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Throughout his life Montero lawn was known as the cruelest business man ever lived so when he died unexpectedly, he was sent straight to hell where he met the devil who happens to be sitting on his Thorn throne that dark night. " Please ... Please spare me, I shall do anything you want. Just grant me another life... Probably twenty years more or so " Montero begged. " Oh really? " The devil's voice boomed, shooking the path to hell vigorously. " Then what would I get in return yo human? " Scramming and totally scared, Montero replied while shivering. " Anything you want... I will give you all my wealth and everything " " Huh? " The devil replied gingerly " But by the cunning nature of my heart you got nothing I desire " " Oh no! " Montero thought. He knew he had to act fast. His brain reeled on what else does he possessed apart from his wealth. Then suddenly his beautiful daughter whom he had out of wedlock popped up in his mind so he quickly speak out. " I have a daughter... A very beautiful daughter, you surely must want her " " A daughter? " The devil thought for a while before nodding " Well nice. You see, I have this son of mine who shall come onto the earth after you. His name is Lucifer and he would arrive to earth after you to claim your daughter... You agree? " " Yes! Yes I do "

Chapter 1: prologue

I was eating my lunch that afternoon when suddenly I perceive the heavy perfume coming from our small living room. I frown deeply while trying to eavesdrop. I know mother would never possessed it because the scent alone could tell it was expensive.

" Take it " I overheard the voice of a man. Huh? Who would that be? As far as I can remember, my mother have neither friends nor family so who would be the owner of this cool voice that was laced with all the richness in the world?

" Montero leave right now. Keep your miserable money to yourself and leave "

I heard my mother retorted. She was speaking in a very low tone which was devoid of humor, probably  concern that I would overheard. Montero? Who is he? He couldn't be Montero lawn, the famous business man... Right?

" Don't be too hard on yourself mayla .  " The voice of the man my mother has addressed as Montero came again. " Just take this. I won't be coming back ever again mayla so this is your only chance "

Huh? Only chance ? To what? I stood up from where I sat and began to walk Slowly towards the living room silently. Just a few step away I overheard the sobs from my mother, making me to stop abruptly in my track. My face involuntarily creased up into a frown as I listen her weep gently. What is going on?

" What would happen to Kyra? Are you just going to leave her , abandon her? For goodness sake Montero, Kyra needs a father ... "

" Stop mayla! " The man shouted at once, jolting my mother " You knew better than anyone else that accepting your daughter is like an impossible nightmare. The media, my family and my wife! How would I explained to everyone that I only feel in lust with a petty orphan when I was on a business trip? Huh? "

I gulped down nervously after I heard Montero's words. What exactly is going on? I asked myself again, cluelessly. Now I began to walk towards the living room but I stop at the door and peep in quietly. There I saw the handsome elderly man in his late forties. He was wearing an expensive tailored suit, White T shirt and a conservative tie. He look every inch a wealthy man but he wasn't smiling. Yes! I was right. He is the famous billionaire, Montero lawn.

I stood still for a while eavesdropping on their conversation. After a long time I retraced my step and walk back into my room in shock.

That day was the bitterest day of my life. The day I learnt Montero lawn, the famous billionaire is my father and the day I learnt he never want me.

" She is just a mistake mayla, she is the product of my infidelity " Montero had said.

He left that day with his briefcase and ... And I am kind of proud that mother never accept his money. She is my most favorite person.

My name is Kyra lawn and I am fifteen years old as of that day I first saw my Dad. My mother an orphan who grew up alone have no one to support her financially so she had to work herself up , doing some menial jobs to make end meet. As her only beloved daughter I did her proud by becoming the most brilliant, sincere young girl. Unfortunately when I was twenty four mother died one quiet night in her bed leaving me alone to fend for myself in this wicked, unfriendly world.

I welcome loneliness and befriend hard work. I buried myself in my job,never desiring any distraction. I have long forgotten about Montero lawn and his wealth.

I have moved on already but little did I know I was only speaking to the wind.  Montero appeared in my doorway one day and demand me to move in with him. He had a horror look on his face and he was gasping for air.

I understand if he was scared because he just cheated death... Cheated? Or should I say he make a deal with the devil? I never knew as at that time, after all I am just an innocent poverty stricken young lady who never have anything.

I followed Montero home that day but little did I know I was merely a sacrificial lamb.

Chapter 2 Under the rain

It was almost evening, around four pm. Tired and worn out i have no choice but to prepare for yet another shift. Double work has been my daily routine after mother died. I opened the door to the dressing room and step in while breathing hard. After settling before the mirror to start undressing,  the door suddenly opens and Tony Foley stride in with a evil grin. He always come like that, silently, as though he own the big restaurant. Truth is he owns it indirectly for he is the heir of it so...

" You shouldn't be here sir " i planned to be polite, i can't afford to get fired. What would become of me? I always thought.

He was a shrewd handsome man, widely known for his promiscuous lifestyle. Every female staffs always have a story to tell about him. They are ready to please him but that never was the case with me. Makes the heir feels incomplete.

" Oh really? " He drawl smoothly with his rich tantalizing voice. One of his greatest ass


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