teenage girl was angry, resentful, and blasphemed against her own mother. In fact, Lunar's social media has reported that she no longer has a mother, and her upload undoubtedly makes Mariana more and more hateful.

No! Mariana did not resent her daughter for what she did, for it was perfectly natural for a child to dislike someone who hurt her parents, even if it was another parent in a case of infidelity. Mariana, no matter how many people cursed her now, clearly could no longer endure the pain of imagining that after the trial, she would truly be on her own.

Before a growing dispute, Mariana was herded out by her lawyer and best friend, Franda. However, the uproar was not confined to the courtroom; even outside, there were many journalists who immediately pointed the camera at the 32-year-old woman. No matter how hard Franda and Mr. Smith tried to protect Mariana, the journalists could still take pictures. Well, after this, there's got to be a lot more Mariana publicity. And clearly, this is part of the unavoidable consequence.

"I hope you die tragically, you money-grubbing b*tch!" I don't know who's shouting that curse; there are too many people there.

Mariana's hand was pulled by a short-haired woman who happened to be next to her until Mariana's body nearly collapsed, but luckily Mr. Smith's hand rushed to her rescue, taking Mariana's.

"Please don't pull! We'll take strict action if Mrs. Mariana's got anything wrong."

"We don't care!" The demonstrator responded enthusiastically.

"We would rather go to jail than let a wicked woman like her roam the streets. Women with no conscience like this are just trash."

"Besides, why would a great lawyer like you defend him, Mr. Smith? Why do you want to win the case? We're disappointed in you."


"Drink up!" When they got to the car, Franda handed Mariana a bottle of mineral water. That's straight in and out of the drink. "You have to be strong, Mariana. No matter what happens to you, no matter how many people curse you, I will remain by your side."

Mariana nodded, then squeezed the plastic bottle in her hand firmly. "I thought about the pain for so long, but why was it so heavy? Why does my heart hurt so much?"

"Everyone is going to be so sick when you are where you are." Franda patted Mariana's shoulder gently. "If they knew for sure, the response would be different."

"Franda's right, Mariana!" Mr. Smith, driving in the front seat, said with a quivering voice "You've taken the right step. Not because I'm paid by him, then I stand up for him and support his decision, but the opposite. I know how dangerous that guy is. If you don't let your husband go, then I can't imagine what they'll do to Kevin."

Mariana budging, she leaned her back and looked out at the paved road behind Mr. Smith's glass in pain.

"How is Kevin now?" The white-haired man asked as he drove.

Franda sighed long and then explained, "Nothing has improved. He's still in the ICU, breathing on a ventilator in his mouth."

"Oh, my goodness!" Mr. Smith shook his head and then firmly gripped the steering wheel. "I never imagined that Kevin would be that way. In fact, he was a good man. He's not supposed to get a test like this."

Mr. Smith was right; as a dedicated congregation to God, Kevin's fate could have been better. At least in people's eyes, he should get a faithful wife, not even a woman like Mariana. They just don't know that Mariana loves Kevin more than anything. Even if she had to ruin her life, Mariana was willing if it meant redeeming her husband's life.

Mariana herself had been just a regular housewife, while Kevin had been a well-known singer ever since they were teenagers. However, in contrast with many young celebrities in general who would cover their scandal, Kevin, who at the time was only eighteen, insisted on marrying Mariana when it was discovered that his girlfriend was pregnant with a child. Actually, Kevin's family refused to marry and had a chance to stop them from marrying because Kevin's career had just begun and would have been ruined. But Kevin didn't care.

In fact, they went ahead and got married even without the blessing of the bride and groom's parents. They had a simple wedding in the church, witnessed only by his friends. Franda accompanied Miranda to the altar, so that this would not only be an irony but a scar on the left. The divorce is like reenacting history, but in a different version. Very different.

"Where are you going after this?"

Mariana shook her head. "I don't know."

"Hasn't Paulino called you back yet?"

Mariana shakes her head again. "Can you take me home, Mr. Smith? I need to get my things. And I miss my children a lot, too."

