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His Unquenchable Obsession

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Life has never been easy for June Hailey. From a young age, she's carried the weight of raising her siblings, taking on various menial jobs including exotic dancing. She's barely staying afloat as it is, the last thing she needs is Ollie Kane. A cocky, charming bored-to-death billionaire who has made her his object of fascination. She knows all too well what men like Ollie want from her and she vows to never be another conquest to him. But when circumstances force her into his arms, she finds herself playing his dangerous game. Their arrangement is simple: s*x, nothing more. Easy, right? Wrong.


Sandy Hughes

Review after half of the novel

All of the books I've read have been really good. I think the chapters should be longer and maybe wait to unlock chapters. Maybe offer more MMF storylines. Some of the chapters are VERY SPICY and I'm here for it. Ollie is afraid of love bc he knows his dad will use it against him. The dad is going to go after June and/or her siblings. Still where is the brother? Did Ollie do away with him or is he just out doing whatever whereevwr

January 12, 2024

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