• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Miraeee
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Synopsis What are you gonna do if the man from your past suddenly comes back in your life? Would you accept him again even it means digging the painful past that you have already forgotten? Or, would you rather run away from him again like you did five years ago? Because, really, Jiya should have known better. She should have known that the sexy guy she met in the bar is the exact reason why she chose to ran away five years ago. So, The Mémoire of Her First Love was started. IN-LOVE with the pains Written by: Me Please support this story of mine. Tyahh



Jiya was so pissed off. She couldn't count how many tequila she drank now but she didn't care. The only thing she cares about tonight is drowning in alcohol to get rid of the annoyance she feels towards her friend who didn't pick her up.

I'm sure, Amy. she can really happen to me. She thought to herself at the same time as she bottomed up the glass with wine again. She's too glad that she used to this because if not, she would have passed out a while ago. Fortunately, at least occasionally, she still drinks.

thanks to Amy (who didn't show up today!) and to Jas (who is abroad now) because the three of them always go to the bar together three times a month.

Jiya and Amy were supposed to meet to celebrate Amy's birthday tonight. she doesn't want to because she prefers to stay at home on her day off from work and marathon Japanese dramas with Aki. But because the friend is naughty and looks broken-hearted (again!) she agrees. She left with no choice.

Jiya then left Aki with her neighbor and said she would pick her up when she got home. She even paid her neighbor just to take care of Aki. But that old Amy didn't pick her up. My goodness. If only she had known that Amy wouldn't show up, she would have gone home.

but she thought earlier that what she paid her neighbor was a waste if she just went home. So she decided to pursue her drinking session alone. That's okay for her. At least, somehow, she is having alone time for herself. it's not all stress at work and taking care of Aki.

It's not that she's complaining about taking care of Aki. God knows how much she loves that kid. Aki means everything to her. So even if it's tiring, she will never get tired of Aki. because her tiredness disappears every time she hugs and kisses him. Aki is so precious to her. she was willing to fight for this boy just to not get hurt.

She checked her cellphone again to see if Amy had a reply to some of the messages sent and luckily, there was. she clicked it and read what Amy's reasoning now.

(Girl, I'm so sorry. Because something happened. I was about to leave the house earlier but Fernan suddenly appeared. He even brought a cake and flowers. He's asking for a second chance. Really sorry. Promise, I'll be back next time. don't be angry.)

She rolled her eyes while typing her reply. She was still pissed off.

(Whatever. When it's really about Fernan you become a fool. I don't know about you, Amy. And mind you, you have a second chance there. That's not a second chance anymore. Actually, that's more than enough. Are not you tired? he cheated on you again and again but you still forgive him.)

Amy replied after 5 minutes.

(Girl, you know Fernan is my first love. First love never dies, right? Sorry.)

Jiya made a face when she read Amy's reply. First love her ass.

First love never dies? Oh, common. That saying only applies to Amy.

Because for Jiya, first love could die. She always thought that once a man cheated on her, there's no point for forgiveness. You've gone crazy. So the one who will cheat again and again because he knows you can forgive him. so for her, if a man's cheated, leave. Simple as that.

(Fine. Whatever.)She replied again as her another tequila came in her table.

(I will definitely get back to you next time. Promise.)

Jiya didn't reply so she just hid the cellphone in the shoulder bag she was carrying.

she continued to drink again while looking around the entire bar. It's not very crowded today because it's weekdays. Some people are drinking somewhere. There are friends sitting in front of the stage. There are some couples sitting on the left side. while Jiya was sitting on the right side. Alone. Unattended. she looks brokenhearted because she is alone.

Jiya is already a bit drunk on tequila so she just started drinking gradually now. while still looking around, her eyes landed on the front of the counter. There was a man sitting there looking at her. Their eyes locked up with each other.

Her heart skipped a beat. She wasn't sure why but her heart was throbbing in her chest fast. she felt like her heart was going to come out of the ribcage in her chest. So, she looked away. Pretending that their exchange of gaze did not mean anything.

But who was she kidding anyway? For freakin's sake, her heart was still beating fast. why did the man's look affect her like this? she's not a teenager to feel this kind of feeling but why does she feel like she's going to run out of breath?

Jiya drank tequila again and simply looked at the man at the counter again. it also looks like a customer because he is also drinking alone. Even though the man was just sitting, she was sure that his body was well built. Oh my God, Jiya thought, he has a freakin' sexy back!

Jiya had been staring at the man for too long so when her attention turned to his face, she was shocked. He was still staring at her and at this time, the man was already smiling. she's just not sure if it's a smile because it's too dark in the part where the man is sitting and she's not used to wearing contact lenses. Besides, she's tipsy.

