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Love And Hatred; A Vampire's First Love

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Elise grew up in a loving family. Though life wasn't easy, she was grateful to her adoptive family. She established herself in the modelling career and became the most sought after model in the country and beyond. Life was smooth, until she fell in love with a billionaire, turning her world into a whole new dream. Everything she ever wanted was within her reach, not until her family members died under unclear circumstances. She finds out about her true identity and the extent of her powers. With this she realizes the demon who had been responsible for all the deaths in her family,her husband. Will her love overcome her desire for revenge?

Chapter 1

Elise has been living with grandmother and her family for seventeen years now. From the stories that grandmother had told her, she learnt that grandmother adopted her after she found a baby wrapped warmly and placed at her door step late one afternoon. Since she was all alone at that time and busy at the backyard, Caren never saw the people who brought her there. Caren had reported the incident to the police but was advised to take care of the little baby till her parents came for her. Years went by but no one went to claim her, grandmother Caren decided to adopt her.

Life was difficult for her at the moment since her husband died recently, she had to take care of her two teenage sons and a daughter. It wasn't very easy having an addition to the family. Elise however was a very beautiful and lively child with blue eyes that mesmerized everyone. She brought a lot of joy to the family and blended easily with them.

Elise was an obedient child and was ready to help whenever someone was in need. One day as she was playing with other kids, she learnt thee painful truth that she had been adopted, she used to wonder where her parents were but adoption never crossed her mind. When grandmother Caren confirmed this to her, she became very grateful and decided to protect her with her life. She was her saviour in this world. She at times wondered why her parents decided to abandon her, however the love her new family showered her with overshadowed all the sorrow and heartbreak she could have lived with, she eventually forgot about her parents and lived a happy life.

Grandmother has three children, Chris, Pavel and Jennifer. They became her true family and never at once did they make her feel like an outsider. Chris got married to Charity when he was just eighteen years, blessed with twins Adam and Eva who are 10 years old. Chris twin Jennifer got married two years ago to Jeremy and were just blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Elias. Pavel graduated from university two years ago with a degree in business management. He is the youngest at twenty two and so far still searching for a job, but engaging in part time jobs to support the family.

Elise was brought back to reality by Pavel who just got back home, he went to the backyard to enjoy the cool shade when she found Elise staring into space, she tried to call him out but got no response, he decided to shake her a bit and that was when Elise was able to notice his presence.

"Uncle Pavel how have you been, I’m sorry I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice you arrive, did you wait for long?" Elise asked seemingly tensed up. She better not upset him. He's always on a foul mood whenever his job hunting turned out disastrous.

"Why do you insist on calling me uncle, how many times have I told you not to, it seems you need a beating from me. You want me to look old when I'm this young and energetic. I'm warning you for the last time Elise and you better chose carefully." Pavel said turning back to leave. He seemed already p*ss*d off. Elise stood up from the bench and followed after him,

"I'm sorry Pavel, from today onwards I won't repeat that mistake, I just thought it more respectful. I don't want to annoy you anymore, I’ll do as you say, could you please forgive me now. I promise Pavel, I won't repeat it"

Elise pleaded with Pavel.

‘It's alright Elise, this is my last waning, I hope you won't forget about it." Pavel said and went back to the bench where Elise previously sat. He seemed so worn out that he immediately leaned over the tree trunk. Elise decided to let him rest for a while and headed back to the house. It was already getting late in the evening, she had to start preparing dinner.

Deep within the forest far from the human world, the air was heavy and suffocating, four brothers were battling it out to be the next King. Their father Gomez decided to relinquish his long held throne for five hundred years now, he decided it was time to spend his life exploring the world. They just discovered ways to protect themselves from the sunlight. Previously they had been forced to stay within the dense forest which sunlight couldn't penetrate. They only left at night when most humans were indoors, not aware of their presence. Thomas was the oldest being six hundred years old, followed by Roman, Robert and lastly Logan the youngest at three hundred years.

The fight between the four brothers was fierce, everyone wanted to get the power, however Thomas had the upper hand since he was the oldest and having the support from his brother Roman. The rule was that whoever wanted to be king was to kill all his brothers or to publicly declared that they weren’t interested. Their father would never hand over power to any of his sons.

The battle had dragged on for one month now and no one was conceding defeat. Logan the youngest decided to take a break from the tireless battle. He picked two of his trusted men to head into town, he had acquired enormous wealth through his treacherous methods. He wasn't really interested in the position of a king, moreover he had no wife and children and the idea of ruling the kingdom all alone demoralized his fight.

In the human world, he owned most of the luxurious hospitals entertainment companies, and business corporations. The wealth he acquired were immeasurable. Most of his businesses were run by human beings who never knew the owners except for the CEO who reported to him on the company's progress.

