Labyrinth Of Lies

Labyrinth Of Lies

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Yilfred J. Rivero Writer
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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My story engages because it combines elements of romance and with exciting, action-packed conflict. The Lhan family, of German origins, and their business in Venezuela. Hellman Lhan and his success in cocoa farming. On the other hand the situation of the Padron family, workers of the Lhan family. Hellman Lhan and how his son Marcous inherits the company. Alejandra, daughter of Federico Arismendi, falls in love with Marcous. The partnership between the Lhan and Arismendi families and their joint business. The story reaches a climax when the crisis when Alejandra fails to become pregnant and the family's decision to steal a child from the Padron family. Francisco Padrón seeks revenge for the theft of his son and decides to take the entire fortune of the Lhan Arismendi family. The consequences of Francisco's revenge and how it affects all the families involved.

Chapter 1. The beginning of the Lhan Arismendi Empire

The Lhan family is an important and influential Venezuelan family coming from Germany at the beginning of the cold war Hellman Lahn arrived in the valleys of Tuy, Venezuela Miranda state with the best desire to make a new life with the little he knew how to do, Hellman was an excellent farmer, however, his new home was nothing like his homeland the heat and humidity did not allow him to grow the fruits to make his famous jam so he was forced to stop growing strawberries and peaches, So instead of growing nuts, he decided to take the initiative to accept what this land offered him, so he began to grow cocoa regardless of his inexperience because he had a family to support. Venezuelan cocoa is considered of high purity worldwide, so this raw material promised a lot, since it is used to make an ellipse called chocolate.

In the early years, Hellman was not very successful, however, his perseverance and dedication allowed him to understand the language and secrets of that magical land full of popular customs and esoteric beliefs, but particularly full of human warmth, a resource much more valuable than the fertility of that land.

Hellman worked for years and after much effort and hard work he went from being a simple farmer to owning several hectares of land cultivated with cocoa, so he was obliged to register his enterprise and thus was born the Hellman Lahn cocoa producer, a proudly Venezuelan company created by a German that produced more than a thousand jobs in the Tuy Valleys and throughout Venezuela.

After reaching old age, Hellman passed away; however, his son inherited an impressive fortune and continued with his legacy. Marcous Lahn, the heir and owner of the important cocoa producer Hellman Lahn had moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where he studied business administration at the Central University of Venezuela and since then he managed his great company.

Marcous married the daughter of a lawyer and partner of Nestlé in Venezuela, Federico Arismendi, who quickly married his 16 year old daughter Alejandra to the 21 year old Marcous, Federico was aware of the business that this family union could represent.

"Marcous from today you are like a son to me," exclaimed Federico Arismendi.

"Thank you Mr. Arismendi," Marcous replied raising his glass to toast.

"Ah, no, no, no, no, no Mr. Arismendi, tell me father-in-law, we are family, my son, from now on we are family."

At that moment Marcous' beautiful and happy wife arrived.

"Excuse me father, I want to go dance a little with my husband."

Frederick, who looked at her smiling, replied:

"My daughter, today when I gave you at the altar to Marcous I understood that you were no longer a child, you must no longer ask my permission, just walk with your husband."

The young woman left with her husband to the center of the arena, both were deeply in love with many dreams of forming a family and from that night their dreams were beginning to materialize. The imposing marriage was celebrated in the Hilton Hotel's ballroom, full of luxuries and comforts, suitable to host a celebration of that magnitude.

The Tuy Valleys.

The Padron family was a humble couple of farmers working on the land belonging to the Lahn family in the Valles del Tuy, at that time it was 1982 and Mrs. Florencia is pregnant again.

"My love, I am pregnant again," exclaimed Mrs. Padrón when she saw her husband.

Francisco entered their house, a house built of bahareque, a mixture of mud and bamboo, its walls are strong although it is small and little decorated, it only had two rooms divided by a wall in the middle, the kitchen and dining room as well as the living room are located in the same place, making it a very small house for that couple plus their three little ones and one on the way.

