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Life After Death

Life After Death

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The ghost makes use of other people's spirit in orther to gain more power, which makes it more dangerous. The ghost is killing people from Karachi family, the wealthy family because one of them was got a contract marriage with lady ghost when she's alive, while at the end Sabo betrayed her and killed her. The ghost make this as a point and tool for revenge. She killed his wife and many people from inside and outside the family. Anyone that heard about the ghost story and then try to spread the news, he or she is going to be killed by the ghost. Emily was hided in a separate magic bush by the ghost, because her spiritual are not easy for the ghost to make a use of it in term gaining more power. The ghost was burned by one of intelligent educator, but after some years. The Ghost's spirit was also come back with more strength and power.

Chapter 1

" Hey! It's moisture. From where it's coming?" She's moving backward very scare. She quickly get shocked when she reached the wall. All her eyes have already turned to red, and also came out.

The moisture it continues flooring the ground, and also coming toward her position. By then, she's just start crying while all parts of her body are shaking. While gasping and in difficult, she started calling for a help. She shouted. " mmmummy! Mummy!"

The door was opened immediately after some few minutes when she shouted. The mother said in an eager way. " My darling, what's wrong with you?"

By then, she quickly moved to were she's and started clearing some sweat from her face with a handkerchief that she has already hold. She hug her daughter very tiedly, and also place her head on her chest. " Sorry my darling, please don't be scared, your mother is already here with you."

Maria said deeply inside her mind. " There must be something inside this house, that's use to frightening of children. But now if l talk about the issue. It must turn to something very bad to me, and they may not agree with what l said." That's how she keep thinking different things while holding her daughter. By then, they both moved to her bedroom and also lay down on the bed together.

The house is a very historical house, beautiful, and also attractive. And also it was well constructed. Because of that, it's used to attract peoples in the family to stay inside the house. Especially now, that the house was also designed with many things of this present modernism.

It's stay for over many years. Different kind of peoples have been stayed in the house. The Emily's father Samuel, is the one who is staying together with his family inside the historical house now. In there tribe and tradition, each and every one of the Samuel's family, the Emily's father must stay in the house together with his father. So that they can get the blessing of it, and that's how the believed with.

When job brought him to Kaduna state, is by then they also park to the house. Since when they came back. Maria, the Emily's mother observed that her children used to be scaring, especially Emily. But she's managing, because if she spread the news to her husband's family. They're going to dolls and hate her, and they also said she brings something newly in there family.

Because of these reasons and the way that they didn't like her at all, used to make her quite about the issue, and also keep patient till when the time for there leaving reach.

Maria is the wife of the house. While they have two children, one boy and one girl. The girl child is the first, her name is Emily.

Emily is 12 years old and also a very brilliant girl. She likes going to school everyday, and she also like studying much. Emily loved her mother very much, she also used to help her mum when ever she's at home together with her.

The next child is called John. He's 9 years old. John is a very stubborn child, he knows how to look for people's trouble, especially his neighbor friends.

Fews minutes when they have entered the bedroom. Maria started asking Emily about what has happened to her that she shouted. Emily narrated everything to her. She really get confused, because when she went to her, Maria didn't seen anything like moisture on the ground.

At night, when there father Samuel has came back from his work. They're all sitting in the living room, while Samuel is busy watching the world news inside the television. Emily has lied on her mother laps. Maria is busy scratching her fingers inside the Emily's hair. John is busy playing puzzle on the center table that's located inside the fallow.

The house phone start ringing, it's the father that went and pick on the call. " Hello! Hello!...but am not hearing anything. Ohhh...." Is by then he hang off the call. He also went back to the sofa and sit down. After few seconds, the phone began to ring again. The same with before, when he pick on the call. He didn't heard any speech.

Around 9:00 o'clock. His phone too start ringing. It's his mother Mrs. Kwaya, that's calling. When he pick. She said while quarrelling him in louder voice. " am coming to your house now. So, better ask your sentry to open the gate before I even reach the house. Because l don't want to waste time outside for just waiting for a rubbish man to open the gate for me." Immediately when she finished the talking, she quickly hang off her call.

Samuel sighing and also breath out worm air. He also take his look to Maria and said. " My mum is coming to this house now, and she's on her way coming."