"Isn't it at this time that your kids are still at school?"

"Yes. That's why I'm not ready to see my kids." Mariana wiped away the tears that fell on her cheeks. "Junior and Isabel would make me feel even more guilty. They both don't understand anything. I couldn't look them in the eye. As for Lunar, I'm no longer ready to meet her. She hates me. Really, really hate me."

Sure enough, just as Mr. Smith's car stopped in front of the old Mariana home, which is now the home of her ex-husband and her children, Mariana found herself staring in pain at the two-story building. Mariana did not enter the house directly but gazed into the small park in front of it. The garden he once cared for with all his heart has now withered, leaving only dry branches and wild grass.

Since Mariana left home a week ago, nobody has watered these unfortunate plants.

"Quickly grab what you left behind, Mr. Smith, and I will wait for you in the car," says Franda.

Mariana nodded, and she opened the door using the spare key she was carrying. She went to her children's room, kissed their sleeping pillows, and hugged them tightly. Her three children had the scent, at least enough to fill her with longing.

Before leaving, Mariana took Junior's minion out of her bed and put it in a box. Before reaching the living room, however, Mariana was forced to turn to her bedroom.

Since her husband went to the hospital, Mariana rarely entered the room. The last time she checked in, exactly a week ago, she was in a hurry. That's why now she dared to open her bedroom door, and instantly she returned with tears.

Mariana's body broke.

Mariana drops the box she takes to the floor, then makes her way toward the bed. She touched the mattress where she and her husband used to sleep. Anyway, she and Kevin have spent dozens of years in this room, sharing joys and sorrows together, but now she and the man she loves so much will no longer have the same story.

"I'm sorry!" Mariana says it quietly. She couldn't bear the pain of seeing a picture of his family on the wall. From wedding photos with only friends, photos of their daughter's birth, their first vacation, the birth of their sons and daughters, to their last vacation before Kevin was diagnosed with cancer

If she could stop time, Mariana would do it.

Mariana opened her husband's closet. Mariana looked at the clothes and then picked out the blue shirt that was her gift shirt for Kevin when they celebrated Luna's first birthday. Kevin wore them so often; that's why Kevin's scent really stuck to every strand.


Immediately, Lunar's voice made Mariana turn. Sure enough, a dark-haired teenage girl with a poorly groomed tail, black eyes, and a tiny nose stood in the doorway with an intense look, holding a grudge.

"Why else would you come here?"

"Lunar, my dear." Mariana approached the girl, almost as if she were going to hug her, but was immediately put in an abusive embrace by her. "Listen to Mom. Mom just wants

"What more do you want?" Lunar snarl. "Is it not enough for Mom to destroy our family? Isn't today the divorce hearing for you and Dad? Then what else? You guys are divorced, so you don't have the right to come in the house anymore."

"Lunar, I'm sorry."

"I don't need an apology from you. Go away! Go away! Leave my father's house and never come back!"

"Lunar!" Franda suddenly appears and stands behind the moon. "What are you doing? She is your mother after all."

"Mother? A mother should never leave her children for a stranger. She had chosen him, so from now on she was not my mother. Not after what he did to my father. And, Aunt Franda! I don't like you sticking your nose into my family matters. Get the f*ck out of my house! Go away! I never want to see your faces again."


"Just calm yourself, Mariana. Give your daughter time. One day, she'll understand why you're doing all this." Franda could just calm Mariana down and pat the woman on the back. "I'll talk to Lunar as soon as she calms down. Now, come to my house. Spend the night at my place. How?"

Mariana shook her head, wiping away the tears that had fallen on her face with a tissue. "I don't want to trouble you."

"I don't feel bothered at all," replied Franda. "Besides, Harris wouldn't mind. He was on duty at the police station and was on his way home in the morning." Franda's eyes looked very shady and deep, and she seemed to understand what Mariana felt more than anyone.

Understandably, these two women have been friends for a long time. More precisely, since they were handed over by their own parents at the same daycare center, Too much time and precious moments had passed between them, making


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