But if he smirked at her, mind you, this guy has the sexiest smirk in the world. and for that moment, Jiya can't help herself but to blush like a sixteen year old girl. So before that man knew that Jiya was already sexually attracted to him, she averted her gaze again. Jiya finished the rest of the tequila in her glass again and forced herself to calm down.

the music in the bar changed from Talk Dirty remix into Charlie Puth's One Call Away. While she was enjoying the music and preventing herself from looking at the man again, she felt someone standing in front of her.

When she looked up, she almost gasped. how could it not be that man who was just sitting at the counter earlier and Jiya was praising that sexy is now in front of her and standing. He was carrying two glasses of wine.

He also brought alcohol to the sexy, God! Jiya helplessly thought to herself again.

"Mind some company?" the guy spoke.

The man just spoke but something seemed to move in Jiya's stomach. She was sure that it wasn't because her stomach hurt but because the man's voice was sexy. Jiya is already drunk. Almost everything a man does is sexy in his eyes.

She shook her head, "N—No," her voice was shaking "I mean, no. I don't mind."

Even though Jiya couldn't see the man's full face because of her bad eye sight and against the light where the man was standing, she was sure that the man smiled. even though it was dark, he could clearly see its perfect white set of teeth.

"Here, for you,"

The man put the glass he was carrying in front of Jiya. Then he sat in front of her. Jiya wants to see the whole face of the man because she's sure he's handsome—she means, hella gorgeous man, but it's really dark. She also wanted to take out her eyeglasses to see properly but maybe if she did that, she would look like a fool in front of this sexy man. so she just settled in her contact lenses.

she also refrains from taking out the flashlight from her bag and pointing it at the man's face. Because if she does that, the guy will definitely leave because she's a weirdo. She was so desperate.

"Thanks," she tried to answer without stuttering.

"So, why are you alone?" replied the man.

He smelled so damn good. Jiya again, He was wearing Lacoste Noir Perfume.

she knows that kind of perfume because it was her favorite when she was in college.

"Unfortunately," she sipped her drink "My friend ditched me. we were supposed to go here together. But she ended up choosing her asshole boyfriend over me."

The sexy guy chuckled, "I'm so sorry to hear that."

"Nah, it was okay, really," because if she would be here with me, you might choose her over me.

because really, Amy is stupid in love but she's too pretty. That's why Jiya wonders why she settled with her worthless boyfriend when so many people are flirting with her. But that's love. It will fuck you up more than drugs ever will.

"So, what are you up to?"

Jiya tried to look at the man's face. She knew it. It's really beautiful. Even though her vision is blurred, all the physical features of the man she sees are perfect for her. From the sexy eyes down to his sexy lips. She would even give up anything just for one kiss. of course, not including Aki. Because Aki's her everything.

"Nothing much," he answered.

"Are you working?" the guy sipped his drink.

Jiya was almost drooling from the view. It's also said to be sexy because he drinks alcohol. You thought you were in a wine commercial. God, this man is even more handsome than the models she sees in magazines and TV. This man is even better than the billboards in Edsa.

"Yeah," she said while staring at the guy. Trying to see his face clearly "I'm an accountant."

"Cool," the guy smiled "Where?"

Jiya stopped. not sure if he will say where or just lie. She chose the latter. Not because she wanted to lie. But because it's for her safety. Even though this man is sexy and handsome, she still doesn't know him well enough. What if it turns out to be a rapist?

Rapist? Jiya asked herself. So handsome, then a rapist? Well, maybe if rapists in the Philippines were that handsome, maybe no one would sue.

"Somewhere in Makati," she answered safely.

The guy nodded, "I'm so sorry to ask this now but what's your name?" he smiled "I was too taken back by your beauty that's why I forgot to ask your name."

Jiya felt her sudden blush again. She bit her lips. Trying to stop herself from giggling because it was yucky. Really, what's exciting about the man's question?

well, duh, for this sexy guy, he's pretty. That's so exciting.

"I'm Jiya," she smiled sweetly "You?"

Jiya noticed the sudden disappearance of the man's smile. His eyes seemed to darken. or, maybe she's just making a mistake because it's dark and she can't see the face of the man she's talking to properly. But the man seemed angry. Did she say something wrong?

"Did I say something wrong?" Jiya asked nervously.

The man shook his head. He smiled but not like before. there was something in his smile. Not genuine anymore. It's more like. . .hurt.

"None. Don't worry," the man answered "I'm Thad by the way,"

Thad? Jiya thought. Where did I hear that name before?

"Thad what?"


Jiya smiled, "That's a nice name," I mean sexy name. She almost blurted out.

"Not as sexy as yours, Jiya Alba," the man answered weakly as she stared at him.

"Uhm, pardon? I didn't hear properly."

"Nothing," the guy retorted.


but for Jiya to actually hear Thad mention her full name.

Oh, maybe she's really drunk?