Maria she quickly wake her daughter off, and said. " But l think we should suppose to do something very delicious to her. Because l now this long travel that she did is not easy."

By then, she went to kitchen and start preparing some meals for her.

Some few minutes after, the car and them has arrived. Mrs. Kwaya ask the sentry to take there trolleys inside the room, and they also follows him at back.

Samuel, Maria and there children were standing at the balcony waiting for there coming. When they reached to there position, they were all welcome them happily.

Samuel was so surprised, because he see almost five of them, she's not the only one. Some of them, are his younger relatives, two females and one male. While some are some of his relatives that he didn't knows them. And they're also females too. All of them are matured non of them is young.

When they sit inside the fallow he said amazingly. " Mum, l see many of you. And......"

She shouted and said while opening her eyes, " ohhh, before l come to your house, you mean l must first look over your permission. So, l will not, and what ever l decided to do, l will do it the way that l like without waiting for any permission. Hummm, you must ask now, since you're together with this stupid wife. Maybe she's the one who designed all these trashes that you're proceeding to me." That's how she continues quarrelling him.

Maria went back to kitchen and continue with her work. She cooked a very delicious food for them. And also arranged everything on the dining table. They went to the dining and enjoyed the aromatic and delicious food.

At the middle of night, she started shouting loudly. And she's looking for her medicate face glass. Because at night, she not seeing well enough. " Who is this? Please l need your help! Is there anyone at this place, so that he can help me!"

Joy that's sleeping together with her inside the room, she was went to the other room and locked her self, busy doing vedio call with her fiance. Joy get scare because of she heard my mother shouting and also looking for help. She even fall her phone on the ground because of the shocked that she get. She also quickly moved out from the room hasty.

All the peoples that are inside the house were all get shocked and extremely scared of how they heard her voice. They all moved to the room.

Mrs. Kwaya has already fall down from the bed, she's busy gasping and breathing very difficult. It's Maria that quickly run to downstairs to the kitchen and fetch a very cool water for her inside a glass cup.

When she bring the water, by then Mrs. Kwaya now is in her sense. She shout at her and quarrelling her. " I will not drink your water, and what l seen l know is all because of your black magic. That you're doing it to my son. You don't want me to stay in your house, that's why you went and did black magic to me."

Samuel feel ashamed of what his mother was saying. He said. " Please mum. Stop this now. Maria she cannot do this to you, and she really like you. I think you just see something and get scared. Please is okay."

She quickly shout in a very louder voice. " What l see is not something, is a very big issue."

By then, she started demonstrating everything to them in serious scare. " When l was sleeping. I saw a human being entered this room while running. Impact it's not even running, because it's used to speed like a plane. Immediately, the person was came and stand on my head. And also laughing at me in a very confusion voice and can make a person to urinate inside his trouser."

By then, they all laughs at her, because of how she's describing the story to them.

Is get anger, and said while pranking her face. " Am serious, don't take what l see as jok. And is real, am not dreaming." That's how she continued complaining to them. They stay long together with her. And at the end, she said, she want to sleep together with Samuel the Emily's father.

That's how they did. Maria didn't worry about it. She just ignored everything and went back to her room. When they lay down, she said deeply inside her mind." What my in-law is saying is true. Because even me l agreed that, there must be something inside the house that's frightening the peoples inside. But now l thank God, that my in-law suffered with the issue. So that, when ever the news reveals out, they must agree with it." By then, she also slept together with her children.

Aisha Aliyu Taku

Novels and Scripts writer.

Chapter 2

At morning, Maria went to her room and check her body, when she entered.

" Is like the Maria's voice," Samuel said and quickly went to the upstairs and check.

Maria was busy crying with more tears, because since the time that she entered the room, she have been calling the Mrs, Kwaya's name but she refused to answered her. And when she touched her chest, it seems like she's not breathing at all.

He quickly take her aside and shouted, " mummy! Mummy please! " He keep calling her while gasping and in serious afraid. Dearest of the children and the peoples in the house were also come to the room immediately the time that they heard there voice from outside.

Many of them were started crying, because they sees that is like Mrs. kwaya has pass away.

Samuel didn't listen to them, he quickly took her body and went to the car park. Some few minutes after, they were reached the hospital, the nurses were quickly went to th


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