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Imperfect Marriage

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Beautiful, independent, even having almost everything in this world makes Velove Vexia's life so perfect. However, the life he was living suddenly changed when Velove was betrothed by his father to Darwin Morales Khiel. For Velove, marriage is something sacred. Even though he doesn't know Darwin yet, he naively believes that love will gradually grow between the two. However, Darwin didn't think so. He had married Velove because he had to. The man even openly showed Velove that he was still in a relationship with another woman. Don't care, he brought Vicky Rose, his former lover to the house. Her tears, her pain, Velove swallowed it herself. Perfectly eliminated in front of everyone. Every Darwin's disgrace was well covered so that the man would still be the perfect husband in the eyes of everyone who prayed for their marriage. Including their parents. For her, giving a chance by apologizing is necessary to continue living. But, if the mistake is repeated, is forgiveness still necessary? Or even make the recipient's heart from a Velove Vexia Fernando freeze in the end. Not to mention the presence of Nathanael's sook made Velove's heart in the end become confused.

Chapter 1

In a five-star hotel ballroom, a lavish wedding party is taking place. The Khiel family was so happy that they even entered the party atmosphere. The guests, primarily prominent business people, were seen taking turns congratulating Darwin Morales, who ended his bachelor period tonight by marrying Velove Vexia Fernando.

Meanwhile, at a coffee table, sat a woman who looked at the couple with hurt feelings. She is Vicky Rose—a beautiful woman who previously had the status of a lover of Darwin Morales.

The two have been in a relationship for more than two years and even had time to undergo LDR when Darwin was assigned by his parents to manage a company in South Korea.

The hopes and dreams of both of them to build a household suddenly ran aground when Darwin arranged an arranged marriage with the woman of their choice by his father. This was done deliberately to save the Khiel Group, a standing firm in the mining sector, from the threat of bankruptcy or significant losses due to the crisis.

I don't know, will Vicky's relationship with Darwin end like that, or can it continue even if it has to be lived secretly as the man requested?

"I swear, this won't last long. After successfully divorcing her, I will marry you immediately, Vicky," promised Darwin.

"Are you sure you can divorce the woman your father chose?" Vicky looked doubtful. She knows how Darwin's figure has been. The man never once denied or refused what his father ordered. When he was sent to Korea for so long that it caused the two of them to be separated, Darwin just complied without the slightest protest.

"I'm sure I can. I will do anything so that the marriage ends soon. I only love you, Vicky not Velove."

"You're evil, Win. You've been playing me, who has been waiting for you faithfully ----"

"Vicky, I beg you." Darwin immediately interrupted his lover's words. Pulling, then hugged the woman's body tightly, then kissed the top of her head while whispering. "Please understand my current position. You also know that I don't want to lose you just like that. After all, I've never broken a promise, right? So I beg you, wait a moment. And in the meantime, let's live this relationship shut up," he pleaded. Hoping with the sting of Vicky to grant his request.

Vicky, of course, could not lie to her feelings. After all, she loves Darwin. Not wanting to continue to be sad, Vicky chose to get up from her seat and prepare to leave the ballroom. Her head hurt thinking about what would happen next. I don't know, will he be able to have a secret relationship with her lover?

Darwin immediately brought Velove back to his residence when the party was over. As soon as he arrived, he immediately pulled the woman into the room without further ado and then pushed her until she was leaning on the sofa in the corner.

"Satisfied, you've ruined my life?" he snapped angrily. Darwin's eyes seemed capable of burning Velove alive until he turned to ashes. "Don't you think that after becoming my wife, you will live happily!"

"What's wrong with me?" Velove asked in a trembling voice.

In her entire life, where had Velove been treated rudely like this? Born as an only child, her parents loved her with all their hearts. Where have you ever been rude? Either snapping or doing things that make her feel sick or sad.

Still overcome by emotion, Darwin stepped forward. Approaching the position of his wife sitting, he grabbed the woman's chin and gripped her hard without mercy.

"You ask, what is your fault?" Darwin immediately narrowed his eyes. The annoyance was still evident on his handsome face. When he saw Velove's face, he wanted to crush the woman's bones. "It's wrong for you to have agreed to this damn match. If only you had refused from the start, this marriage would never have happened!" The man then removed his grip roughly.

While Velove could only wince in pain, she didn't want to live like this. But what can she do? There is no choice but to do what has been ordered. What's more, this marriage was designed for a long time with the aim of expanding the business of both parties and helping the Khiel Group, which was experiencing difficulties and was on the verge of going bankrupt.

After all, Darius Fernando and Gerald Khiel have had a friendly relationship since they were young. Long before the Khiel Group experienced difficulties, both had speculated that they would match their children so that the excellent relationship that had existed so far could continue for posterity. This was also the reason behind the agreement to marry Darwin and Velove.

"Then what do you want? Do you want to divorce me? Then pawn the fate of the Khiel family company, which is on edge? Pawn the fate of thousands of workers and employees who have devoted their lives to you.

Darwin chuckled. Undeniably, the Fernando family's role is needed at this time. When no one else could help, only Velove's father wanted to give a helping hand—ensuring that the Khiel Group returns to its former glory.

"Don't just pretend that your family has helped the Khiel Group, so you can manage me as you please! Sooner or later, I will definitely divorce you, Ve," said Darwin. "I swear, after the problems in my company are over, I will divorce you as soon as possible. It would be crazy if I lived with a woman I didn't love at all."

Darwin said that sentence was full of hatred. He then walked out while slamming the bedroom door loudly. If the newlyweds are happy to spend their first night with their partner, it's very different from Velove. She could only hold back the tears and pain that undermined her heart. Just keep thinking about what fate will befall her in the coming days.

Chapter 2

"Get up!"

Darwin opened the curtains in the room so that sunlight could enter ideally. Meanwhile, Velove, who had previously fallen asleep on the couch, immediately blinked repeatedly. Still wearing her wedding gown, the woman straightened up. It wasn't easy to collect all of his consciousness that was still scattered.

"Hurry packing!" the man ordered then. Darwin still maintained a cold tone.

"Packing?" Velove asked hesitantly. It's still early. Why was he asked to pack? "You want to chase me away?" There was a hint of worry tucked into the words he uttered. She was inwardly guessing whether her husband would expel or divorce her. His father could have had a heart attack if he had been divorced, even though he had not been married for 24 hours.

"Tsk!" Darwin chuckled. Too lazy to talk too much with women in front of him. But, if you explain, it's also more accessible. "We will leave for th


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