Jiya did not know what happened next. she had no idea what time they had left the bar earlier and how she had ended up here in the large bed that she was sure belonged to a hotel not far from the bar she and Thad had come from.

She found herself kissing Thad's sexy lips while Thad helped her to take off her dress. their tongues were playing romantically with each other while Thad was exploring her almost naked body. Thad removed the hook of her bra. Jiya's healthy breasts exposed in front of Thad. The hungry sexy man massaged it a few times as he put one of the nipples in his mouth and sucked it like a baby.

jiya's moaned with pleasure. Jiya doesn't know how to describe the pleasure she feels right now. she was clinging to Thad's hair while the young man continued to play and suck on Jiya's healthy breasts.

Thad stopped playing with Jiya's chest then she stood up. Jiya looked at him as he slowly took his clothes off. Jiya's eyes almost watered when the young man took off his white long sleeve. Jiya was right. The man's body is beautiful. His muscular chest and hard abs are very deadly. Jiya really wanted to touch Thad's body.

Jiya was stunned when she saw Thad standing up without wearing anything. Thad was now bared naked in front of Jiya. The guy's body was sexy as hell. damn

"You're big," Jiya blurted out. "I mean, you're huge."

Thad stared at Jiya's reaction and suddenly laughed. Because Jiya's reaction is very different from the reactions of women who have seen the pride. he was way too gifted down there.

And that night, the two mere strangers made love.

Jiya had a headache when she woke up this morning. she couldn't move immediately when she felt the softness of the bed she was lying on now was different from the bed she was sleeping on at home. She looked slowly inside the room and she immediately cursed herself.

what the fuck, Jiya, what have you done?

she closed her eyes again to remember what happened last night. she was at the bar and was very upset because Amy didn't pick her up. Then, there was this sexy as hell stranger she met. They both talked. Then, leave the bar. Then—OMG! oMG! OMG!

Jiya wanted to scream but was only stopped when she felt someone move from behind her. she slowly looked at the man next to her. she couldn't see his face but she was sure she was still fast asleep. the young man's arm covered his own face while a soft blanket covered his naked body.

Jiya didn't know what she was going to do. She was too stupid. Why the hell she agreed to have a one night stand to a guy—she mean, sexy as hell guy that she just met yesterday? this is not so like her. It was the first time she had done this. she feels that she is cheap. Fuck.

"I'm not like this," Jiya said quietly "I'm so cheap. shit!" she adjusted herself.

still dizzy from the hangover, she carefully stood up to pick up her clothes that were scattered on the floor. She doesn't make any noise while wearing it. she planned to leave without waking the man who was fast asleep. She needed to escape. She needed to run for her life.

Jiya looked for her bag and saw it on the coffee table. she quickly took it to get her eyeglasses. she doesn't remember how she removed her contact lens. But whatever. she will think about it later. The important thing is that she can leave. she took her sandals and put them on.

she was about to leave. she was at the door and was about to open the door when she heard a voice coming from the bed where she was lying earlier.

"Leaving already, Jiya?" she froze "You have this habit to run away from me. leaving me like a shit."

Suddenly her heart beat faster not because of excitement but because of nervousness. she softly faced the man who was now sitting on the bed and was looking at her angrily.

This is not true, Jiya chanted, this is not true.

But Jiya knew better. she knew that this was true.

When Jiya looked at the man's face, she wanted to cry. Not because of its excessive handsomeness and sexiness. She wanted to cry because she could see the man's face properly with her eyeglass. She should have known better. Ugh.

"Thad," she said while her voice was shaking "You lied. You said your name was Thad."

The sexy guy smirked, "Have you already forgotten, Jiya?" Thad said "I'm Thad Akiko Romualdez."

She gasped in disbelief. How did she forget this man's full name?

how could she forget the first man who made her feel how good it is to love and how painful it is to be hurt.

The truth is, first love never dies,

You just bury the memories and the love somewhere in your heart.

And in Jiya's case, she did bury everything about him.

including her memories and love for him five years ago.

Thus, The Mémoire of Her First Love was started.

Chapter 1


She couldn't sleep. Jiya was supposed to sleep by this time because she has this early work. But no matter how many times she forced herself to sleep, she really couldn't. How can you sleep if your brain is still awake to think about things? how could she sleep if her brain was too busy thinking for something else...someone else?

Crap. she will surely be late again tomorrow. Her manager scolded her several times and warned her that she would be fired if she was late. she closed her eyes again to force herself to sleep but her brain really didn't want to. Every time she closed her eyes her brain only led her to think about him. This was too much to handle.

she was able to forget the person she had been thinking about for years. she chose to forget in order for her to move on. She only wanted to feel nothing but peace of mind. She didn't want to feel the pain and devastation again. So, how come, in just one night, the past brought up a


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