Francisco, who was going to have lunch before resuming his work, pulls up a chair made entirely of wood and sits down.

"Woman, are you serious?" he asked, grabbing his hair in shock.

"Yes love!" replied Florencia with tears in her eyes.

"But we barely have enough to eat, what are we going to do now?"

That couple went into despair, so they embraced each other while crying.

Years later.

On the other hand, the Lhan family had a promising future; however, years passed one after another and Mrs. Lhan could not get pregnant, so the life of this young family started to become hell, Mr. Lhan began to worry a little and decided to talk to his father-in-law.

Doctor Federico Arismendi's office.

"Marcous, but what a great surprise to have you around," said Federico excited to see his son-in-law, "Come in sit down."

"How are you, father-in-law?" Marcous answered rather crestfallen.

"And that face? Ah, I know! You're worried, I heard that cocoa prices are going to go up."

"Not father-in-law at all, it's a family matter! No business."

"What do you mean, son?" asks Dr. Arismendi.

"Alejandra can't get pregnant," said Marcous very discouraged.

"That yes, it is very serious Alejandra, she is my only daughter and I want to be a grandfather, if you allow me I can talk to a doctor friend of mine," exclaimed Dr. Arismendi, quite worried.

That afternoon they talked for hours, both were excellent businessmen with a lot of experience in sales, really Marcous Lhan, ended up being the son that Dr. Federico Arismendi never had that day, together they planned a vacation to the Valles del Tuy.

Arriving at Valles del Tuy.

Son-in-law, are you sure you want to vacation here? Marcous asked.

"Of course my son!"

While they stopped the trip to taste some sweets, they watched that magical landscape delighting with its aroma and colors, in Caracas Alejandra took the opportunity to visit a gynecologist.

Doctor Daniel Manzano's office was located in Los Palos Grandes, in a prestigious clinic of the capital.

"Come in, madam, the doctor is waiting for you," exclaimed the gynecologist's secretary.

Alejandra got up from her seat quite anxiously and entered the office of that prestigious Doctor, when he looked at her he could not ignore her beauty and class, Alejandra, was known for wearing very expensive designer clothes and jewelry used by a lady of high society with very good tastes, that morning her makeup was exuberant and exaggerated because she had spent the whole night crying due to the strange behavior of her husband, for her product of her infertility.

"Mrs. Lhan, it is such an honor for me to have you in my humble office what a pity to have kept you waiting, you illuminate this place with your warmth and beauty," exclaimed Doctor Manzano.

"Thank you very much, Doctor!" replied Alejandra while blushing.

"Well, tell me to what do you owe this honor?"

"Well Doctor, my husband and I have been married for approximately 3 years, but nothing we managed to conceive."

"I understand. Well, let's do a hormonal check-up and observe your reproductive organs."

That day, while Alejandra listened to the experience and the passion with which that Doctor spoke, she felt in good hands and her hopes of getting pregnant increased, at the end of the consultation she said goodbye very happy saying:

"You are heaven sent, see you this very week."

That's how it will be, Mrs. Lhan.

That day Alejandra regained hope and the illusion of being a mother.

Chapter 2. The Worry

At the Lhan mansion the servants awaited the arrival of their master.

"Good morning! But what is the meaning of this?" asked Mr. Lhan, rather surprised.

Everyone was silent without responding to Mr. Lhan.

"So! No one is going to tell me anything?" He asked again with much intrigue.

Until Manuel answered:

"Sir the foreman in charge of the northern lands died so the cocoa production is at risk."

Marcous immediately changed his attitude and said:

"But that is not possible we have a very serious contract with Nestle!"

"Sir I know someone who can take care of that but it's not easy," said the mansion manager.

"And who is Manuel?" Marcous asked.

"Francisco sir, he has been working with us for years, he worked with his father and he is a good man."

Francisco was impressed by that presumption, Marcous looked at him saying:

"Is that true Fran


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