One of his men Jordan had been with him since the first day he decided to acquire all his wealth. Jordan was an extremely wealthy man but life became too boring for him, he wanted an adventure that wouldn't be found on this planet. He decided to end his life on the fateful day when he met with Logan.

It was dark in the night at a dark alley, he decided to lay on the road awaiting his death when something interesting caught his attention, he saw something jump from one window to the next, like it was made from the movies. He got so thrilled not caring the dangers he could be facing. He immediately sprung on his feet and followed it's direction. What he didn't know was that the vampire had spotted him and was filled with thirst for fresh human blood. They hadn't been allowed to feast directly on humans blood, only through the blood banks they purchased from the hospitals.

Logan waited patiently for his prey to get closer into the darkest part of the alley. He couldn’t risk being spotted when he was about to taste the forbidden fruit. When the man was at the spot where he wanted him, he leapt down on him and pinned him to the ground, his fangs ready to sink into his neck, which had blood deliciously

flowing through his veins. What surprised Logan was the fact that the man wasn't fighting him or trying to free himself, he decided to look into his eyes when he was shocked to find him staring at him with admiration. He got confused and got up, his meal would not be exciting if there wasn't any struggle.

‘ Finally something interesting, why did you stop? I've been waiting for this kind of experience all my life, please proceed with whatever it is you wanted. The man said.

Logan without thinking twice sunk his fangs into his neck, the taste was so heavenly that he almost s*ck*d him dry, he was however able to stop himself when an idea struck his mind. He could let him leave and provide him with fresh blood whenever he needed. That was how they reached an agreement, Jordan decided to hand over one of the most prestigious hospital to him, in exchange for immortality, he was now turned into a vampire and became inseparable since then.

Logan's other trusted man was Nate, he had been with him since they were young, they became inseparable to-date. The two men accompanied Logan into town, each driving a black Maybach with a train of bodyguards following closely behind while others at the front. They had driven through the forest for five hours when they finally arrived at the human world, though not many people lived close to the forest due to the wild animals who continually roamed around the area.

Driving through the nearby village, Logan who was seated at the back seat looked out of the window for the first time, there was this unnatural force that he couldn't understand, pulling him towards that village. He decided to stop the driver and got out, he instructed everyone to wait in the car. Moving hundred metres into the village by the little stream flowing close by, he was met with a sight he never expected in his entire lifetime. His heart began to beat erratically, sweat forming on his forehead, he never thought he could experience this feeling ever again after what happened with his first love, but here he was feeling the same attraction, love at first sight.

Elise who was not aware of the pair of eyes glancing at her continued to drench herself with the cold water, she had been out the entire morning running through the village in a bid to keep herself physically fit. It was her routine to cool off the steam in the river before heading home. She suddenly became conscious about her surrounding, glancing up, she was met with a pair of handsome blue eyes staring down at her. She responded with a cute smile and got off the water and headed home not aware of the effect that the simple gesture caused.

Logan however got so captivated by the beautiful smile that he almost followed after her. Nate who had been observing the situation unfold from behind was able to move in fast to prevent him from making any rush moves, he could not involve a human in his life ever again. Moreover his thirst for human blood had become insatiable lately.

"I won't harm her Nate so don’t give me that look." Logan

said trying to convince him.

I’ll pretend I didn't hear that." Nate replied.

"I’m dead serious Nate, no woman has been able to make me react in the same manner as she did, at list not after Elise, you know about that." Logan said. trying to brush off that part of his past.

‘Okay if you say so, but please let her be, you will cause more harm to her than you could imagine." Nate replied trying to reason out things with him.

‘ I've made up my mind, she has to be mine, no matter what it takes, I won't let this chance slip away from my hands. "Logan resolved. With that said, he turned back and headed into the car, Nate following closely behind. Getting into his car, he motioned Nate to get in with him. Nate complied with a view that he’ll be able to talk some sense into him.

Chapter 2

Logan made the decision to fight for the throne the moment he laid eyes on the captivating beauty there was no way to turn back. He once thought of settling

down away from their world and live quietly with the humans instead of battling it out and losing his life in the process. But now he had found his source of inspiration, everyone better watch out for him. He has been the devil himself, making sure to get whatever he sets his eyes on, the lady was one of them.

She had to become his.

‘ Nate, I need your assistance now, I need to fight for the throne." Logan said after the long silence since they got into the car.

"How do you presume l help you" Nate replied seemingly uninterested in the conversation.

‘You know what I mean Nate, killing my brothers will be a difficult task, I've to plan carefully, and I’ve to find something that will finish the job in the shortest time possible. So that I can focus my attention on wooing that lady


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